RACISM: Insolvent Molalla’s newest claim to fame! BOYCOTT MOLALLA!

Note 5-19-2012:  I briefly took down this post, hoping to give Molalla the benefit of the doubt regarding racism – but on May 17, 2012 the Oregon Board of Education approved the ban on “Indian” mascots and the Molalla racist blowback has come out in spades ever since! So I stand by this post – especially, since once the facts are out on racism and people refuse to accept the definition of racism related to “indian” mascots, that clearly makes them racists. If you continue to plead for a racist mascot in light of all the FACTS you deserve all the bad publicity you generate!


Sign the petition to end Molalla’s (and other) racist cartoon “indian” mascots:


Looking for a place filled with reactionary ignorance? Looking for a place that never accepts facts? Looking for the lowest quality of life around among toxic brownfields and decayed storefronts? Would you enjoy hobnobbing with white church going RACISTS who allowed corruption, favoritism and nepotism to cause insolvency? If so, INSOLVENT, RACIST, TOXIC Molalla is certainly the place for you. Otherwise, run like Hell the other way!

If there is one thing that marks the newest way the pathetic citizens of Molalla have shot their future in the foot it is their current RACIST fight to keep “their” nasty “indian” cartoon school mascot. In spite of piles of evidence from the State School Board and sources all across America and the world that such RACIST mascots are harmful, the pathetic provincial white folks cling to their RACIST CARTOON.

Molalla has generated reams of bad publicity because it is INSOLVENT (http://www.oregonlive.com/clackamascounty/index.ssf/2012/04/molallas_new_city_ma
)and now it is hitting the national webs for ignoring civil rights by trying to protect a RACIST cartoon “indian” mascot:

Oregon Town’s Residents Fight to Keep Racist Mascot: Some citizens of Molalla have signed a petition to reject the Oregon Board of Education’s threat to cut off funding for schools that do not abandon Indian mascots within five years. As is so often the case, ignoring sociological studies, including those by Indians with both cultural and academic credentials, the petitioners in Molalla, a town of 6000 in northwest Oregon, say their high school mascot is all about honoring the Indians of the area, the Molale. But, in the common fashion of many such mascots, the depiction is stereotypically Plains style, the head of an Indian dressed in full “war bonnet” and looking a good deal like the composite Indian of the Buffalo nickel. Not as grotesque as Cleveland’s Chief Wahoo, but nothing to do with honor either. The Molale were forced off their land in the 1800s and are now a part of the Grand Ronde Tribe. (Here’s how they traditionally dressed.) The board started the mascot removal effort in 2006. State Superintendent Susan Castillo says six years of gathering evidence have increasingly made it clear that this is a civil rights issue.
—Meteor Blades (Daily Kos – Native American Netroots)



No city deserves the RACIST tag more than Molalla. Aside from its refusal to honor Native Americans by gracefully abandoning the RACIST cartoon “indian” mascot, Molalla is saddled with a supposedly religious old white guy City Councilor who actually said to me on the phone that “Mexicans don’t have any work to do in Oregon in the winter” (!!!!!!!). Molalla’s Hispanic population is about 15% and growing. Who speaks for that minority in city government? Certainly not that “white guy”.

And then I picked up the Molalla Pioneer and found this letter, decrying racism in Molalla:

To the editor:

My son is one-fourth African American and has mentioned to me that he gets called all kinds of names around Molalla because of it. I kind of thought, “right,” this is 2012; I am sure there can not be that much racism here.

 My son ran home yesterday as a group of eight or so white teenagers probably around 15 years old called him the “N” word and yelled they were going to hang him. He ran into the house and I went outside to see this group of teenagers looking to harm my son because of his skin color.

 The group was so brazen they actually asked if my son would come out and talk to them. I yelled at the kids, stating, “Do you realize how illegal your actions are?” and (told them) to leave. We called the police and filed a report.

 It is sad to see this in today’s society and makes me wonder about living in Molalla. 

(name withheld in this blog  – City of Molalla resident, letter published 5-15-2012 Molalla Pioneer)

Help! A town filled with churches and Molalla’s got a bunch of WHITE adults running around like chickens with their heads cut off wailing “save ‘our’ indian” and an elected leader (I use the term “leader” loosely when it comes to anything connected to Molalla) who says with a straight face that “Mexicans” don’t work in the winter? And per the above letter, Molalla has white teenage gangs threatening kids with racist slurs!

White people talking about how “their” ancestors “honored” the “indians”? Like they “honor” living people of other races? Hello? In Molalla’s history, “honoring” meant stealing the land from indigenous peoples, marching them off and picking them off via genocide. Then the one token Native American left was paraded around like a carnival freak, dressed up in what the white conquers believed an “indian” was supposed to look like: you know, those Plains warbonnets we saw in all the phony shoot the bad indians Western movies. Nice “honor” there, NOT!

