HOT SEAT NIGHT at Molalla City Hall! Stop porking public funds!

It was HOT SEAT NIGHT at down and out Molalla City Hall last Wednesday night. I was reminded of some backroom mafia dealings – why would a responsible city (oh! I forgot, Molalla, with the evil three Atkins/mayor Clarke/lawyer Crean at the helm is not responsible or transparent) need a special session to grill a really bad lawyer about all his failures? Why didn’t the Council have the courage to burn City Attorney Chris Crean at a regular City Council meeting where dozens of people could watch?

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, there was an attempt by failed, pathetic city manager Atkins to jam through a house moving ordinance. Could that have been at the behest of unethical Mayor Clarke whose neighborhood was just impacted with house moving? That’s about the kind of insider deal Mayor Clarke would advocate: spend public money in secret in a hurry without asking the Council for something that impacts HIM – and then try to jam it through without giving the public a chance to comment!

Ha, ha Atkins and Clarke: You two losers lost again when 3 Councilors refused to play ball and the ordinance failed. Next time, use due process. Hopefully for sleazy, on the way out Atkins there won’t be a next time.

But, drum roll please: The Council left regular session and opened a work session to consider the massive failures of “I’ll say anything you want to hear” lawyer Crean.

I bet Crean started to feel like this (you may know that saying “liar, liar, pants on fire?):

But wait!!! Mayor Clarke, coward of all cowards, got up, mumbled he had to visit with family and LEFT!  It certainly appears that COWARD MAYOR CLARKE didn’t have the courage to watch his boy toy Crean in the HOT SEAT. Or could it be that COWARD MAYOR CLARKE was afraid the HOT SEAT of failure would reach out to include his sorry ass? Maybe he was feeling a burning in his undies as well?

I’m betting on the “extend to Mayor Clarke’s sorry ass” scenario because the good old boy cabal of Atkins, Mayor Clarke, Crean, ex-fake planner Potter and the land speculators were all, in essence, sitting in that HOT SEAT with pathetic squirming lawyer Crean.

An honest, responsible mayor would never have left this important work session designed to vet the sins of Crean. But hey, when Crean’s sins are Mayor Clarke’s sins I guess Mayor Clarke figured it was better to go hide at home than to face the music in public. I guess he doesn’t like burning in public when the truth unfolds!

That running away from the truth was just another sign that time’s up for the nasty reign of King Clarke. It’s time to step down, little man Mayor Clarke: if you can’t take the punches then it don’t mean a thing. You certainly can’t face the music anymore – it is too easy to trace your self-serving waste of public funds! You are nothing but a tool of the good old boy cabal.

Or maybe we should hope silly, lost, weak mayor Clarke actually tries to run again so we can chew him up in letters and at public debates where he would be FORCED TO TALK IN HIS OWN HOT SEAT OF FAILURE. Below is how “mayor” looks when his is faced with strife and he would certainly be faced with a boatload of loaded questions in the next election – like WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO and WHO KNEW WHAT WHEN?

Goodbye little man mayor Clarke! It was hilarious beyond belief – cathartic really – to sit two feet from Crean with a tape recorder and video running and get Crean’s lies and half-truths on record. He started to look like the critter above – gasping for air and choking on lies.

The first hot seat topic – how Crean could have “represented” Molalla into HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF WASTED PUBLIC FUNDS ON YEARS OF PLANNING FAILURE – brought some zingers.

Crean failed to admit that it was a LIE to claim in public at a hearing in October 2008 that “Molalla has to do this” -i.e. Molalla “has to” do a comp plan/urban reserve. Crean actually butted into community testimony to tell that LIE.

Little towns of less than 10,000 residents don’t have to legally worry about comp plans. DLCD already knows that any city that is that small isn’t growing and likely does not have the  money or skills to do complete comp plan updates. But what a windfall that desire was for Crean and the consultants – can’t you see them licking their lips back in the early 2000’s as they anticipated the piles and piles and piles of public funds they could hijack, hanging in their roosts, waiting to suck up public money:

Crean, Atkins and Winter$$$$$$$$$$$Brook  consultants took the public for the expensive ride of all rides on the now DENIED URBAN RESERVE. They had ZERO stake in the future of the Molalla community – none of them live here – they were just interested in sucking the blood out of the community:

Little man pathetic mayor Clarke and his nepotism crew in the form of the idiotic Molalla planning commission, Atkins and the untrained fake planning director did the hand feeding of public blood money to Crean and Winterbrook till the City was sucked dry – or really, beyond dry, till they racked up a HALF MILLION DOLLAR PLANNING DEFICIT!

