Molalla: Countdown to BANKRUPTCY? Blame KING “mayor” Mike Clarke!!!

They’ve been gambling in Molalla
They took a lot of risks
Send lawyers, guns and money
Dad, get them out of this…

-Lawyers, Guns and Money, Warren Zevon (updated for 2012!)


It’s no joke – Molalla is in deep financial trouble! Read this Oregonian coverage as the clueless council grapples with the FACT that there is trouble on the horizon. They don’t have the courage to understand you can’t borrow the city out of its financial crisis:

For years, we have been telling the so-called Molalla leaders, especially pathetic King “mayor” Clarke,  that their idiotic aspirational planning, their insider trading, their nepotism, their incompetence and their sunk cost proliferate spending would lead to FINANCIAL DISASTER!

Now, with new, honest management provided by Ellen Barnes, it has only taken a couple of months to bring the financial malfeasance of former manager Atkins to light – Atkins and King “mayor” Clarke were thick as thieves!  Shining a beacon on Molalla’s financial disaster is great – we’ve screamed for transparency and accountability for years and have been denied the FACTS until now  – but honest auditing and accounting can’t make up for the money wasted and the lean (I’m being polite) times ahead.

Here’s a link to the documents for a City Council meeting:

City council to discuss proposed staff layoffs

  • By: Pioneer Staff
  • Published: 1/24/2012 5:02:42 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/25/2012 1:15:21 PM

“Proposed staff reductions from the police department and city hall are on the agenda for Molalla City Council’s meeting this week in the wake of grim financial projections.

According to City Manager Ellen Barnes, current estimates indicate that the city’s general fund will have a deficit of more than $470,000 by the end of the fiscal year.

Spending freezes are now in place and the city’s finance department has calculated possible staff layoffs, including the positions of assistant finance director, an administrative assistant and the police chief assistant. Two police sergeant positions are also being considered for reduction. If that happens, two sergeants would instead become officers and the two officers with the lowest seniority would be laid off.” (end quote)

Molalla’s debts have piled up and it is clear that the past administration didn’t follow state ordinances. The the accounting is so bad that there may be need for a forensic audit. Frankly, the cheers will rise from the hills if Atkins is found to be legally liable – no one deserves a jailbird suit more than that vulture, except maybe empty chuckle-head puppet vulture King in his own mind mayor Clarke!

Let’s see – the planning debt vultures are landing, the County permit bill collectors are circling, the infrastructure contract vultures are have landed, the audit vultures are counting, the city personnel costs are through the roof, the budget has to be re-configured because of overspending… need I go on?

The best thing to come out of the financial disaster is that Molalla will have to STOP SPENDING ON CRAP IDEAS. Most of the clueless city council followed right along with the good old boy cabal insane “Molalla is growing” cant while the foreclosure rate was the only thing Molalla led the state in for the last years !

Wow! With the money GONE, no more “what if” studies of roads that the fools who “run” Molalla could never afford to build, no more dumbbell grants to sit and gather dust in boxes strewn around city hall, no more idiotic ideas about “high-end” is coming, no more “we need tons of new land”, no more consultants and lawyers bleeding the public dry on legally indefensible plans that NEVER COME TRUE! NO MORE PERIOD for the foreseeable future! The public pockets are EMPTY!

What is truly sad it that the public has been ripped off and with NO MORE $$$$$$ available the roads will decay further, there will be no new parks and property values will continue to lose more in value than the rest of the County. When you neglect quality of life in favor of CORRUPTION AND GARBAGE PLANS, you end up with the current toxic DECAYVILLE.

And, with TEAM for economic development (LOL!) losing its propaganda mouthpiece, we can be thankful that we won’t have to listen to “Molalla’s successful” lies coming from someone who lives in SE Portland! Maybe Clackamas County’s Economic Development Department will get a clue and stop being a handmaiden to Brokesville Molalla’s crazy ideas.

Hey TEAM for economic development in Molalla (a oxymoran)  what’s up with  more businesses – Artsmith, the dry cleaners, the gym and Mainstreet Pizza – shuttering for the New Year? You economic development vultures can’t even keep the doors open at a pizza parlor on Main Street?

And yet the City Council clings to the idea that they can borrow themselves out of debt? Hello planet earth – is there anyone in Molalla “government” besides Manager Barnes capable of critical thinking?

This is the most common sign in Molalla:

I’m thinking the city should rename itself:


Let’s hope the Secretary of State of Oregon is looking closely at Molalla and especially at King Clarke’s vindictive son who is trying to harass city councilmen with a pointless – and expensive! – recall.  If there is a more free speech hating pair on planet earth than  the Clarke father and son team, I dare you to provide us with names. Stay tuned because Sinking Ship Molalla isn’t done cost cutting yet. Let’s hope they start with King Clarke’s favorites first.

I hear King Clarke has decided to take a vacation while his city flames out.

I bet when King Clarke gets back  – if he has the courage to come back and face the ANGRY TAXPAYERS HE RIPPED OFF HELPING HIS NOXIOUS GOOD OLD BOY CABAL – he’ll be starting a new business called:

I can see it now, a crumbling empty Molalla storefront (Wow! No shortage of those blighted sites) putting up the “Bankrupt Productions” sign…

To be continued….

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4 Responses to Molalla: Countdown to BANKRUPTCY? Blame KING “mayor” Mike Clarke!!!

  1. Happy camper says:

    It’s kind of odd, the shortfall in the city budget is about the same amount of expense as John Atkins and Shane Potter blew over the last 5 years.

  2. oregonfirst says:

    You are entirely correct Happy Camper. I believe I have posted that on the Oregonian article. Those of us who followed that fiasco know that there was about a half a million dollars that King Clarke, the good old boy Molalla land speculators, TEAM and former manager racked up trying to push the NOW DENIED urban reserve. The ridiculous fake planner was incapable of doing real legal planning or producing documents to support what we all knew would be DENIED so the cost to the city went through the roof because they kept hiring BAD LAWYERS AND BAD CONSULTANTS who too the public money and FAILED – because it was clear it would FAIL. And except for Councilor Needham and Councilor Steve Clark, the Council too is at fault for continuing to retain Atkins, fake planner Potter and all those greedy consultants. They should
    have stopped the sure to fail planning mess YEARS AGO.

  3. happycamper says:


  4. happycamper says:

    Mike Clarke is too busy sitting on a beach to worry about MOLALLA

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