And now, an “ancestor” of these genocidal invaders who stole the land and killed off the Native Americans is leading the petition charge to keep the RACIST “indian” cartoon mascot because she claims it “honors” the past? PUKE on that!

If people are genuinely interested in honoring Indians, try getting your government to live up to the more than 400 treaties it signed with our nations. Try respecting our religious freedom which has been repeatedly denied in federal courts. Try stopping the ongoing theft of Indian water and other natural resources. Try reversing your colonial process that relegates us to the most impoverished, polluted, and desperate conditions in this country… Try understanding that the mascot issue is only the tip of a very huge problem of continuing racism against American Indians. Then maybe your [“honors”] will mean something. Until then, it’s just so much superficial, hypocritical puffery. People should remember that an honor isn’t born when it parts the honorer’s lips, it is born when it is accepted in the honoree’s ear.”

Glenn T. Morris, Colorado AIM, 1992 (via adailyriot)

According to Cornel Pewewardy (Portland State University staff), The colonizer’s falsified stories have become universal truths to mainstream society and have reduced indigenous culture to a cartoon caricature. This distorted and manufactured reality is one of the most powerful shackles subjecting Indigenous Peoples. It distorts all indigenous experiences, past and present.”

These same MOLALLA  RACISTS sat for 5 years and ignored the facts that the bottom was dropping out of Decayville Molalla. They ignored bad audits, they ignored the misuse of 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS of system development charges and now the city must restore those funds. They did NOTHING! These same MOLALLA RACISTS didn’t lift a finger to complain about corruption in their city government, didn’t bother to question the budgets and didn’t bother to try to stop nepotism based, incompetent city workers from taking Molalla on a ride to become the lowest quality rat hell hole around!

These same MOLALLA RACISTS allow a mayor of twelve years, who is at the heart of all the insolvency problems  – “king” mayor Mike Clarke -, to remain mayor. They have time and energy to petition to save a RACIST “indian” cartoon mascot but they leave the worst perpetrator of good old boy favoritism-based corruption – the sleazy largely absent “mayor” Clarke – still in office? That’s the kind of NON-CIVIC people who live in Molalla!

Wow! That’s some civic pride – preserving the biggest symbol of corruption and insider trading, King “mayor” Clarke, and petitioning for RACISM! How’s that for not having your priorities straight?

No siree. MOLALLA RACISTS, when the bottom fell out recently and INSOLVENT MOLALLA hit the headlines, did what only head in the sand people do: they went and prayed. How’s that working, RACISTS? Is your white man’s “god” dumping buckets of money on your sleazy, corrupt town? Why isn’t your “god” helping solve the mess you refused to see years ago? Are you printing money yet?

Now, faced with endless facts and quotes from civil rights leaders, psychologists, educators and Native Americans about the need to end harmful RACIST cartoon “indian” mascots, we have the same old blind Molalla citizens failing to grasp the issues and making their pathetic town look even worse.

Here’s a typical RACIST MOLALLA “CITIZEN”:

I had a chat with the exceeding lame School superintendent this morning. He said he has “tried” to get the “indian” off the school uniforms since the State asked the Districts WAY BACK in 2006 to remove the offensive RACIST “indian” mascots. Lame superintendent said that some new basketball uniforms “slipped through”. Lame superintendent failed to educate the RACIST MOLLLA citizens about the issues involved so that Molalla would not suffer more horrific bad publicity. The Native Americans of Oregon have produced historically accurate curriculum but god forbid that RACIST MOLALLA would ever put that curriculum to use. It would rather promote its RACISM than learn the facts!

So the shit has hit the fan big time for pathetic Molalla.  The headlines scream about “RACIST MOLALLA” and “INSOLVENT MOLALLA“! Good job clueless people. Enjoy spinning ever more away from the 21st Century. Sooner rather than later you will end up with nothing but your little cabal of RACISTS, your dirty bars, your gun store and your pawnshop in what’s left of your contaminated, crumbling berg. Its happening right before our eyes: the world will shun you, your kids are fleeing to places where there are jobs and a decent quality of life!

Your RACIST “indian” cartoon, locking Native Americans in a false warbonnet image of a white peoples’ fantasy cartoon, is no better than the RACIST images above. How about using an “indian” in surgeon’s scrubs or wearing a suit and tie, carrying a brief case? That wouldn’t be so much RACIST fun, would it?

We know that

And we know that


We’ll vote with our taxes, we’ll use the First Amendment to spread the word everywhere:


This post is dedicated to Denise (get a copy of this song and use it as your ring tone):

Oh the history books tell it
They tell it so well
The cavalries charged
The Indians fell
The cavalries charged
The Indians died
Oh the country was young
With God on its side…

Bob Dylan –  “With God on Our Side”

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