Tootie Smith and John Ludlow = Clackamas County Commissioner Cronyism Corruption: Follow the Money

Tootie Smith and John Ludlow: CORRUPT PARTNERS IN CRONYISM!

Tootie Smith and John Ludlow: CORRUPT PARTNERS IN CRONYISM!

Update: If you want a quick and current snapshot of the cronyism and corruption Tootie Smith and John Ludlow have produced in Clackamas County, here’s an excellent rundown of the time and money they have wasted trying to help their greedy land speculator political friends:

Update 1/15/2016: Here’s the latest from Metro about how Tea Party Tootie, Ludlow and Savas are wasting half a million dollars of public funds trying to buck Metro which now has passed its end of the urban reserve remand. This article notes that unless the three Tea Party Clackamas County Commissioners come to their senses, development will all go to Washington County. How dumb can you get?

Update 1/12/2016: As you read the info about the cronyism and unethical behavior of Tootie and Ludlow, keep in mind the email comment received today by this blog – it’s really a threat and represents the kind of Tea Party anti-freedom policies endorsed by Tootie and Ludlow.

“Author : anonymous (IP: ,
E-mail :

Congratulations for getting the attention you wanted. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.”

The ugly past history of Tootie Smith, John Ludlow and their Tea Party Transformation Project cronyism is here:

Nothing shines brighter in the cronyism of Tootie Smith, John Ludlow and Paul Savas  than the history of their unethical, greedy campaign to push the Maletis brothers’ agenda to get their Langdon Farms golf course and French Prairie (PRIME FARMLAND) out of Metro’s rural reserve designation. An excellent op-ed ran in the Oregonian:

Here’s the story of the October Metro hearing where everything went against Clackamas County’s crazy and EXPENSIVE attempt to expand what is supposed to be a very limited remand on land designation for the 50 years reserves:

Here’s the behavior of Chris Maletis at the Oct. Metro hearing where a host of negative testimony stacked up against his corrupt campaign to develop prime farmland:

“It was a “beyond belief” moment. Chris Maletis stood up in the rear of the room and began addressing the council from there, saying that he wanted to meet with them individually to correct all the lies and misrepresentations of his intentions heard in testimony. The Council President and everyone else was stunned by the audacity and rudeness. Nonetheless, Maletis continued to speak as he walked slowly to the front. Asked to sit, give his name and offer testimony, he argued about it before finally taking a seat. As I recall, he repeated his request to meet with Metro Councilors individually, and the meeting ended. Maletis then walked to the front, extended his hand, and spoke briefly to each Councilor before they could get up and leave. It was a clear demonstration of everything that was testified about their self-seeking, self-aggrandizing posture. If Greg can get a copy of the video tape, be sure to watch it. The arrogance is beyond belief!”

Oct 8 Metro Hearing. Maletis goes “tilt”.

More links to the corruption and unethical cronyism of Tootie Smith, John Ludlow and Paul Savas (learn the facts about who these puppets represent before you vote in 2016 – Smith and Ludlow have to go and Savas would be a disaster as Chair):

It’s essential that voters read in depth the corruption that is the ONLY mission of Tootie Smith and John Ludlow. They do not represent us – they represent ONLY the cronies who fund their nasty campaigns. Tootie can be heard on policy tapes screaming about the need to hurry up with planning because it’s pretty clear she knows she’s on her last legs in government!


Listen to the tape of the most recent Commissioner policy session on the reserve remand. Hear the hysteria of Tootie as she advocates for her cronies. Hear the pathetic comments from Savas and Ludlow. Scratch your head about why Schrader, given the FACTS that huge costs accompany this sure to fail quest, would vote to push forward. And thank Jim Bernard for being the only one with his head screwed on correctly:

Read the staff report about the huge costs on this sure to fail cronyism mission:

We can't afford naked fighting pitbills like Ludlow wasting our pubic money, fighting for cronies on missions that are sure to fail!

We can’t afford naked fighting pitbills like Ludlow wasting our pubic money, fighting for cronies on missions that are sure to fail!

Be an INFORMED VOTER! Tell all Clackamas County friends and neighbors we can’t afford anymore cronyism – DUMP TOOTIE SMITH AND JOHN LUDLOW – and don’t consider voting for Paul Savas for Chair. Chastise Martha Schrader – if she wants to be re-elected she needs to stop endorsing expensive land use adventures that are sure to fail. Jim Bernard is our only good choice for Chair in 2016.

Speech to Metro regarding this issue:

November 19, 2015

As residents of south rural Clackamas County, my husband and I fully support Metro’s mission to focus only on the Stafford remand. We are appalled that Clackamas County Commissioners are pandering to political cronies and are putting the entire Metro Reserves process at risk. That’s wrong! There is no municipal support for any infrastructure to French Prairie and Clackamas County is struggling financially to maintain infrastructure already in place.

My husband has worked for the last 25 years in outside sales, supporting agricultural and other businesses in the Willamette Valley. His company is based in the core of Portland, the motors, belts, bearings and host of other machine products come from Metro urban sources. We have seen those urban businesses take greater financial hits during economic downturns than agricultural businesses in Oregon.

Agriculture is Oregon’s number two industry. It is of huge concern to us that Clackamas County Commissioners want to ignore agriculture as a major and very stable economic force. Plenty of employment flows from rich agricultural lands like French Prairie, not just via direct farm work, but also from shipping, processing, sales and industrial supplies to support production.

We have little to no idea what forms urban industries will take in 50 years. But we do know that in 50 years we will still require agricultural lands to feed ourselves and the world. We know that with the rapidly changing climate and worldwide consumer demands, agricultural land in Oregon is being snapped up at ever higher prices because agricultural producers are fleeing drought stricken states. It might be trite to say that once you pave over farmland it’s gone for good but it is true. We must protect our agricultural legacy, especially prime farmland like French Prairie, for Oregonians of the future.

We, as an ethical society, must reject Clackamas County’s corrupt use of public taxpayer generated funds for those seeking private profit. If the Maletis brothers seek private profit let them use their personal funds for a legal challenge. Please stay on course and only consider the Stafford remand. Clackamas County can’t afford a prolonged legal fight. Stopping this blatant cronyism now is the proper course of action.

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