Molalla Mayor, City Councilors, Planning Commissioners, City Manager Contact Information




(Obtained via Oregon Ethics Commission Filings where EVERY ONE of these “officials” has “Outstanding Penalties” listed on their report)


Mayor Jimmy Thompson getting ready to witch hunt a Planning Commissioner!

Jimmy Thompson (elected unopposed )

647 Shenandoah Drive

Molalla OR 97038

(503) 737-4487

*A little background on  the abject HYPOCRISY of “Mayor” Jimmy: He’s fond of joining in to rid Molalla of supposed “unwanted persons” – it was a fiasco last summer when he joined this open carry vigilante patrol:

*And a bit more background on HYPOCRITE “Mayor Jimmy: He wants to rid the Planning Commission of a woman courageous enough to ask questions, but he voted to keep George Pottle, a guy who LIED on his voter’s profile and plead GUILTY to voter fraud, on the City Council. Go figure, “Mayor” Jimmy certainly has a skewed sense of “justice” to say the least:


Boreth ready and eager to rubber stamp “mayor’s witch hunt with zero discussion. I guess we know who he owes his council appointment to! YUCK!

Glen Boreth (appointed, not elected)

623 S Molalla Ave

Molalla OR 97038

(503) 829-8625

Childress ready to rubber stamp the witch hunt without discussion. UGH!

Leota Rose Childress (appointed, not elected)

150 Indian Oak Court Unit 3

Molalla OR 97038

(503) 984-7241

Dragowsky was at least wise enough not to rubber stamp mayor’s witch hunt.

Cindy Renee Dragowsky (elected unopposed)

803 Mathias Ct.

PO Box 522

Molalla OR 97038

(503) 984-4457

Palumbo was the hero of the May 10 Molalla City Council meeting – she had the courage to see a witch hunt for what it was and said she needed more information. Wow, can you imagine that in Molalla, taking time to actually study an issue? Good job!

DeLise Palumbo (elected unopposed)

125 Glory Lane

Molalla OR 97038

(503) 740-1133

Swigart also knew it was (to say the least) unwise to jump on the hateful witch hunt.

Keith Swigart (elected unopposed)

210 S Cole Ave.

Molalla OR 97038

(503) 314-8125

(No photo of Klein – she was missing in action at the May 10 Molalla Mayor official witch hunt meeting)

Elizabeth Klein (appointed, not elected)

699 June Drive

Molalla OR 97038

Phone (503) 341-7833

(failed to file Ethics Commission SEI report as of May 18, 2017)


 Rae Lynn Botsford

PO Box 482

226 Ridings Ave

Molalla OR 97038

(503) 577-0974

Dan James Burck

789 Zepher Way

Molalla OR 97038

(503) 515-7057

Jim Chapin

1301 Meadowlawn Place

Molalla OR 97038

(503) 516-9264

Rachel Cain

General Delivery

Molalla OR 97038

(503) 877-2106

Jaime Hinkel​

30600 S Deardorff Road
Molalla OR 97038
(503) 943-0121,

(If you want to see absurdity regarding having this woman – a realtor! – on the Molalla Planning Commission, google her address to see she lives many miles outside the Molalla City limits).


Huff is fast becoming the most loathed man in Molalla. But hey, he can roll out of town any day, he’s from what we know, not invested here. A fat paycheck must make up for being unpopular (and that’s putting it mildly!).

Dan Huff

PO Box 248 117 N Molalla Ave.

Molalla OR 97038

(503) 829-6855 x224

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