Trash talkin’ “troubles”: Molalla’s Hellish TEAM for Economic Action

“I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind,

Some come from ahead and some come from behind.

But I’ve bought a big bat, I’m all ready you see

Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!”

-Dr. Seuss

I’ve loved the work of Hieronymus Bosch all my life. The Garden of Earthly Delights is his masterpiece. I’d call it a Bosch Free Speech Manifesto in paint! Or maybe it is Bosch’s “big bat” in images! The movement in the triptych  from the Garden of Eden to the chaos of Hell  is one of the greatest paintings of all time. It fits right in with the faith-based City of Molalla’s wishes and dreams and – FAILURES!

Coming up are  snips from the right panel of Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights  – the Punishments of Hell. Molalla has pretty much run through the “Garden of Eden” (that ended when the Europeans displaced sustainable Native American use) and the “Earthly Pleasures”  (when the “cut down every tree and stuff in the houses” crashed into the current Great Recession)  and has moved on to The Punishments of Hell.

Bosch used paint as his “big bat”. Words can function as excellent “big bats” as well. I dedicate this post to all the swollen headed, ignorant, selfish fools who have run Molalla into Hellish conditions by thwarting free speech, by inhibiting debate, by stuffing in ill-planned development, by talking (to be polite) out of both sides of their mouths,  by trashing and polluting land, by refusing to fire INCOMPETENTS, and by being gluttons sucking at the public  money trough. Those  false “leaders” are accomplishing nothing and are failing to give a damn about the REAL people suffering in Decayville Molalla:Let’s start with the Molalla Thought Po-lice:

There are two  Thought Police forces in Decayville Molalla: mayor “King” Clarke and TEAM. TEAM is sickly co-mingled with the so-called Molalla phone co-op called MCC. A guy I’ll call Mr. CF (Control Freak) thinks that because he runs the show in a couple of pathetic Molalla endeavors he is the new Stalin. Many business owners in Molalla are starting to chafe at being required to give money to TEAM. After all, if you are successful, you don’t need TEAM – and if you aren’t, you have a bad business model to blame and should just fold it up! That’s called the free market!

Mr. CF is actually running right on par with Molalla’s noxious dictator mayor King Mike Clarke in the “we hate free speech” category and is close on the heels in the “tall tales” department.

I’d like to film a “Survivor: Kill the First Amendment” show and post King Clarke and Mr. Control Freak on Redemption Island so we could watch them duke it out for the DICTATOR OF THE WORLD title. Or maybe we would get lucky and they would both be big LOSERS!  It must be something to wake up every day with those kinds of illusions of grandeur. Except, dudes, have you taken a close look at the boxcanyon Decayville called Molalla you are fighting to control? Who would bother to fight for THAT BROKESVILLE?

The Control Freak seems to think that gigantic electronic propaganda reader boards and silly gazebos will make the city “nice”. Take a look at the MCC gazebo BEHIND the concentration camp fence – oh! I mean behind the spiked fence guarding the utility yard. There is quite a statement at the MCC truck/equipment storage facility:  an elaborate gazebo sprang up on the PRIVATE side of the utility yard, while the cold public square provides only giant HARD WET SLABS OF ROCKS as benches. And the “co-op” rate payers are footing the bills – I guess they don’t rate a roof over their heads or comfortable benches to sit on!

The citizens of Brokesville Molalla are gagging about  all the money spent on Mr. Control Freak’s pet projects! Has he stopped to consider that the town is filled with suffering people who might need a rebate on their utility bills? I guess not, since guys who make over $300,000 a year aren’t prone to thinking about the needs of the “little people”. I guess he figures “Let them eat rocks while the truck yard hogs the gazebo” will suffice!

Our not so dear Mr. CF  purports to be protecting a weak at the knees lobbyist – you know, one of those bottom feeding “I’ll say anything for money” types you see crawling around sucking up to the rich and shameless in “government” (I see those paid lobbyists at Legislative hearings and want to gag)  – a woman  we’ll call Ms. Glib Liar.

