OK folks: if you don’t get it by now that Molalla’s plannin’ Potter is incompetent and that the city “leaders” have been spending YOUR MONEY like drunken sailors ONLY to try to get land into some phony “urban reserve” ONLY to make a couple of people richer, then you get the low quality city you deserve. Otherwise, take a hard look at the feedback letter from the County, posted  below, and understand that the good ole boys are ONLY interested in promoting land speculation.

And the FRAUD further unfolds when one reads fake plannin’ dude Potter’s application to the County: it isn’t for a complete “comp plan” – it is ONLY to “amend comprehensive plan to include map showing Molalla urban reserve area“. How’s that for a total lie and rip-off?

Here’s the link to the application filed at County – there is NO COMP PLAN being considered, only a land speculation map (note that bottom feeding, loser lawyer Crean gets copied: Ka-ching, Ka-ching, there goes YOUR MONEY – can’t you hear YOUR MONEY filling the lawyer’s coffers on this fiasco?):

If you do nothing else, take a look at the colored graph in the County slap down letter at the end of this post to see how totally outlandish Molalla’s fraudulent, phony ‘growth’ projections really are, so you can understand why REAL PLANNERS are laughing at Molalla!

The nasty little County letter came AFTER a meeting that occurred on Nov 29 where Potter and his loser of a lawyer (who YOU pay for) met with DLCD and the County.

Does anyone get it yet? The pile of urban reserve GARBAGE passed by the Council WAY back in March 2010 – the pile of GARBAGE that Atkins went to the media with  to crow  “Molalla’s growing” – the pile of GARBAGE we keep hearing is a “comp plan” – is simply land speculation GARBAGE! It has been the same GARBAGE since 2006 when the same “we need 2,400 acres” baloney was promoted to DLCD – and DLCD said in Feb 2007 that Molalla was NOT GROWING.

So if you want to keep paying through the nose for land speculation GARBAGE, then enjoy your fake “leaders” who have allowed this unethical and expensive “urban reserve” charade to go on for FOUR YEARS and enjoy your crumbling city.

Otherwise, I’d be picking up the nearest phone or getting an email out to the fake “leaders” – like phony “I’m praying for more houses” Clarke – and SCREAM: “STOP THE EXPENSIVE GARBAGE PLANNING”.

Molalla CAN’T AFFORD THIS ANY LONGER. In fact, Molalla NEVER COULD afford this!

It will only get more and more expensive – especially with incompetent Potter and his low life “helpers” egging him on.  Does anyone get it yet? Every time an EXPENSIVE LAWYER or an EXPENSIVE CONSULTANT tells Potter “we can trick the County and the State” it costs the PUBLIC A TON OF MONEY? And now it costs a ton of money no one has to spare any longer!

Remember: The EXPENSIVE LAWYERS AND EXPENSIVE CONSULTANTS get paid whether they win or lose in planning wars.  In fact, the longer they LOSE THE MORE THEY GET PAID!

So what do you want? Years and years more of EXPENSIVE GARBAGE PLANNING and failure that makes Molalla a state-wide PLANNING JOKE? Or are you ready to demand realistic planning for YOUR FUTURE TO PRESERVE YOUR PROPERTY VALUES?

Just think of what a real certified urban planner could have done here with all those hundreds of thousands of dollars – and all those years. A real certified urban planner – more often called a COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MANAGER – could have worked to promote REALISTIC PLANS and figured out a slow and steady way to improve the quality of life here and thus PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY VALUES.  A certified planner could have helped Molalla join the 21st century and embrace the need for sustainable practices. A professional certified planner could have been successful!

But, oh, no – our community got greedy, speculation based FAKE PLANNING – GARBAGE PLANNING a la Potter – that is totally out of sync with the rest of the County and State. In fact, if you want to see real humiliation, take a look at where the Molalla GARBAGE PLANNING IS POSTED at the County website: it is right under all the great work being done for sustainable codes at County:

That’s pretty funny – or pretty pathetic if you are paying taxes to support GARBAGE PLANNING a la POTTER. Once the Council passed the GARBAGE PLANNING it became a State/County issue so the Molalla plannin’ joke is out of the local community and posted state-wide. Nice way to promote Molalla’s future – not!

Property values depend upon all around quality of life features – like great parks, good roads and professional community development based on demographics that respect diversity and modern urban planning. It’s NOT HAPPENING HERE!

Read the below letter from Clackamas County very CAREFULLY and understand it is the same GARBAGE Potter/Atkins/Clarke have been promoting for FOUR YEARS. It has cost HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO GET TO THIS REJECTION LETTER – and there is no end in sight if Potter/Atkins/Clarke are allowed to continue this futile quest.

Any city that gets a letter like this after four years and hundreds of thousands of wasted public funds – YOUR FUNDS – should be cleaning house:

Potter/Atkins/Clarke should all resign on the spot and tell the community that their UNETHICAL GARBAGE PLANNING has BILKED us all out of a QUALITY COMMUNITY!

Your choice: Molalla can continue to be an ongoing cheap laughing-stock city that has to promote dodge ball tournaments to raise drop in the bucket parks funds (because by failing to charge SDCs there is NO MONEY FOR QUALITY OF LIFE NEEDS AND THERE ARE TOO MANY HOUSES ALREADY!) while INCOMPETENT POTTER hogs a huge salary and Atkins lets him get away with it while Atkins hogs a huge salary and phony “mayor” Clarke endorses all that NEPOTISM….

or you can say: “END THE MADNESS!!!”

Molalla isn’t growing – read the County letter and tell your friends to read this letter and to tell their friends to read this letter. Then tell the FAKE “LEADERS” you won’t stand for more failure on your hard earned taxes!

Understand the LIES that Potter/Atkins/Clarke have been telling about having a “comp plan”. There IS NO “comp plan” – there is only “we need 2,400 acres” fantasy baloney. Those failed, unethical “leaders” couldn’t define what a real comp plan is if they tried.

Molalla doesn’t have “leaders” – Atkins/Clarke/Potter and most of the past Molalla City Council have been nothing but TOOLS OF A FEW PUSHY LOCAL LAND SPECULATORS AND BUSINESS OWNERS! The FAKE “LEADERS” have been told FOR YEARS that the urban reserve is GARBAGE!







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