Guess who Crean (captured on tape) tried to blame for the GIGANTIC, EXPENSIVE PLANNING FIASCO? The County planning staff and the BCC! I can hardly wait to get my audio recording down to County so those HONEST PROFESSIONALS can see the kind of liar Molalla retains – and pays! Crean stabbing the County in the back in the name of defending Molalla’s ridiculous planning was a gross misrepresentation of FACTS!

In short, the discussion was about Crean’s capacity to:

That’s right – Crean’s greatest talent is burning up public money without any attempt to mitigate or to guide Molalla to acceptable solutions.

He LIED about Sandy’s planning path. Sandy, per now retired County planners Doug McClain and John Borge, years ago tried to pull a “Molalla”: Sandy tried to claim a far too high population projection. Sandy quickly saw the light – that it could not buck County – so Sandy quickly reversed course and worked WITH County to a successful end. So Crean, stop using Sandy as an example, some of us actually talked A LOT with the professionals at County over the years of your abuse!

It was funny to have Crean’s cohort “David” step in. Checking on “David” at the firm, it is apparent that “David” outranks Crean – “David”, though apparently younger, is a full partner. I guess the firm is smart enough to know that Crean is only associate material at best.

“David” tried to assure us that they aren’t rich folks, that the lawyers don’t have:

And that they aren’t using rolls of public:

to wipe their greedy asses.

But what’s that old saying about “Me thinks thou does protest too much”? If they were burning up public money for years with ZERO RESULTS  it is time to FIRE THEM.

I could document  Crean’s planning lies with all the negative feedback letters and documents from County and State dating back to Feb. 2007 till the cows come home, but Crean’s next revelation about the Hart Street million dollar SDC waiver fiasco was the funniest yet.

In NO UNCERTAIN WORDS Crean spit out that HART STREET DOESN’T CONFORM to transportation planning rules and that the project shouldn’t have been passed by the Molalla planning commission. Seeing the so-called chair of the Molalla planning commission sitting with his head literally in his hands was another nice touch. How about getting some honest people – some ethical people – on city committees for a change?

What kind of fools believe that they can pass forward planning garbage without eventually getting  caught in their own unethical greed trap? Influence peddling a la Molalla planning has already cost hundreds of thousands and produced FAILURE. The public of Oregon just wasted $43,000 on a transportation grant to “study” the million dollar SDC waiver project. Any ETHICAL person who reads the file (I have read it and gagged) would quickly see the project doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Molalla can’t afford the traffic fixes required by ODOT for Hart Street, the developer simply wants to take a profit and run with his profits I hear (how’s the weather for car racing in Nevada these days?) and Crean didn’t have the professional guts to stop the fiasco before it came before the council twice!

I won’t bother to waste time outlining the insane discussion of public information request law. Any lay person knows that when outlandishly huge requests come in a city or to a  public entity, they must charge for the work to assemble the information packages. Period.

But the fussing and the billing and the unequal treatment will continue in Molalla as long as there are  “take the money” and run  people like Crean and Atkins porking at the public trough:

STOP THE PIGS! Molalla is getting a savvy new city manager, Molalla has finally seen the light and contracted planning to the professionals at County and the City Council has started to actually research issues and to buck against mayor Clarke’s TEAM NEPOTISM. Nobody who sat through the Crean on the Hot Seat session should have any doubt about it:


So tell your friends, if they heard screaming and saw a flash of light running away from City Hall last Wednesday just after 9pm, not to worry. It was just the sound of “Liar, liar pants on fire” Crean fleeing. It is time to tell that “JERK” (word used by state planning official to describe Crean) to go flush public funds at some other hapless city because WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH:

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