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Molalla and the Molalla River School District Support RACISM via an Indian Mascot Stereotype

It’s been over a year since I entered the fight to end racist stereotyping in Oregon’s public schools. The few backwater, white power privilege towns that cling to Indian mascots should have by now learned all the reasons the 21st … Continue reading

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Racist “Indian” Mascot, Lack of Transparency and Ignorance = Molalla River School District!

MASCOT BAN: COMMENT FROM OREGONIAN BLOG by “Yohocoma”: “A mascot is not a figure of respect. A mascot represents a CAPTURED or SUBDUED entity, with their fierce essence pressed into service for the team or other entity controlling the mascot. … Continue reading

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Molalla’s RACIST “Indian” Mascot: Fact versus FICTION!

Don’t miss this related post: https://oregonfirst.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/racist-indian-mascot-lack-of-transparency-and-ignorance-molalla-river-school-district/ Take a good look above at what some of the hunters and gatherers of Western Oregon looked like in 1841. Now get ready for a tour to see how “indian” mascots are disrespectful to … Continue reading

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Beware of Investing in the City of Molalla: It is a Train Wreck!

Train wreck alert!!! The current “Make Molalla look STUPID” campaign is a ridiculous quest to “save” the pathetic racist Molalla High School “indian” cartoon mascot. Help protect Native Americans from this racist stereotyping by signing the petition at this site … Continue reading

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