TEAM pays  Ms. GL  to pretend she cares about Molalla.  Believe me, she’ll say ANYTHING for her paycheck! She’ll sell out diverse community involvement in a heartbeat, she’ll “project” quality of life killing projects anywhere at anytime. And she will turn right around and mouth baloney about how TEAM wants diverse involvement, TEAM wants a fair process – but it NEVER HAPPENS IN MOLALLA and Ms. GL would NEVER dare to advocate for the “people” in public, because her TEAM masters might freak!  If Mr. CF and greedy TEAM says “JUMP” apparently Ms. GL would catapult over the moon. I hope KARMA never hits TEAM Greed, because Mr. CF, TEAM and Ms. GL certainly have plenty of  BAD KARMA to atone for!

And LOL, Ms. GL is NOT LOCAL! She lives far away from Decayville Molalla – in groovy Portland! Ms. GL must enjoy Portland’s great quality of life, with its great parks, its wonderful array of services and shops, its diverse transportation and its walkable neighborhoods. She hogs a salary that most of the struggling real residents of Molalla would give their eye teeth for.

I guess, like everything else, you have to go to Metro to find propaganda  spewing “talent” – especially to find Glib Liars to tell the TEAM’s tall tales with a straight face? What’s up with that? A “local” economic group can’t even throw a juicy  job bone to a LOCAL citizen? A “local” economic group can’t tell the whole TRUTH about BUSINESSES LOST? Are the people who live in Molalla  NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BE HIRED BY TEAM? Isn’t TEAM supposed to create jobs for LOCAL PEOPLE?

The truth is that “local” is a misnomer when it comes to TEAM. Not only do Ms. GL and Mr. CF NOT live in the city limits, most of the so-called business people running TEAM don’t live in the city, either. Most live far from the city limits in rural mansions far from the madding crowds of the 99%’ers.  Or else, even worse, they live in Oregon’s version of 90201: high-end Lake Oswego!

What a rogue’s gallery of fools! What a bunch of “us first” greedy good old boys and girls. Ms. GL must have to take a long hot shower after getting back to her swell PDX neighborhood every night! She must pinch herself that she didn’t get trapped “investing” in Decayville!

TEAM is skating on thin ice:

The Greed TEAM covets the success of transparent, accountable cities – but TEAM Greed fails to advocate for ethical government! TEAM Greed fails to advocate for quality of life. TEAM Greed advocates for making the rich richer!

The Greed TEAM thinks it can “skate” into creating industrial parks – but fails to understand that it “location, location, location” is everything these days. Without great transportation links to freeways and airports, backwater bergs like Molalla are dead in the water. And why would a developer veer far off the beaten Metro path and then have to deal with CONTAMINATION? Envy is rampant in TEAM for successful cities like Canby.

Bosch has a take on “Envy Hell”:

Check out the ugly, bogus website TEAM maintains. It’s like bad propaganda from the days of Stalin,  with inaccurate postings about long gone businesses. Avison gravel pit has changed hands twice to become Baker Rock! Even Ms. GL must have trouble sugar-coating Molalla’s “offerings”: nasty old hulks of abandoned buildings, pathetic strip malls and contaminated abandoned mill sites don’t make for a go-go tour on the net.

I love that TEAM posts things like ridiculous, outdated 2006 market surveys, carefully preserved as relics of the pre-Great Recession false housing boom days, when local planning dumbbells decreed that fake rock had to be slathered over row after row “stuff em in” cheap cookie cutter houses in ridiculous cul-de-sac dead ends. Those days are now replaced with the GREAT MOLALLA DEPRESSION where the only thing booming is the use of phone co-op funds for silly promotional propaganda – funds that SHOULD be used to help the tanking customers. And never forget the booming foreclosures!

TEAM and Molalla’s former fake “planner” failed to consider that the residential customer “marks” might want an overall QUALITY CITY  – that residents might want to actually walk somewhere and have adequate community parks and open spaces. Those residential investors might have expected good roads – dream on!  Woe is anyone who got trapped in Molalla, the foreclosure capital of Oregon. Molalla’s foreclosure rates actually even surpass Bend! Wow! Something to brag about! How about it TEAM: I dare you to post THAT FACT on your website of misinformation!

