Inclusion, Diversity and Cultural Change? NO! Says Dictator Molalla Mayor Jimmy Thompson!

Boo hoo, Wanna Be Dictator Molalla Mayor Jimmy Thompson NOT getting his way. It sure looked like he was about to cry when all the City Councilors rejected his rush to judgment against a Planning Commissioner.

If there are any words Molalla “mayor” Jimmy Thompson doesn’t get, they are “inclusion, diversity and cultural change”. Wanna be dictator Jimmy is a chip off the block of our much detested so-called president. They both want to shoot from the hip, have melt downs if they don’t get their way and are totally beholden to the rich. In the case of  Wanna Be Dictator Jimmy, he’s stuck with lording it over a next to insolvent failed timber resource town that has some of the least educated, drive till you qualify and hope against hope to hold on to a home residents in the greater Metro area.

Wanna Be Dictator Jimmy joined and defended an armed vigilante patrol looking for “unwanted persons” last summer. Talk about a publicity fiasco!

Wanna Be Dictator voted to allow  so-called City Councilor George Pottle to continue as a City Councilor AFTER Pottle admitted to and was convicted of voter fraud for posting false statements in the voter’s guide.

The perfect example of Wanna Be Dictator’s convoluted “thought process” was this hoot of a post on a Molalla Community FB page. Jimmy was disturbed that the local citizens had the gall to discuss problems and posted this idiotic  scrambled thought about free speech (prey tell Wanna Be Dictator, how will people solve problems if they aren’t allowed to discuss them in public?):

Molalla Now Facebook Community Page

Jimmy Thompson

February 23 at 2:11pm

“One thing that I think as a community it would be helpful for us all to be more aware of is that this page is public, and what we post here has the potential to be seen by anyone. That could be anything from potential new neighbors, to new businesses, to people that dislike the community and try to do it harm.

Posting something on facebook is not likely going to solve the world’s problems. What can and often does solve problems, at least in my experience, is going to the source. In a city of 9,000 people, the source is not often difficult to identify.

I’m all for freedom of speech. If that is the foot you want to put forward for other people to see, so be it.

I think most people would agree, we have a great community that does some wonderful things. Share the Love, Relay for Life, Ford Family Leadership, heck, even just neighbors looking out for and helping each other. In my humble opinion, we are far better served by putting that foot forward for others to see, and dealing directly with the problems that do happen to come up.”

How funny that a “leader” thinks that public debate about problems translates into “try to do it harm”. Only someone afraid of the truth would spout that kind of fear based nonsense. North Korea Dictators think like that, Jimmy! What’s next, are you going to turn off the internet? We already hear that City Hall has tried to suppress free exchange of opinions in the local paper.

Now Wanna Be Dictator Jimmy wants to keep his hand picked, insider club of three so-called Planning Commissioners happy by kicking off the ONLY Commissioner in the past year who has shown even a spark of intellectual curiosity. Par for the course, with Wanna Be Dictator and his hench man El Hefe so-called city manager Huff “in charge”.

Wanna Be Dictators like Jimmy depend on stuffing their interests through with little public oversight, hence Jimmy’s pathetic failure to even list the name of the Planning Commissioner he was trying to remove on the agenda. That’s typical of sleazy Molalla and it’s “agendas” – they more than often violate public meeting rules by failing to provide adequate detail so the public can understand what issues are being addressed.  Worse than that, the record keeping is so terrible that the minutes of past meetings are currently a month or more behind – what kind of train wreck city would fail, with two weeks (or more) between City Council meetings, to provide minutes of the most recently past meeting? Molalla! It always wins the award for the least transparency and the worst record keeping. Dictators depend upon keeping the public in the dark and ensuring that people they appoint to commissions are untrained rubber stampers who won’t dare to have an independent thought.

To back up Wanna Be Dictator Jimmy (or maybe to manipulate him?) El Hefe “city manager” Huff blows hard at Planning meetings, trying to control the message. Only cities with something to hide allow their city managers to endlessly butt into planning meetings. Competent and ethical cities have an attorney present and their planning staff and the city managers are not a factor in Planning meetings. Not so Molalla, Huff never knows how to keep his mouth shut. He’s totally committed to jamming through anything developers lust for and land speculators lust for. At one Planning Commission meeting regarding hideous Stone Place apts., phase three, he told the PC that if something even barely met code they had to pass it (other trained PCs in competent and ethical cities fight hard for the best designs possible because they understand the need for quality of life via great urban design).  Then at another PC hearing he told the PC they could ignore code so a developer could put in a solid wall and  could dodge putting in highway improvements. UGH!

