This was painted long, long ago: but the same social injustices – where the rich steal from the struggling poor and the rich eat, drink and be merry on the backs of the working class – play out today in the DECAYVILLE CALLED MOLALLA.  The social justice revolution might not have quite sunk in yet in Molalla, but as the merchants play the local residents are swimming for their very lives.

Last night, Molalla’s pathetic excuse for a City Council yet again showed who owns their asses: the greedy, “we take our money out of town and run for our mansions”, sleazy business owners aka TEAM are running the show – and stealing the future of the actual residents.

It’s the same kind of social injustice playing worldwide, with the giant multi-national corporations running the world shadow government, except in DECAYVILLE Molalla it’s a lot of polluters who made their big bucks porking – and POLLUTING – the environment. After stealing the quality of life from Molalla, they take their ill-gotten money to Lake Oswego, to the ranch in Scotts Mills, to the serene rural countryside of Mulino and to all the other mansion lands far from DECAYVILLE’s city limits. God forbid that the greed TEAM move into the low quality, tanking city limits and live next to the peons they pork!

The only difference from the world shadow government is that the DECAYVILLE puppet government is a lot poorer and a lot easier to manipulate!

TEAM forced years of profligate spending on the now loudly defeated urban reserve – a “plan” to benefit a handful of rich out of towners – with Dictator mayor Clarke and Councilors Rogge, Thompson, Wolfe and Pottle voting YES to the bitter end. The result? Hundreds of thousands of public funds wasted. More like MILLIONS if anyone had the guts to follow that trail of shame!

Now, we can throw Needham into the “I work for the rich out of towners” of TEAM greed because unbelievably he, too, voted to throw public money down the dark road to nowhere for the never gonna happen road to TOXIC FLORAGON: the hellish abandoned mill site that eats public money. It has festered away, leaching dioxins/furans and petrochemicals into the waters of Bear Creek and into the groundwater for decades – but do you think the “city leaders” give a CRAP about that? No way do they have a moral compass! They could care less about the environment, social impacts or the people drinking from nearby wells. It’s all about serving their sleazy TEAM greed masters.

The lies and the money trail on the TOXIC ROAD TO FLORAGON will eventually luckily sink  Molalla’s SHIP OF FOOLS. When the greed boat gets too overloaded with bloated pie in the sky aspirations that never come true – like drunks on a binge – the boat will sink! Spend away SHIP OF FOOLS, ignore the peons you were supposedly elected to represent!

Sooner or later the ‘cry wolf’ grant trail will swing around and when you REALLY NEED SOMETHING the grant door will slam shut in your faces!

As the so-called leaders –  the Molalla SHIP OF FOOLS councilors  (who are too lazy to research probable outcomes before risking public funds on nonsense) – pile up misused public funds, it will be easy next election to trot out their money wasting path of shame.

The TOXIC ROAD TO FLORAGON/AVISON stretches way back into the mid-2000’s when the former fake, incompetent planner got a $300,000 fistful of grant money to ‘plan’ the still barely touched 4 Corners Industrial Park. If you want to see something really ugly, take a ride up the stubbed out ‘Commercial’ road to view the semi-trucks clogging the road and to eyeball the piles and piles and piles of nasty plastic trash. It is quite a contrast to well designed and landscaped industrial parks in quality cities like Canby!

But as former mayor Foster said on the record at a city council meeting “POLLUTION IS TRADITIONAL IN MOLALLA”. No joke – that’s on the record. Nobody in Molalla ever heard of landscape designers or street trees, let alone a sustainable land use plan.

Don’t miss the concrete plant just around the corner – it, for years, has been in FULL VIOLATION of its conditional use permit.

But par for the course in Molalla: the SHIP OF FOOLS will only crack down on the little guys with nuisance yards. God forbid that anyone in TEAM greed has their business boat rocked because only $$$$ count.  If you are one of the oppressed residents the only function you have is to hand over your tax $$$$ to the SHIP OF FOOLS and the GREED TEAM. Who cares if on your long commute to try to stay in your massively underwater house in low quality Molalla  you have to look at the concrete MESS?

Who cares if your kids don’t have decent places to play? Who cares if the city looks like a garbage heap? Who cares if you lack sidewalks and bike lanes? Who cares if your kids are playing at TOXIC FLORAGON? You peons are trapped now and the SHIP OF FOOLS  has its fists on your future! They only want to spend your money on “projects” that TEAM greed favors. Who cares if downtown DECAYVILLE MOLALLA is filled with bars, gun shops and pawnshops!

