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Molalla Mayor, City Councilors, Planning Commissioners, City Manager Contact Information

  CITY OF MOLALLA PUBLIC OFFICIALS MAY 2017 CONTACT INFORMATION (Obtained via Oregon Ethics Commission Filings where EVERY ONE of these “officials” has “Outstanding Penalties” listed on their report)  MOLALLA MAYOR: Jimmy Thompson (elected unopposed ) 647 Shenandoah Drive Molalla … Continue reading

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Molalla City Councilor George Pottle: RESIGN NOW!

We can be grateful to the transparency of the Oregon Secretary of State’s Election Division for it’s prompt ability to furnish the below public record; it is the initial complaint that led to the conviction of pompous, scoff law, right … Continue reading

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Molalla: Clean Water Act Lawsuit LOSERS!

http://portlandtribune.com/mop/157-news/272658-148362-settlement-reached-in-clean-water-lawsuit-against-city-of-molalla Here are the FACTS that “manager” Huff and the city council didn’t want to release about the HORRIFIC amount of money they spent on a Clean Water Act lawsuit – a lawsuit they should have begged to settle the … Continue reading

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Molalla’s Hillbilly Economic Summit: The Results are In!

    It’s no wonder that Molalla is groveling and begging for help – it is on the State of Oregon’s Distressed Cities list. Molalla’s terrible stats are: only 11.1%  of adults with BA degree or higher (very low!), 13.2% … Continue reading

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Beware of Investing in the City of Molalla: It is a Train Wreck!

Train wreck alert!!! The current “Make Molalla look STUPID” campaign is a ridiculous quest to “save” the pathetic racist Molalla High School “indian” cartoon mascot. Help protect Native Americans from this racist stereotyping by signing the petition at this site … Continue reading

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Molalla’s Real Estate Walk of Shame = Your Right to APPEAL PROPERTY TAXES!

I always get a kick out of the Saturday Oregonian’s “Real Estate Transactions“. The funniest – or most tragic – listings are always the biggest mansions fallen on hard times. This week, a listing for Happy Valley jumped right out: … Continue reading

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