Molalla: Sweeping Desolation Row Troubles Under the Carpet

Floragon mill Desolation Row brownfields, Molalla: Site of dioxin contamination were the former TOXIC dip tank site floods. This site has carried toxins into Bear Creek for decades.

They’re selling postcards of the hanging
They’re painting the passports brown
The beauty parlor is filled with sailors
The circus is in town
Here comes the blind commissioner
They’ve got him in a trance
One hand is tied to the tight-rope walker
The other is in his pants
And the riot squad they’re restless
They need somewhere to go
As Lady and I look out tonight
From Desolation Row…

 Yes, I received your letter yesterday
(About the time the doorknob broke)
When you asked how I was doing
Was that some kind of joke?
All these people that you mention
Yes, I know them, they’re quite lame
I had to rearrange their faces
And give them all another name
Right now I can’t read too good
Don’t send me no more letters, no
Not unless you mail them
From Desolation Row – Bob Dylan “Desolation Row”

It’s pretty hilarious watching Desolation Row aka Molalla’s “blind commissioners” try to sweep their dirty financial laundry under the carpet. The Oregonian outed the problems in detail on Saturday:

It’s pretty apparent that, except for the excellent new and honest City Manager Ellen Barnes and Councilors Jim Needham and Steve Clarke, the “blind commissioners” want to try to sweep their past sins under the carpet. The apologists on the Oregonian blog certainly want to “hang” anyone who wants the PAST “MISTAKES” (or perhaps more properly CORRUPTION) fully understood. They are going to need a much bigger carpet to hide under:

Molalla can’t improve unless we all face the ugly truth about City Councilors – “blind commissioners” – who are more interested in putting gag orders on a fellow Councilor and about  puppet mayor Mike Clarke who thinks he is a KING and who protected his nepotism based buddy appointments for years. King Clarke is actually such a control freak that he is allowing his son to run a recall attempt on a couple of Councilors (a recall election would put tanking Molalla even further into deficit spending!). Former and present employees of the City of Molalla are/were incompetent. It’s truly stunning that anyone connected to Molalla wouldn’t demand that the EXACT history of financial abuses be brought to light.

But no, if you read the blog comments you find the “happy face” idiots Molalla is filled with trying to make the people who outline the problems into villains. Sorry “blind commissioners” your smiley face, “think positive”, “it takes time for change” buttons are tarnished.

What a joke of a place – to suggest whistle blowers deserve bad karma because they have taken the time to tell the TRUTH about Decayville Molalla! The truth was, the “blind commissioners” were fully engaged in burning money!

Note this statement from a Molalla Councilor at the City Council meeting, as quoted in the Oregonian:

It seems like the city is being punished for some ignorance on other people’s part. A volunteer council such as this, we are not financial geniuses, we can only make decisions off of what’s given to us“.

Hello? You are entrusted by voters to have oversight over public money? “Given to us?” Aren’t grown-ups supposed to be accountable for funds – especially when it is public money? Need we say more? Shouldn’t elected officials be very careful about forming their own opinions based on sound research? No wonder “blind commissioners” like that don’t want us to dig deep.

Most of the “blind commissioners” – except Councilor Needham and Councilor Steve Clark –  voted to continue the urban reserve quest in spite of certain denial. So maybe the guilt is setting in? Maybe those rubber stamp “let’s see what happens” if we keep saying “yes” voters on the Council – who continued on insane spending paths for legally indefensible planning and who failed to fire City Hall deadwood incompetents LONG AGO  – don’t want their constituents to notice THEY are part of the problem?

Hey Happy Face, Empty Headed, What Me Worry, Think Positive Molalla Councilors: Since it appears from your deer in the headlights response to the urgent need to STOP SPENDING SO MOLALLA DOESN’T GO BANKRUPT and since you apparently are too cowardly to do the right things quickly, like laying off the incompetents in city hall,  pruning the bloated LOL police force and killing urban renewal to balance the budget, I guess you are just a bunch of:

After all, you are “just” volunteers and “just” volunteers apparently feel they have no duty to dig deep and root out the facts BEFORE they flush away the future of a city on years of nonsense spending!

Let’s get on with a forensic audit because there could be entities to sue. The “blind volunteer council” was more than happy to spend public money on idiotic ideas like a Forest Rd truck bypass study for a road to nowhere; surely a forensic audit would not cost much considering all the money the lemming council pissed away on planning nonsense?

