Molalla River School Disrict’s Racism EXPOSED via its “Indian” Mascot!

The 1890 mass burial at Wounded Knee of slaughtered Native Americans. That’s the real history of genocide, broken treaties and the systematic destruction of Native American culture! The same atrocities were committed across the continent, including in Molalla, as settlers stole lands and ignored treaties. And now the Molalla River School District racists want to continue to cling to “their” racist “indian” mascot – even after the State ban!

Spotted Elk before Wounded Knee:

Spotted Elk: Killed at Wounded Knee and left frozen in the snow.

I just spent several months  fighting for an end to “indian” mascots in Oregon’s public schools. As usual, I found intelligent life exists once the lights of the City of Molalla fade. It’s been wonderful to meet the fantastic State Board of Education and their staff who were highly appreciative that at least of few people from  backwoods hoots and hollers like Molalla understand RACISM and were willing to stand up to stop it!

But it’s too bad that Molalla’s rabid white majority privilege gang and the pathetic Molalla River School Board, even now that the ban has passed, still don’t get it!

Once something like Molalla’s pathetic stereotype “indian” cartoon mascot is defined as RACIST and a School Board and the “citizens” refuse to accept that it is RACIST that means MRSD and the citizens are protecting RACISM and white majority gang think privilege. One look at the lynch mob white majority privilege comments on the Molalla Pioneer facebook page, often led by a MRSD board member I’ll call Ms. Square Peg, makes it is clear that Molalla is defending RACISM.

It’s always an “adventure” crawling into the bowels of Molalla “institutions”. The past several months of “exploring” the Molalla River School District on the RACIST “indian” cartoon mascot issue mirrored the misinformation and outright lies told by the MRSD during the phony campaign for a new middle school (a proposal that went down in flames with the voters two years ago).

Most rabid are two MRSD board members – Ms. Square Peg and Mr. Ballistic. They represent everything in closed-minded Molalla that holds back our nation from producing creative, honest and moral students who reach the greater world ready to think for themselves!

Mr. Ballistic was the hoot of all hoots on April 27 before the State Board of Education. Presenting as a backwoods hick, he actually told the State Board that the Molalla Administration had not informed the MRSD Board about the Che Butler complaint about the half-naked Molalla “indian” running around at half time with a target painted on his chest. Mr. Ballistic said “I could have SHOT the administration that never told us about it.” And in case you wonder why I call him “Mr. Ballistic” he went on to say he would have “frankly gone ballistic if I had known”.

But go figure – he KNEW about it by then and what does he go on to say to the State Board? He said there is “prejudice and lack of respect” BUT – and here’s the big BUT – it would cost the District to remove the RACIST mascot. Boo hoo, poor pathetic MRSD certainly needs to put MONEY ahead of civil rights, right?

I just read a sad online post where a “local” claimed there were no fake cartoon “indian images at the High School. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! I guess hokey Mr. Ballistic is worried about the money to wipe out the cartoon crap. Here’s just one of the myriad trashy and sleazy images that Molalla HS  thinks “honors” its “indian”:

All the while at the hearing,  Mr. Ballistic was addressing  Chairwoman Brenda Frank  who – unknown to clueless, racist Mr. Ballistic,  because god forbid that anyone represent MRSD does any advance homework! –  is a highly respected educator who also just happens to be a Nez Perce/ Kalmath Tribal member. I bet she enjoyed hearing Mr. Ballistic rant about how it was too expensive to protect Native American students from RACIST MASCOTS. I’d say the State Board got the clear message that the MRSD favors protecting and teaching this:

One other giant gaffe was made by Mr. Ballistic at the hearing. After he spouted some nonsense about “other mascots” being endangered if they banned the “indian” mascots, the hearing officer asked him what he was referring to. Mr. Ballistic actually said that “Hispanic mascots” might be endangered! LOL, I bet the Hispanic State Board member was pretty pissed when he heard that RACIST comment, because as anyone who spends even a moment looking at the FACTS would know, Native Americans are the ONLY race still used as cartoon lucky charms for kids.

Maybe we need to name the MRSD “DUMB, DUMB AND DUMBER” board for failing to do any homework (these people spend millions of our tax dollars and pretend to know what’s best for students? HELP!).

And a hint to all the so-called “leaders” around Molalla: It’s overdue to stop trotting out your service records as some kind of proof of how great you are. Some of us gag every time we hear “Vietnam vet” like Mr. Ballistic threw in, apparently to try to impress the State. We’re NOT impressed that you are proud you went overseas to commit genocide. Bag it!

