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Molalla City Councilor George Pottle: RESIGN NOW!

We can be grateful to the transparency of the Oregon Secretary of State’s Election Division for it’s prompt ability to furnish the below public record; it is the initial complaint that led to the conviction of pompous, scoff law, right … Continue reading

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Molalla: Clean Water Act Lawsuit LOSERS!

http://portlandtribune.com/mop/157-news/272658-148362-settlement-reached-in-clean-water-lawsuit-against-city-of-molalla Here’s the FACTS that “manager” Huff and the city council didn’t want to release about the HORRIFIC amount of money they spent on a Clean Water Act lawsuit – a lawsuit they should have begged to settle the minute … Continue reading

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Molalla’s Hillbilly Economic Summit: The Results are In!

    It’s no wonder that Molalla is groveling and begging for help – it is on the State of Oregon’s Distressed Cities list. Molalla’s terrible stats are: only 11.1%  of adults with BA degree or higher (very low!), 13.2% … Continue reading

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Beware of Investing in the City of Molalla: It is a Train Wreck!

Train wreck alert!!! The current “Make Molalla look STUPID” campaign is a ridiculous quest to “save” the pathetic racist Molalla High School “indian” cartoon mascot. Help protect Native Americans from this racist stereotyping by signing the petition at this site … Continue reading

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Molalla’s Real Estate Walk of Shame = Your Right to APPEAL PROPERTY TAXES!

I always get a kick out of the Saturday Oregonian’s “Real Estate Transactions“. The funniest – or most tragic – listings are always the biggest mansions fallen on hard times. This week, a listing for Happy Valley jumped right out: … Continue reading

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