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Molalla Mayor Jimmy Thompson says “Off with their Heads!”

As Molalla Blog just passed the 90,000 hit milestone, let’s be thankful that wanna be dictator Molalla Mayor Jimmy Thompson can’t exert his control the message and his let’s oust “unwanteds” campaigns beyond the Molalla city limits. There can be … Continue reading

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Inclusion, Diversity and Cultural Change? NO! Says Dictator Molalla Mayor Jimmy Thompson!

If there are any words Molalla “mayor” Jimmy Thompson doesn’t get, they are “inclusion, diversity and cultural change”. Wanna be dictator Jimmy is a chip off the block of our much detested so-called president. They both want to shoot from … Continue reading

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Tootie Smith and John Ludlow = Clackamas County Commissioner Cronyism Corruption: Follow the Money

Update: If you want a quick and current snapshot of the cronyism and corruption Tootie Smith and John Ludlow have produced in Clackamas County, here’s an excellent rundown of the time and money they have wasted trying to help their … Continue reading

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Molalla City Councilor George Pottle: RESIGN NOW!

We can be grateful to the transparency of the Oregon Secretary of State’s Election Division for it’s prompt ability to furnish the below public record; it is the initial complaint that led to the conviction of pompous, scoff law, right … Continue reading

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Shooting blanks with Molalla’s Mayor Debbie Rogge

Open letter below to the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners, Molalla Mayor Debbie Rogge, Molalla City Manager Dan Huff and greedy Molalla “business” cronies Eric Kyllo (insurance agent), Joan Deardorff (landlord), Carol Maloy (real estate agent), Karl Ivanov (developer), Susan … Continue reading

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Molalla: Only Unqualified and Unscrupulous CRONIES Need Apply!

Update 5/4/2013: Whew! The Molalla Council did not pick a new city manager yet – they L appointed a LOL “temporary interim city manager” instead. How’s “temporary interim” for a hilarious title? Can you say “redundant”? That silly title went … Continue reading

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