Mr. Ballistic babbled a lot of phony stories about his supposed connections to Tribes – stories he has failed to document – he has steadfastly ignored a legal public information request! Mr. Ballistic and his cohort MRSD board member Ms. Tea Party promised to provide a DETAILED LIST to the State about the costs – but as usual failed miserably to do so before the State voted on May 17 to BAN INDIAN MASCOTS. We should rename it the Molalla River LIES LIES LIES School Board!

After hearing the pathetic testimony by MRSD board member Mr. Ballistic I listened to the April 12 MRSD board meeting on tape to hear how this pathetic excuse for an elected Board of Education empowered Mr. Ballistic to represent them (and US!) in Salem at that important hearing.

Guess what? There was no vote to empower Mr. Ballistic and Ms. Tea Party to represent the MRSD. There were no approved taking points. One woman’s voice on the tape said “we better be careful”. It sounded like she understood that an official board like MRSD shouldn’t be sending someone to wing it in front of the State at an important hearing that would be posted as an audio and video recording for all to see.

But hey, it was late and the lazy people who “manage” our public schools were tired. They were too stupid to demand a vote about what the official MRSD position would be. After Mr. Ballistic cackled nonsense about how he was “feeling better” because he thought there would be bargaining for what would later be labeled  “acceptable levels of racism” with the Tribes (that idea was roundly rejected at State) the discussion fizzled out. So that’s how Mr. Ballistic ended up making a fool of MRSD in Salem.

Now fast forward. The MRSD was invited to appear on a panel at a community meeting to discuss public education choices in the Molalla area the day before the May 17 vote at the State that banned “indian” mascots. Simple task, right? Coming to an open community meeting to talk to district taxpayers should be a no brainer for elected officials. WRONG! The ball busting, control the message, protect racist mascot MRSD board decreed they would not participate unless they were assured the mascot issue would not come up! Wow!

How’s that for not being transparent and not getting ahead of an issue? How’s that for CENSORSHIP by School Board officials? How’s that for abject control freak paranoia?

Speaking of “getting ahead of an issue”: When the mascot ban first loomed a few months ago, I called  Superintendent “asleep at the wheel” Kostur and asked him what the District was doing to educate students and community on the racist mascot issue so Molalla would not, YET AGAIN, look like a pile of racist dog shit in the newspapers.

Speaking of looking like racist dog shit in the newspapers, here’s another trashy way Molalla “honors” its “indian” – shown over and over in photos (most managed to cut out the chain link fence):

It kinda looks like poor beheaded “indian” is in the State Penitentiary, doesn’t it?

Maybe this other hideous depiction of an “indian” posted a few hundred yards away can use its wheels to roll over an liberate the “jailbird” “indian”:

And locals think those images are “honorable”?

But back to my grilling of our lame Superintendent months ago: Kostur mumbled that he had been “trying” to remove the “indian” name from uniforms as they wore out but that some uniforms had “slipped through”. Nice work if you can get it – the highly paid MRSD administrator can’t even make certain that uniforms come out clean of a racist name! And as far as costs, Kostur also said since the gym floor was due for a sanding, that would be the opportunity to remove the “indian’ head from the floor – you know the one, the “indian” Molalla “honors” by slamming balls, shuffling feet and sweating all over it! Nice “honor” there – NOT!

And guess what? Kostur was told in 2007 by the State Board to get rid of the “indian” by 2011 in a gentle “ask”!

Here’s another “honor” for beheaded guy in fake out warbonnet:I bet good ole “indian” doesn’t even get royalties for the use of his head trophy to advertise for noxious Molalla Communications – somebody better call the Grand Ronde Tribes and tell them their ancestor is not getting paid!

I guess history education is so weak in MRSD that no one bothered to point out the Native Americans are touchy about heads on walls – after all, the name “redskins” came from the bounty on Native Americans where they were skinned and used as hide – hence the name because of the piles of bloody skins? Do we teach that? And often in the genocide, the heads of Native Americans were mounted on walls, like trophy animals – so it is not looked at as “honorable” to post beheaded “indians” on walls, and floors and on lockers, where Molalla HS displays row upon row of  tacky “indian” heads spray painted on lockers like cheap cartoons!:

And how about this way to “honor” an “indian”:

I’d say you can’t get more tasteless than the orange finger “indian”. But given that it is Molalla, who knows what other “indian” disrespect is hidden from public view?

Then, after I talked to lame Kostner, I called the High School principal who, in all honesty seems to be the only sane and competent official I talked to in this fiasco. Randy Dalton quickly admitted that he knew the mascot would have to go. But he said he had not done anything to teach the students at that earlier date about why it had to go. I don’t blame Dalton, because seeing the rabid MRSD board and “asleep at the wheel” Kostur and knowing how “public education” is all about “square holes in square pegs” I doubt Dalton was empowered to go out on a limb and teach the moral truth. In “god fearing” Molalla god forbids any discussion of substance about RACISM OR CIVIL RIGHTS. Maybe Dalton could bail to a Charter that appreciates creative education?