The big laugh is that the current puppet of the rich Council never knew that the $300,000 PUBLIC MONEY GRANT  had already produced copious engineering drawings to build out roads in the ugly dirt pile called 4-Corners Industrial Park. But hey, at least the dirt out by 213 and 211 is CLEAN dirt, right?

So after a year of fussing about a feasibility study to connect so-called industrial sites (the majority of which are CONTAMINATED SITES OWNED BY THE FORMER AVISON MILLS) the bomb dropped this week when the  “we never know what facts are” Council saw that it ALREADY HAD plans for 4- Corners. The hook is the plans amount to over 3 MILLION DOLLARS to flesh the ugly piles of dirt into roads and sewers and storm drains and sidewalks and … well you get the picture: Molalla’s too broke to implement a thing!

Decayville Molalla barely has a cent to rub together these days, so why worry about THREE MILLION DOLLAR PLUS industrial parks when the Molalla SHIP OF FOOLS can move on and pork the public to study a:


You got it folks – we’re studying a ROAD TO NOWHERE on so many levels it makes your head spin. Here  comes the trucker heading toward Molalla Ave – wait! It can’t make the turn! Wait! Molalla Ave is flooded! Wait! Ona Way is too narrow! Wait! There’s no outlet to 213!

HELP! HELP! HELP! Is there a DUMBER city on planet earth?

The road can’t be built through wetlands, it is an old forest road right of way that is a bermed up local access only mess built LONG BEFORE  – oh! no! – STATE AND FEDERAL WETLANDS LAWS!

Hell, who cares about State and Federal Laws, right? The SHIP OF FOOLS can’t even understand its own Goal 5 Natural Resource mandate – after years and millions of dollars wasted on weak new comp plan (quote):

3. Maintain natural wildlife corridors along protected creeks and drainageways.

4. Give priority to preservation of contiguous parts of that network which will serve as natural corridors throughout the City for the protection of watersheds and wildlife. (end quote)

But that kind of ignorance  would never stop the SHIP OF FOOLS Molalla City Council. The millions of dollars wasted catering to TEAM greed on the certain to fail urban reserve proved that. They’ll zone right in on wasting more public money without a moment of research!

You can lead fools to facts but you can’t make them think!

DEQ has already taken the FLORAGON TOXIC MILL owners to court to force testing. The people of Oregon have already wasted almost a half a million dollars ‘helping’ the scoff law FLORAGON/AVISON POLLUTERS with no end in sight. The Oregon lottery funds already dumped HALF A MILLION DOLLARS and the testing is only barely at “phase one”.

But hey, the SHIP OF FOOLS COUNCIL wants to dump some more ‘help’ by studying an impossible ROAD TO TOXICVILLE.

It is kind of poetic justice, isn’t it? When you have a city with such a low quality of life that its children are flocking to the abandoned buildings at CONTAMINATED FLORAGON to find a place for a skate park because the city is too broke after catering to the rich out of towners to provide proper parks:

Check out the run-off right where ‘Johnny’ is playing – you can bet that water is leaching dioxins/furans and petrochemicals.

Let’s hope ‘Johnny’ has a strong immune system that can fight cancer causing toxins lodged in his fat cells.

Let’s hope he thrives on heavy metal poisoning.

And let’s hope that ‘Johnny’s’ playhouse isn’t harboring any bad guys.

And let’s hope Johnny and his friends and the homeless aren’t afraid of asbestos filling their lungs as they sleep and play in  FLORAGON.


Only a callous SHIP OF FOOLS would ignore the hazards of this site – an unposted, unfenced hideous mess in the city limits! And only a callous SHIP OF FOOLS would vote to spend a cent on a road they could never afford to build and that would violate environmental laws. Only a callous SHIP OF FOOLS would cater to the rich and ignore the need for decent parks, roads and other infrastructure improvements in DECAYVILLE MOLALLA.

The best nugget that came out of the SHIP OF FOOLS meeting last night was the FACT that, in spite of a year of lies that Molalla owns the entire right of way through the swampland forest road, the truth is that the County actually owns part of the route! HA HA!’

And the clueless SHIP OF FOOLS, as usual, was cleverly manipulated into accepting the County’s kind offer to do the ‘study’ of the swampland road to nowhere! So at least the money wasted proving the obvious negatives – the obvious FACT that the swampland and the social aspects and, most of all, the County’s ownership of part of the right of way will kill a truck bypass – will feed the County coffers.