No wonder people drop like flies when they volunteer to “serve” in the Molalla Planning Commission. The story of last spring’s mass exodus of PC members was featured in the Molalla Pioneer and had this telling quote from former PC member Pat Torsen who was earnestly interested in working for the best design plans:

“We would vote something down, and then it would go to the city council, and they would push it through,” she said. “I just felt very inadequate. I’d come home angry every week from the meetings. We were told to keep everything hush-hush, and I wanted things to be above board. I felt we were just going along with what the city administration wanted. So I got disgusted. I am just so disgusted with our city government right now.”

So three PC members quit and the fourth was gone soon after this story was published. Last fall, a new chair was appointed – he quit this spring, perhaps angry that Huff and LOL “public works director” Fisher had steered the PC into bad decisions that were overturned in Feb. by the City Council.  He probably felt like Torsen did: “ I felt we were just going along with what the city administration wanted. So I got disgusted. I am just so disgusted with our city government right now.”

The only time Huff kept his control the message trap closed was on May 10, because, we can guess, excellent County Commissioner Ken Humberston was front and center to witness Jimmy’s witch hunt. How hilarious to see Humberston, a champion of inclusion, transparency, and diversity,  there to witness Jimmy’s nasty attempt to burn a volunteer at the stake. It was funny that Huff failed to jump in, could it be that he didn’t want to humiliate himself in front of a County Commission or is Huff so mean that he enjoyed watching Wanna Be Dictator Jimmy twist in the wind on May 10?

Wanna Be Dictator Jimmy will be back on May 24, hoping to get support for his witch hunt burning at the stake campaign. Will the Molalla City Council join his noxious witch hunt or will they start to turn the tide for respect for inclusion, diversity and cultural change?

Here’s what the City Council heard about their sleazy “leaders” Thompson and Huff on May 10. Only time will tell if the Council will for once stop being a herd of sheep and will try to lead Molalla into an era of respect for inclusion, diversity and cultural change. Time is running out for anyone who has an ounce of respect for inclusion, diversity and cultural change to step up and tell the Molalla Dictators NO NO NO!

May 10, 2017

Dear City Council,

Mayor Thompson invited me to participate in the visioning project. Frankly, after 26 years here, I have little faith in the City of Molalla’s ability to follow any vision except helping greedy developers and land speculators while ignoring quality of life needs like the elaborate 10 year old unimplemented Parks Plan. Molalla must understand how far behind it is compared to other local cities, which produced realistic, in scale plans and successfully implemented them.

Dissenting ideas and debate must be encouraged. There is clearly a group-think, lock step fear of anything that does not suit the agenda of the Mayor and City Manager. Molalla has, as it did ten years ago, engaged in what is called a DEAD land use process – where decisions about outcome are made to satisfy speculators. Now a campaign is underway to defend a premature decision. Good luck on that. Apparently Mayor Thompson learned nothing from the huge waste of public money on the past urban reserve fiasco. Molalla needs a stable, well-trained Planning Commission, working independently with the City Planner, without inappropriate manipulation by the City Manager and Mayor.

My vision requires your city staff to perform their stated duties on time and respectfully. The minutes of the meeting directly past should accompany every new agenda. The city website should be transparent and easy to use. Public documents should be proudly produced and shared.  City staff should be accessible to all.

City councilors, Mayor and City Manager should write op-eds and newsletters that honestly outline problems and plans. Your City Manager is, in my opinion, fond of maligning agencies and individuals when they are not in attendance. A public exchange of ideas via the paper would be a far more appropriate way to contest opinions the City Manager doesn’t agree with.

A successful city fully cooperates with public agencies and immediately employs the outcomes of grants.

Molalla needs to accept reality and tell its citizens that the wastewater problems are serious and will be costly to fix; instead, you spend public money on lawyers to try to whine your way out of the increasing violations. Attendance at Bear Creek Recovery’s annual meeting would have allowed you to discuss with DEQ the process and money needed to become a Major Facility and to solve the violations. Manager Huff made an incorrect slur about Bear Creek Recovery at the April planning meeting. BCR has been a registered non-profit since 2013, has a full and engaged board of directors and will continue to vigorously advocate for the environment. BCR receives direct land use notifications from Clackamas County and DEQ honors our requests for hearings.

Unless you encourage debate and diverse citizen involvement, acknowledge Molalla’s glaring problems, work with agencies in good faith, follow legal process and make plans that fit local financial and social demographics, you will, as usual, be stalled with grandiose visions that never come true.

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