Hey TEAM, how about also posting your endorsement of the MILLION DOLLAR SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT CHARGE WAIVER! That alone made me boycott local business owners who signed that document which totally disrespected the need to raise funds for quality improvements. TEAM could care less about community visioning for the benefit of all: TEAM ONLY cares about bodies with wallets – bodies with money – bodies willing to put their money into the wallets of the TEAM members!

It’s funny, by allowing a low quality, far from Metro berg to stuff in too many CHEAP ill-planned houses, TEAM actually killed its own mission. Current trends are BACK TO METRO. Here is a telling op-ed about “The Death of the Fringe Suburb” (I suggest TEAM could add some truth to its website by posting this so investors know what is REALLY happening in Fringe Molalla):

Bosch has some not so kind images for gamblers. TEAM represents the gamblers of all gamblers. When TEAM tells those “little white lies” about Molalla’s growin’, Molalla’s getting great new businesses, Molalla’s got industrial land to pimp, Molalla’s a great family place, it is a sin not to tell the flip side (read THE TRUTH):

Molalla’s a ghost town with shuttered stores everywhere.

Molalla’s downtown features a pawnshop, a giant gun store and piles of dirty bars that no family would venture near (I hear we are getting another symbol of Urban Decay – an antique (or probably more like a junk) mall). So much for “family friendly” attractions in decayed downtown Molalla – unless little Johnny likes to pawn, get drunk and shoot up a storm!

Molalla’s got the highest foreclosure rates in Oregon – Molalla beats out Bend! WOW!

Molalla’s property values are sinking like a stone.

Molalla’s so-called industrial sites never sell because most of them are either undeveloped weed patches or are so filled with toxic chemicals that no one would touch them with a ten foot pole! Molalla can’t afford at public expense infrastructure needed to develop the “clean” sites – and DEQ’s requirements on the contaminated sites would send an investor running  once the dioxins are revealed (who wants that potential liability?). Molalla can pretend those contaminated sites “aren’t too bad” – but if there not so bad, why have they been under investigation since 1983???? Why are they STILL BEING INVESTIGATED???

Here’s the section  called Gambler’s Hell (Note to Mr. CF: I guess the thought police didn’t factor into the  art of the 14th century – Bosch cranked out piles of these images and no one took his paint brushes away!):

Gambler’s Hell is pretty much what TEAM Molalla represents: greedy, thoughtless gamblers hogging down every scrap of public money they can lay their hands on forever losing games of “make us -the 1% – richer” craps. The TEAM Gambler’s Game” is to manipulate  public officials with white lie after white lie, toss the “study” dice and LOSE. Except the money lost isn’t THEIR MONEY – it is OUR PUBLIC FUNDS!”

“We need a truck bypass to get to our industrial sites”. (but don’t look too close because they are CONTAMINATED and event the certified site would represent cost added for contamination capping! Don’t let the Infrastructure Finance Authority hear THAT!).

Wow! The TEAM Gambler good old boys and girls have managed to assemble a wish list that swells well over the 100 MILLION DOLLAR MARK! Gee, that’s quite a gamble for a Blightsville that can’t fill a pot hole and that has a downtown 4-way stop that rates a great big “F” on the ODOT scale. Financial facts about where Molalla really stands are sure to catch up one day soon and bet it won’t be pretty!

No worry though. Ms. GL, the frail flower TEAM propaganda mouthpiece from PDX, is more than happy to troop around claiming the polluters and the sleazy gamblers “need” a giant truck bypass. How WOULD those gamblers “study” that project? Why, you guessed it!: beg for more PUBLIC GRANTS! Can’t you see her, dressed in a cute Molalla cheerleader costume, shaking her false “Molalla’s growing, businesses are coming”  pom-pom, begging for public funds?

And gifted “I speak out of both sides of my mouth” Ms. GL CLAIMED that TEAM wanted more citizen involvement – but you can bet she was right there, front and center, at City Council, jamming the crap Forest Rd study grant through WITHOUT those pesky citizen round tables she CLAIMED were needed! Nice “work” if you can get it!