The County is on a massive campaign to provide local rural hike/bike routes. Hint, hint: Do you think the SHIP OF FOOLS Council is smart enough to see where the County’s administration of ‘their’ study of the swampland road to TOXIC nowhere is going?

Stay tuned because I can guarantee that TEAM greed and their puppet SHIP OF FOOLS Council is about to learn A LOT about sustainable transportation planning, environmental protections and the need for clean recreational opportunities in DECAYVILLE MOLALLA.

TEAM greed and the SHIP OF FOOLS might have won the skirmish but they for sure won’t be winning the  swampland truck bypass war with the County playing General!

And congratulations to the ONLY Councilor who stood up to prove he wasn’t a puppet of TEAM greed. Councilor Steve Clark had the courage to state that Molalla had far more pressing needs in the city limits and asked that the grant for the Road to TOXIC LAND Floragon be tabled for six months. Needless to say, he was smart enough to VOTE NO. Good job! At least one Councilor in Molalla understands who he is elected to represent! (hint: the PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THE CITY OF MOLALLA!).

We are making a list of those who vote to ignore the needs in DECAYVILLE and who cater to the petty bourgeois rich out-of-town business enemies of the people of Molalla. Next election it will be a lot of fun to point out which candidates represent social justice for the trapped taxpayers and which were puppets of TEAM greed.

Let’s take a look at the dioxin/furan/petrochemical contaminated excuse for Bear Creek as it struggles out of a culvert at TOXIC FLORAGON as we say goodbye.

I hope the Avison family is cozy in their far from Molalla mansion counting their bucks and enjoying a clean and pleasant environment – maybe the Floragon testing and clean up will hit them where it hurts –  in their wallets! Anyone who dodges blame for the FLORAGON CONTAMINATION shouldn’t be allowed to cross the city borders and pretend their have a say in DECAYVILLE’S future!

As the CONTAMINATED water heads down to the unwitting landowners, I hope the city manager is inviting the supposed interested buyer for CONTAMINATED FLORAGON to the Dec. 7 DEQ meeting at the Molalla Adult Center. Full disclosure should be the ticket for a sure SALE FAIL. Have a great day, SHIP OF FOOLS. I hope someday some sends a TOXIC CREEK your way, threatens your rural lands and steals your hard-earned $$$ to feed a GREED TEAM while you tank in a low quality city.

Doesn’t the old saying go that “turn about is fair play”?


Come on down, bring your sleeping bags and enjoy the FUN at Molalla’s homeless camp skate board park – the more the merrier! How about a Second Friday FLORAGON  CONTAMINATION celebration, TEAM greed? Maybe a steak, movie and dioxin night for RP? Endless possibilities await: I smell a study grant coming on, don’t you? The door is open, come on down to MOLALLA’S  FLORAGON TOXIC FUNHOUSE:

3. Maintain natural wildlife corridors along protected creeks and drainageways.

4. Give priority to preservation of contiguous parts of that network which will serve as natural corridors throughout the City for the protection of watersheds and wildlife. 

How’s about a GREED TEAM and SHIP OF FOOLS fish fry?

I hear petrochemicals, dioxins/furans add that ‘SPECIAL SOMETHING’ to the critters – that is if they SURVIVE!

Be sure to hide the kiddies eyes during the DIOXIN FISH FRY because you never know what might crawl out of CONTAMINATED FLORAGON, maybe as the years go by we’ll get some critters that look like this:

And don’t let the kiddies look at the farms near POLLUTED BEAR CREEK, you never know, maybe Molalla can start producing freak animals (remember, former Mayor Tom Foster said “Pollution is traditional in Molalla!):

Hey TEAM GREED – maybe there’s a  MOLALLA TOXICVILLE $$$$ hook here you missed! I smell $$$ crawling out of the CONTAMINATED SLUDGE! Go for it! Get your PAID LOBBYIST FROM PDX out to stump for the TOXIC CARNIVAL. Nothing else is working! You can be the CAPITAL OF MUTANTS, the CARNIVAL OF FREAKS. Let’s put on our hazmat suits and get some nets and see what we can dredge out of the CONTAMINATED SEDIMENT of contaminated Bear Creek! You could have a Second Friday TEAM Freak Show Carnival if the contamination continues without abatement!


Visit Friends of Bear Creek for more information about TOXIC MOLALLA MILL SITES and to see what Bear Creek SHOULD look like:

Visit DEQ for more TOXIC AVISON information:

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