How about checking into the audit firm that thought it didn’t have to dig in deep because the long time auditor “thought” the Molalla financial department was doing a “good job”? Maybe there’s some audit insurance that will pay if the audit firm is held libel? And what about all those years that the city employees claim they couldn’t use the software correctly? Is that pure bullshit? And what about all the years of SDCs that have never been accounted for – did “certain” employees pay fast and loose with those funds? Did “someone” just allow developers not to pay?

But never fear, for the short term,  I have a great and unique solution to save Brokesville Molalla. Its something that no city has tried before! Molalla is always looking for a “hook” to make it special!  Molalla is always eager for feel good propaganda.

Imagine when Molalla calls the Oregonian to say “Eureka! We’re solvent! Hell, we are RICH!  It’s raining MONEY in Molalla!“. It’s so simple I can’t believe that the faith-based TEAM Molalla economic development arm twisters didn’t “guide” you to this solution long ago:

Maybe this will get you started, but once the world catches on in these difficult financial times, I suggest you get a patent going and crank out some better models, like this one:

Imagine! Molalla can make printers to crank out currency for the worldwide market. And the “blind commissioners” won’t have to face the music about their past votes that wasted public money on what was CLEARLY GARBAGE.

The “blind commissioners” can continue NOT to do research and NOT to perform any critical thinking. They can pump up the bloated police force – how’s about a PO-LICEMAN for every citizen! PO-LICE DOGS everywhere, sniffing and lunging. The “blind commissioners” can RE-HIRE the INCOMPETENT LOCAL YOKEL who produced the WORSE PLANNING sane people have ever seen! In fact, everyone for miles around can WORK FOR THE CITY.

I know the perfect place to set up the money printers: “Our” swell new MCC gazebo behind the spiked fortress fence. I bet  MCC/TEAM big kahuna Steve Loutzenhiser would be happy to stand guard (after all, a big kahuna like Stevie, making over $300,000 off “our” phone co-op, knows the value of a buck!). Stevie holds the keys to entry into this fortress, because nobody would dare climb that fence; I bet Stevie has it electrified to boot. Roll the presses! The new money will be safe!

I would expect the inability to read and write, the complete rejection of logical thinking and a hatred of addin’ them numbers up correctly would be perfect criteria for hiring. New City Hall here we come, the seams will be bursting with all the new hires and the “blind commissioners” will never have to face laying off deadwood again!

So world, come on down, the City of Molalla is ready to shovel that money into your pickups. We’re retooling them printing presses as fast as we can and the workers are lining up to push the wheelbarrows…

In the mean time, let’s all return to planet earth and say a prayer for City Manger Ellen Barnes. With “blind commissioners” who fail to accept their end of the blame and who can’t face unpleasant realities, leading Desolation Row Molalla must surely feel like this:Whether you are an oppressed Molalla resident, reeling after years of abuses by King “mayor” Mike Clarke (puppet of the rich and shameless) or just an interested reader discovering Desolation Row Molalla via the Oregonian, be sure to tell every State and County agency you can find to STOP GIVING MONEY TO MOLALLA.

Molalla has insulted us all and burned up their own future on crap. No more! Whether the “blind commissioners” are evil jokers or just a bunch of clueless lemmings, past history proves they have no capacity for critical thinking – if they did, they would not be sitting on a HALF MILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT and they would NOT be afraid of making the unpopular but necessary choices to solve the VAST PROBLEMS!




In the mean time, till the money is all printed and Happy Camper brainless councilor behavior can be restored, I’d suggest we rent one of the piles of blighted, empty storefronts and name it DESOLATION ROW. Surely the puppet masters at TEAM will be eager for a “new” business to spring up among the symbols of decay, like the sleazy bars, the pawnshop and the Mainstreet gun store. My idea would be “family friendly” and lots of fun.

Here, as food for thought, are some of the products I think we can feature in our new Molalla DESOLATION ROW store:

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One Response to Molalla: Sweeping Desolation Row Troubles Under the Carpet

  1. Maddy says:

    Excellent post! I have watched Tiffany Couch in action on the Portland/Vancouver Bridge. She is a Wonder and a Braveheart. My politically cynical heart came back to life when I watched that whole thing. To believe that Mollala is awake is an encouragement to us. Way to go and don’t give up!!!

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