Hankerin’ for ANIMAL CRUELTY? Molalla Buckeroo Rodeo wants your money!

Hey city slickers! Are you a lookin’ for a great ANIMAL CRUELTY event to waste your money on  this holiday week? Are you feeling immoral? Watch these videos and read the links and then find something peaceful to do with the family:






And here’s a disgusting story from the 2015 Animal Abuse Festival: http://portlandtribune.com/pt/12-sports/265780-139423-rodeo-drill-team-crushed-by-fluke-accident-loss-of-horse

Would you REALLY like to see terrified animals abused for the sake of money? What horse on earth except for an ABUSED horse would keep bucking? What bull ever asked to be mounted and tortured with a man on his back? Do you know they deliver shocks or put things under the saddle or girth to make animals in rodeos perform? Is that YOUR idea of “fun”?

Wow! Most of the year we work to make sure domestic animals are healthy and friendly. We donate to the humane society and we tear up seeing abused domestic animals in the news. But, like clockwork, Americans forget that when they pay to enter a nasty rodeo to watch miserable animals struggle. Where’s the morality in THAT?

Do you enjoy seeing meek animals like sheep used to “train” the kiddies so they can move up to higher animal cruelty in the future? Mutton bustin’ is your event then – you can watch terrified sheep forced to have kids try to “ride” them.  That’s pathetic.

If you think ANIMAL ABUSE is “fun”, then come on down to insolvent Molalla.  Molallans spend most of the year a drinkin’ in dirty bars and a ridin’ around on pothole filled streets because they failed to plan for urban quality of life.

They done cut down all the trees and blamed the spotted owl when their unsustainable practices killed their future. Now they don’t have no stinking jobs! They have the highest foreclosure rates around because they failed to hire a trained urban planner! They have only one grocery store left – and no one can safely walk to that store!

Molalla needs your bucks to keep on bucking reality. They done polluted the land and the water with dioxin and wasted public money – including state and county money that came from YOU – till the bankruptcy chickens came home to roost.

If you dare to come to Decayville Molalla, instead of spending money watching yokels torture animals for profit, how about having the kids count the empty storefronts? And head south out-of-town on South Molalla Ave, maybe you can catch the local skateboarders using the dioxin contaminated brownfields as a skateboard “park”. Maybe you and your kids will gain a greater appreciation for the quality of life where you live, because without a doubt it is far better than life in Molalla.

Plannin’ for this big Animal Abuse Festival was done via a woman awaiting trail for serious embezzlement. But hey,  she needs YOUR money to keep the noxious “fun” alive. Here’s the scoop on the STILL President of the Molalla Buckeroo (what ethical group would ever keep her has President and why didn’t she have the grace to resign as she did from the City Council?):


After watching the RODEO ANIMAL ABUSE videos can YOU morally defend funding this kind of backwoods animal cruelty crap? Take the kids to a forest, visit a petting zoo, go bird watching or fishing, put your money into a donation to the Humane Society, go to an animal sanctuary: do anything BUT spend money on these hideous ANIMAL ABUSE FESTIVAL RODEOS!

Only cowards, the callous and the greedy would consider making money off ANIMAL CRUELTY! Don’t put yourself in that category.

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