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Racist “Indian” Mascot, Lack of Transparency and Ignorance = Molalla River School District!

MASCOT BAN: COMMENT FROM OREGONIAN BLOG by “Yohocoma”: “A mascot is not a figure of respect. A mascot represents a CAPTURED or SUBDUED entity, with their fierce essence pressed into service for the team or other entity controlling the mascot. … Continue reading

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Molalla’s RACIST “Indian” Mascot: Fact versus FICTION!

Don’t miss this related post: https://oregonfirst.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/racist-indian-mascot-lack-of-transparency-and-ignorance-molalla-river-school-district/ Take a good look above at what some of the hunters and gatherers of Western Oregon looked like in 1841. Now get ready for a tour to see how “indian” mascots are disrespectful to … Continue reading

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