Molalla’s RACIST “Indian” Mascot: Fact versus FICTION!

Western Oregon Native American woman circa 1841 (note flat head)

Western Oregon Native American man circa 1841 (note NO warbo

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Take a good look above at what some of the hunters and gatherers of Western Oregon looked like in 1841. Now get ready for a tour to see how “indian” mascots are disrespectful to the history of Oregon’s Native Americans and to our fellow Oregonians who are subjected to being mascots.

Update: The racist Molalla River School District wants to pretend that the Grande Ronde Tribal Council has the right to endorse it’s sleazy, racist cartoon stereotype mascot. Think again, here’s a great letter from a Grand Ronde Tribal members who decries subjecting any Native Americans to being mascot lucky charms and who notes that Grande Ronde Tribal members were NOT allowed to vote on being used as mascots.

“A mascot is not a figure of respect. A mascot represents a CAPTURED or SUBDUED entity, with their fierce essence pressed into service for the team or other entity controlling the mascot. The mascot’s actions are scripted by the controller; it is brought out and paraded around in a usually cartoonish representation of the actual entity. It is a figure of ridicule as much as it is a figure of power. It’s a real thing stripped down to simple pantomime. – “Yohocoma”, in Oregonian comments

It’s horrible to see the pathetic racist stereotypes of “indians” that  Molalla claims it uses to “honor” the indigenous people displaced by settlers. It’s horrible to see the disrespectful use of “indian chiefs” in our society. The “indian” images in Molalla are straight off cheap clip (non)art stereotypes that disrespect Native Americans and turn them into cartoons. Below is the phony “Chief” that School Board member Ralph Gierke claims was approved by the last Molalla Indian:

Below are images of insulting stereotypes that are hijacked all over America for mascots and for advertising and merchandising.  The ridiculous Molalla “indian”  must have had a lot of “relatives” because the cheap as dirt clip art cartoons look a lot like “our” guy. It’s pretty amazing that the “last Molalla Indian Chief” managed to scan some tacky clip art and say good to go to Molalla High School.  Get your sunglasses out because these RACIST stereotypes are UGLY as sin (and it is a sin anyone uses them for anything!). Take a look the guy on the top right below- he’s looking up at his twin on the wall in Molalla!

And take a hard look at the fakeout “indian” on the bottom right – he is a dead ringer for the Scappoose muscle man “indian” coming up later in the gallery of shame. Talk about sleazy backwater towns in Oregon that could not even come up with decent art!

Need more “indian” relatives for Molalla’s sad racist stereotype image? They are literally a dime a dozen online. They are plastered all over Molalla to sell crap and promote kiddie sports events. Arrowheads! Spears! TeePees! Totem Poles! All the Disney garbage cartoon symbols rolled into one pathetic little city’s white dream of playing “indian”. Below is “indian #1078 aka the Scappoose muscle man “indian”. Boy he gets around! If “indian #1073 had perkier feathers he could be the “Molalla indian”!

Here’s more lurid TACKY racist ways we don’t honor Native Americans:

WOW! I bet the cartoon above costs a lot to use as a mascot! Boy, it would take a lot of colors and an elaborate stencil to get his mug sprayed onto lines of lockers. It’s lucky Molalla sticks to basic ugly orange and black because all they do is gripe about the cost to GET RID OF THE RACIST INDIAN MASCOT! If they go with “Blue Eyed Devils” (my personal favorite) I figure they could get away with blue and black!

Are you feeling woozy with disgrace yet? Here’s some more racist stereotypes to turn your stomach!

If the above fake out red, white and blue guy was lurid orange  like the Molalla cartoon chief, he might be a close relative – they must clone them in some dusty backroom where they “create” cheap clip non-art:

Stanford University banned their “indian” mascot WAY BACK IN 1972! It looks like it might have been part of the Molalla clan. I hope it is resting in peace – good job Stanford!!

Here’s “honor” for you: buy your own “Molalla indian” and sit on its face at games! Wow! Pretty cool why to honor Indians – NOT!

I figure the Scappoose racist cartoon below could beat the shit out of Molalla’s “indian” – that Scappoose muscle man “indian” has been lifting weights! I bet he hangs out at 24 Hour Fitness (take a hard look and scroll back to see the clip art this guy was born from posted at the beginning of the post):

Look,  bottom right above, change the colors and you have Scappoose’s muscle beach man!

But luckily,  Molalla’s “honored” fake cartoon lucky charm “indian” has reproduced itself so many times that there is a cheap, tacky army ready to march off the lockers and into battle against that pumped up Scappoose “indian”! Whew! I feel better! And it looks like the Molalla cartoon is getting whiter so maybe there’s hope that there is left over spray paint for the new Molalla  Blue Eyed  Devils mascot! Hey, guess what? If we REALLY want to trounce that Scappoose cartoon we can make MILLIONS more Molalla “indians” with a $6.95+ shipping stencil:

I wonder if the “last Molalla Chief” that School Board member knows gave “permission” has signed away rights to that stencil? What’s his color palette?

We can create armies of cheap, tacky “indians”! We can cover walls, floors, ceilings, roads, sidewalks and really honor “indians”!

I’m fighting them Whities in Molalla and saying: get a mascot that ISN’T RACIST and that doesn’t stereotype a race of people. Or go right ahead and be the BLUE EYED DEVILS or the FIGHTIN’ WHITIES! Just get over abusing the images of Native Americans!

And if you really wonder what Native Americans think of the current RACIST blowback to save images like the cartoon “indian” stereotypes in Molalla and Scappoose, here it is:

See, in Molalla there’s nothing a case of spray paint couldn’t cure!

It is LONG, LONG, LONG OVERDUE to teach the real history of the people who lived here for thousands of years. Honor them by remembering their true history. It is not honorable to subjugate any race of people into one-dimensional  lucky charm cartoons!

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5 Responses to Molalla’s RACIST “Indian” Mascot: Fact versus FICTION!

  1. Excellent blog here! Also your site loads up very fast! What web host are you using?

    Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol

  2. mohomed fasli says:

    very nice

  3. John Adams says:

    Interesting page and well done. No reference I coukd see here to a mascot called “Little Ugh.” That was a cartoonish character that, if I remember right , was a red-skinned toddler with a headband, feather and loincloth, foolishly dancing around – this was back in the early 60’s when I attended the old Molalla high school.

    • oregonfirst says:

      Dear John, I have found a bunch of different racist stereotypes used in Molalla over the years. I have no doubt that you are correct about “Little Ugh” since Molalla has morphed its racist stereotypes over and over again. The Junior High thankfully got rid of an ugly Indian stereotype mascot. It will be interesting to see if the high school is one of the last in the nation to accept that times have changed and the mascot is now well proven to harm not only Native children but all children by promoting the idea that it is permissible to stereotype races. What a terrible message to ingrain in children and young adults in the 21st century.

  4. ladyjulbug says:

    My old middle school is still using the “Mohawks” as their mascot. I sent the school board statements from the APA and ASA, along with stories from the American Indians in Children’s Literature and Indian Country websites…but they haven’t gotten back to me. I wish I could get more people to care about this from my home town, because it’s true that it does instill a negative message. But, I suppose the fact that they don’t care only attests to that.

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