This week’s DEQ meeting put TEAM’s crass greed in the spotlight. After we heard about the fortune it will cost to even finish testing for contamination (let alone the cost of mitigation!), after we heard about the nasty known cancer causing contaminates at Floragon and at Avison Mill #1 (even “certified” means STILL CONTAMINATED!), after we heard that limited exposure was necessary to protect humans at Floragon from the southern contaminated dip tank areas, after we heard a sad older man ask about what potential health effects he might experience after working at the nasty mills, Ms. GL actually had the gall to ask if TEAM could MARKET the crap buildings in the south end of Floragon, right in the epicenter of CONTAMINATION!

That was a stunning moment that totally defined TEAM GREED: That after hearing there was a limited number of days per year humans could be exposed to the dioxins/furans/petrochemicals Ms. GL would  even have the gall to ask such a self-serving question. Yes Ms. GL, if you wish to expose MORE HUMANS to MORE POSSIBILITY OF CANCER by exposing them to DIOXINS, FURANS, PETROCHEMICALS, go right ahead and market your crap buildings and crap contaminated lands – that is, if you can find an “investor” crass enough, callous enough, dumb enough to bite!

Go ahead, expose more people – maybe someday the former Molalla mill workers will get smart and compare notes about local rates of CANCER. Remember BAD KARMA waiting to happen? BAD KARMA isn’t hard to find when you deal with TEAM.

Read the handouts Ms. GL: “DEQ expects that a remedy will be identified to address long-term exposure risks. Risk analysis will include people, fish and wildlife”.

Get it: “Will be identified“? “ Expects“? So if Ms. GL wants to “market” the nasty buildings on South Floragon she had better goose her client, the former mill owner, to get a move on with the big bucks needed for the “costly and complex” investigation that is “taking so long“.

What investor would be foolish enough to want to post workers in a site with known cancer causing contamination? Life is cheap in Molalla: TEAM can surely find some company that has been rejected from other places – some polluter who knows that, per ex-mayor Foster “Pollution is TRADITIONAL IN MOLALLA“.

We all remember Scott’s Fertilizer – rejected by a string of cities that put quality of life and health above jobs. Scott’s made life miserable for Molalla residents for years – all in the name of  “Molalla needs business”. Surely Ms. GL can dredge up some bottom feeders like Scott’s, rogue businesses  that have to hide out in desperate bergs like Molalla.

Speaking of bottom feeders and disrespect for citizens, I hear there will be “work” on noise ordinances since growing  “business” at the Buckeroo has been polluting residents with NUISANCE  NOISE from loud and noxious events.

Bosch has a “Musician’s Hell” for that problem:

Never forget – one man’s “music” is another’s NUISANCE. Citizens are entitled to quality of life and that doesn’t include tolerating NUISANCE NOISE. Who knows, maybe a class action suit will be required if the clueless “leaders” try to put “business” before peace and quiet! “Deafening ear levels” didn’t cut it, even in the Middle Ages!

So, like Bosch, we’ll all be slyly watching and using our big FREE SPEECH “bats” to make certain that accountability, transparency and respect for ALL CITIZENS keeps Hellish Molalla at bay:

The Molalla “leaders” and TEAM can try to cut away our FREE SPEECH rights but we’ll escape the inferno if we don’t back down:A financial inferno is about to befall  Molalla. A financial inferno has already hit the hapless people lured to Molalla during the housing boom. TEAM can’t hide the facts about the contamination and the extremely low quality city it pretends to market. TEAM can’t hide the facts about the residential meltdown. TEAM can’t hide the empty storefronts – putting displays in windows doesn’t fool anyone. Watching, listening and uncovering the facts will keep the rats at bay:The TEAM 1%’ers can try to steal our public money and our quality of life, but keeping one eye wide open and preserving FREE SPEECH will toss the rapacious TEAM RATS off our backs… be sure to  BOYCOTT MOLALLA – IT’S TOXIC!

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