Molalla: Only Unqualified and Unscrupulous CRONIES Need Apply!

Update 5/4/2013: Whew! The Molalla Council did not pick a new city manager yet – they L appointed a LOL “temporary interim city manager” instead. How’s “temporary interim” for a hilarious title? Can you say “redundant”? That silly title went to Molalla’s public works director, who, to say the least, is not exactly the most customer service friendly guy on the planet.He has a city department phone number but he never answers and he cleverly (!) fails to connect his public works phone number to an answering machine. He must be a registered Luddite – but that does not sit well in “public” service.

So stay tuned to see what poor soul is desperate enough to try to manage Decayville and its Tea Party City Council. That’s truly the definition of a “thankless” task! I still am not certain that crony Council will follow it’s job posting and find someone who fits the qualifications (see end of post for the job search listing, it is VERY SPECIFIC!). But who knows, the more we keep the pressure on, perhaps we can shame them into doing the right thing!

“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing” – Bob Dylan

This should hang in Molalla City Hall

This should hang in Molalla City Hall

Molalla is running backwards fast. There was a brief shining minute when Ellen Barnes was selected City Manager in fall, 2011, where fair public process was followed and a qualified employee was hired. But those of us in the know realized that in Decayville, land of self serving insider trading politics, Barnes wouldn’t last – and she didn’t make a year on the job!

Now that Barnes has been run out of Molalla by corrupt and unscrupulous good old boys and girls and a new Tea Party City Council was elected last fall, the path is clear for an April 17th behind closed doors cronyism fest: the City Council will likely appoint a totally unqualified (per its own criteria posted at the League of Oregon Cities job site) man with the initials J.B. to be the next City Manager.

So how, with the League’s job posting closed less than a week ago could I have the audacity to suggest that an out of process, unqualified crony is coming to Molalla?

On April 4, J.B. attended a County meeting with  Molalla’s red, white and blue Councilor Pottle. Pottle had zero to contribute to the County round table but he was crazy enough to rag the County about the lack of the Pledge of Allegiance at the meeting. We don’t care, Pottle, that you served in the immoral Vietnam War. County leaders aren’t beholden to your backwoods views on meeting protocol.

But the nugget at the meeting was hearing that J.B. was ALREADY the choice behind closed doors. And why would J.B. have the inside track? Because he donated to the County’s most unethical Commissioners, Bully Ludlow and Brainless Tootie Smith, Molalla Madame of Vegas Style Weddings! Apparently the unethical twins tried to foist off J.B. in crony payback as the new County administrator.Here’s how Bully Ludlow’s and Brainless Tootie’s minds work:

This is the way the Tea Party/ GOP government job corruption appointments work: is this the way to appoint a City Manager in Molalla?

This is the way the Tea Party/ GOP government job corruption appointments work: is this the way to appoint a City Manager in Molalla?

Luckily the rest of the BCC objected and J.B. has been simply a lowly fire board member. The County will do an orderly job search.

But what about Molalla? The “perceived behavioral control” was the job posting via League of Oregon Cities that was SUPPOSED to lead to a logical decision with community input after a final three were chosen. The City Council PAID the League of Oregon Cities for that process.

The plot got darker when it was revealed the exceedingly lame interim manager was leaving April 24. And lo and behold, there’s an executive session to deal with hiring personnel on April 17! Wow! Could the Council have its League of Oregon Cities’ short list of three candidates in place that quickly?

I’m betting it doesn’t follow the League’s procedure. The Council will use the excuse that since the lame interim City Manager is leaving on April 24, it must act out of process in a great big hurry and cut the public out of the process. That will allow cronyism and corruption to rule.

This is the hallmark of Molalla, the motto that rules the City Council

This is the hallmark of Molalla, the motto that rules the City Council

So the clock is ticking. Will it be J.B. behind closed doors (picked before that April 4th C4 meeting) and with the collusion of the interim manager’s  “urgent” exit on April 24th, likely engineered to make the Council able to claim it has to act in haste? Or will the Council realize their corrupt, unethical appointment smacks of payback, back scratching and outright ugly cronyism? Will they follow the fair and accountable process, including finding candidates who closely meeting the criteria posted?

It’s dangerous to have unethical, puppet Stooges play government “leaders”. It’s even worse when they use their power to boost the unqualified into paid government pork barrel jobs, especially when it is apparent payback for political donation influence peddling!

Molalla City Councilors "running" the job search

Molalla City Councilors “running” the job search

The pathetic residents of Molalla are always the ultimate losers when their Tea Party government keeps nepotism and cronyism in place. The low quality of life city sinks lower because there  is no money for improvements. But you can bet the “little guy” serfs will foot the tax bill to pay for the “staff” and they won’t apparently have a chance to even meet the candidates before the rush to judgement. In Molalla, the good old boys and girls feed at the public money trough and get richer; the little guy’s investments keep tanking.

b unqualified cronyism chart serfs masses exist in poverty and dispair

Don’t laugh at the “masses” in the above cartoon: it’s exactly what happened in Molalla.  First the timber mills raped and polluted the land and those mill owners carried the profits off to “nicer” places. The elected leaders over and over again allowed incompetent and unqualified city staff to make a hash out of the City, further raping the trapped residents. Now the masses lack quality of life and will soon likely face more taxes and fees as the infrastructure crumbles in insolvent Molalla.

Molalla went insolvent catering to speculators. Now it will further tank if it appoints a City Manager because of cronyism! Beware elected leaders who spend YOUR money on crap appointments. Beware elected leaders who put business above YOUR quality of life. Beware the Tea Party, it wants to take you back to the stone age and make you a SERF!

b unqualified Unscrupulous businessman

b unqualified end nepotism

b unqualified liberal vers conservative

YOU don’t need a weatherman to know which way the Molalla bags o’ wind are blowing…

Compare the posted criteria for Molalla City Manager and see if the candidate selected remotely has the background required:

Molalla city manager posting on League of Oregon Cities site (Paid by TAXPAYERS OF MOLALLA):

Molalla – City Manager
Molalla, Oregon, Population 8,100. Salary range $75,000 – $96,000 DOQ plus benefit package. Staff of 33 FTE; annual budget $13 million Position reports to mayor and six-member council.
Minimum qualifications: A bachelor’s degree AND 5 years’ experiences as a city manager/administrator in a similar sized or larger community, or as a department head in a large community, are required. Experience must demonstrate knowledge and experience in Oregon/Pacific Northwest land use; public works (including infrastructure projects); grants procurement and administration; economic development strategies; urban renewal and understanding of state laws relating to the operation of a city, including municipal budget processes and contractual matters and supervision of a police department/chief. A master’s degree and ICMA credentialing would be desirable. Molalla is a full service city offering the following services: police, parks, aquatic center, library, public works, and an adult center.
The League of Oregon Cities is recruiting for this position and the City is the hiring entity.
Send cover letter, resume and references to: Molalla City Manager Recruitment, c/o League of Oregon Cities, PO Box 928, Salem, OR 97308 or email For questions, contact Mandy Allen at 503-588-6550. Closing date: April 11, 2013.
Full job announcement.
*Posted 02/25/2013

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