Then, WAY back in March, I tried calling all the members of the MRSD board. There were answering machines (and no call backs), there were migraines,  there was company to tend to – every excuse in the book not to talk to a concerned MRSD taxpayer concerned about coming bad publicity about community racism if the District failed to quickly address this important civil rights issue.

Finally, one board member, Mr. New Guy, answered his phone but had little to say and did nothing. When I talked to Mr. New Guy after the April 27 hearing I tried to explain how impassioned Native American mothers had been about the offensive mascots – those mothers would never send their children to a school with a RACIST MASCOT like Molalla. I asked how Mr. New Guy would feel if he and his kids were walking in the shoes of those impassioned Native American mothers, struggling for equal rights in public schools.

Mr. New Guy’s answer: He screamed not to mention HIS KIDS and hung up the phone!

So much for “discussing” my concerns about getting out in front of looming crisis. Apparently the MRSD would rather let the lynch mobs form, the RACISM fester and have the headlines read “Small town in Oregon fights to protect its RACIST mascot” than quickly work on advance damage control. It’s called white majority privilege and the MRSD represents that in spades.

Think about it: over 15% of Molalla’s population is Hispanic and those numbers are growing. In a fair mix on a School Board, at least one Hispanic would be on the Board by now. In Salem, a wonderful mix to represent our diversity in Oregon was on the State Board of Education: One Native American, two Blacks, a Hispanic and two whites. There is an open board seat in Salem, I’d guess that any resume from a MRSD board member to sit in Salem would be the first to land in the waste basket!

So back to the censored community meeting. MRSD board member Ms. Square Peg acted like the though police, hovering and trying to control all conversation. Her idea about debate is:

The hilarious moment came when Ms. Square Peg, faced with the outstanding Charter programs and the successful home schooling efforts described on the panel, thought she would brag about the success of her kids in MRSD public schools. Her brag: That HER KIDS were SQUARE PEGS THAT FIT PERFECTLY INTO THE SQUARE HOLES provided by the MRSD conventional system. Believe me, there was a lot of giggling about THAT clueless statement after the meeting.

This is how I think of Ms. Square Peg and her witless “Go indians” followers:

What happens out there in REAL WORLD, the place that currently is evolving quickly away from group think shuffle in place jobs to an ever-changing market place of ideas, when the “square peg in square hole” kids hit the ground? I’d say from the attempts to censor and the lynch mob Ms. Square Peg is leading against anyone who dares challenge her backwoods power, her vision of square pegs into square holes as educational success  is why America isn’t competitive.

I’ll never forget how my most brilliant classmate in high school was maligned by a teacher for “having too many good ideas”. That’s the kind of people who Ms. Square Peg represents – people fearful of the evolving world of ideas, people fearful of those willing to debate and people struggling to maintain rigid control. Oh! That kind of defines what MRSD conventional schools are all about, doesn’t it?

Maybe they can replace the hideous “indian” mascot and get some new tee shirts like this:If Ms. Square Peg and her lynch mob of “save our indian” racists get in touch, I’ll buy them some of these to get the ball rolling. Molalla is sunk no matter what and any and all talent flees as soon as it escapes SQUARE PEG IN SQUARE HOLE MRSD public schools.

Remember that in the real world, that big scary place of diverse religions, many races and many personal freedoms, people actually don’t form lynch mobs of rabid racists to protect crap. Even off the beaten path Enterprise had fantastic student leaders who quickly abandoned their racist “indian” in 1997 when they heard from local Native Americans that it was offensive. That school went without a mascot for years, rather than risk harboring racism. How pathetic that people like Mr. Ballistic and Ms. Square Peg have a strangle hold on the future of children.

Molalla is a melting pot and can’t accept it. Until people like Ms. Square Peg and Mr. Ballistic fade to black we can expect exactly what we have: an insolvent backwater filled with decay and prejudice. The big losers are the kids – they only know what they are taught. When a lynch mob of rabid racists leads the students, they have a sorry future ahead. America is getting more diverse by the day, but Molalla is spinning ever more inward.

The picture certainly is bleak for Decayville. Molalla’s racist white majority privilege “save ‘OUR indian” self-serving campaign keeps ignoring the facts:

Honor the memory of Spotted Elk! Honor all the local Native Americans who perished or were driven into poverty by WHITE MAJORITY PRIVILEGE! Honor the dignity of every race – no one wants to be a cartoon lucky charm for sports events or for advertising!

Learn the real history of Native Americans! Honor the achievements of our fellow Oregonians who are Native American! Stop racist stereotyping! Stop the disrespect of Native American culture!


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