Let’s go to court to PROVE Molalla Planning was INCOMPETENT!

It’s nothing new in Molalla for an “official” to put his foot in his mouth. An ex-employee fake planner is rattling around boo hooing about his ex-planner status. If he were limber enough and dumb enough to go to court to try to defend his job performance, here’s how he would look on the stand trying under oath to say he did competent work:

Rumor has it the fake planner at fault for the horrific mess that is the City of Molalla might want to try to sue to get his job back! Don’t you wonder what lawyer would be prepared to “defend” the record of Molalla’s fake planner (oops  – that’s EX-PLANNER, we all danced the day he became an EX-PLANNER!). Maybe the lawyer for the ex-planner looks like this:

After you bust a gut laughing about any lawyer willing to defend the ex-planner’s record, step back and think of how hilarious it would be for that boob to have to sit under oath and try to defend his YEARS OF FAILURES AND HIS YEARS OF ABUSE OF PUBLIC MONEY!

First, harken back to the early 2000’s when said fake planner defaulted on a student loan and had his insurance license jerked out from under him. Juries don’t like people of low character – they see them as scammers who aren’t trustworthy. That default/loss of professional license would be a big time fork into fake planner’s case! Don’t you wonder if he EVER paid off his public student loan – or, if, as usual, fake ex-planner ripped off the public and defaulted. I’d be glad to bet that he NEVER paid back what he owed.

In 2006, fake planner LIED to the Palomar pipeline speculators by saying that he would know by spring 2007 how many acres of EFU land he would add to the city. That NEVER CAME TRUE! But lair of a  fake planner was out in public telling lies fossil fuel speculators behind closed-doors: I guess the INCOMPETENT liar didn’t realize that, even thought he couldn’t keep accurate records to save his life, other agencies could!

It is too bad that fake planner failed to go to college to learn how to read and write. In Feb. 2007, fake planner got a great big negative reply from DLCD for an under the radar screen “proposal” to expand the city limits to help land speculators. This document proved in 2007  that fake planner was in WAY over his professional head, because DLCD actually begs the city to GET A PROOFREADER and talks about spelling, paragraph structure and all the other elements needed to produce a literate document.

And in the NEGATIVE REPLY there is a curt paragraph advising Molalla that growth will slow and inviting it to give up worrying about new land. Any COMPETENT planner would have read that and advised his city to regroup and concentrate on infill.

Did Molalla get the picture then? Oh! No! Fake planner and his best buddy cronies (like Dictator mayor Clarke) stuffed that NEGATIVE REPLY away from prying eyes and merrily proceeded to waste years and hundreds of thousands of dollars of public money on a fool’s quest for a giant urban reserve.

Instead of presenting the DLCD letter, they jammed through a baloney “population resolution” endorsing the very population figures DLCD would dispute – and failed to follow correct process by failing to submit said ridiculous resolution to the County for legal adoption.

Oh, what tangled webs fake planner weaved, when he practiced to deceive (and especially when he sank Molalla into a HALF MILLION DOLLAR PLANNING DEFICIT).

In the process of wasting public money on  pizza planning parties (really – I have seen the emails!) the fake planner received stacks of advisories from the State and County about what would be acceptable. Did fake planner listen? NO.

When the 2008 hearings approached, DLCD came and IN PUBLIC told fake planner and clueless city leaders to ACCEPT SAFE HARBOR POPULATION, PASS THE DOWNTOWN MASTER PLAN AND PARKS PLAN AND USE MODEL CODES – and then go to sleep!

Did fake planner listen to THAT ADVICE? NO!

He held years of expensive hearings and produced years of “minutes” that failed to honestly reflect what was said in public (That’s easy to prove – unless fake planner failed to produce the legally mandated audio recordings of ALL THE HEARINGS – either way, he is professional toast!).

Most of all, fake planner used nasty, bottom feeding city lawyer to LIE to the crowd at the first hearing – the SLEAZY lawyer actually stood up in public, on the record and said “Molalla HAS TO DO THIS”. There is no state mandate for tiny little towns under 10,000 population to do anything in terms of comp plan updates and especially in terms of 50 year urban reserves. And never forget, every time the bottom feeding lawyer had to step in and cover the fake planner’s fat ass the $$$$ flew out of the city’s coffers and into the hands of the lawyer. Sweet deal for the lawyer and the consultants.

Fake planner refused to honor DLCD’s and citizen’s pleas for a neutral moderator. He was such an arrogant control freak that he said “That’s for when we are fighting about what land to add”. LOL we never got to that point – he was DEFEATED long before anyone could add land. He couldn’t run a fair and honest meeting/hearing to save his life!

And, at the height of the “stuff em in, we need to grow frenzy”, the fake planner actually was allowed to hire a REAL EDUCATED PLANNER – a great educated guy with customer service skills who was honest! Needless to say, that REAL planner didn’t last long – because as the planning costs mounted to defend what was FOR SURE going to fail and the housing boom went to bust, the fake planner began to go into deficit spending.

We can trot out all the deceptive soil/wetland maps that don’t conform to State records – maps fake planner morphed to please his speculator masters. When a wetland is clearly shown on State maps and fake planner, after numerous complaints that his map failed to note a wetland, failed to correct the map, it would certainly look like fake planner was deliberately presenting FALSE INFORMATION at official hearings. But hell, it is Molalla and fake everything is the hallmark of the place that lacks ethics.

I won’t bother to outline the dates of all the NEGATIVE LETTERS from State and County that poured in to the FAKE PLANNER from fall 2008 till the final great big DENY from County in spring 2011. We’ll save that big pile of paper for the court case. We’ll all ask the fake planner ON THE STAND UNDER OATH if he even read and understood the piles of paper (I doubt that he could read or understand it – when you are an uneducated, arrogant boob protected by NEPOTISM and are the puppet of a cabal of greedy good old boy speculators you think you are above the law).

I’ll never forget the stunning moment at a County meeting where I asked a County planner how the Molalla “plans” were coming – before formal hearings began. In front of a room full of County community leaders, the senior County planner giggled and said “Molalla planning came to County recently and it was CRAZY”. Can you imagine – the Molalla planning effort lead by a fake planner called “CRAZY” in public in front of responsible County leaders!

In fact, getting fake planner on the stand where he would have to TRY TO TALK would be the best gift of all. In the 7 hours of the two official hearings at County that resulted in the great big (EXPENSIVE!) DENY, the fake planner waddled once to the stand  when asked to explain where the vital list of buildable lands was, he said:

I COULDN’T SAY” and waddled back to his seat in the peanut gallery.

Do you get it yet?

The highly paid, so-called planning director of a city, at the most important hearings his city had faced, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawyers and consultants, in a do or die minute, said:


That is the story of fake planner in Molalla. When asked in public to explain the two paths – quasi-judicial and legislative – in Oregon planning, the fake planner COULDN’T SAY.

And six months after he was asked to explain those paths (and the city manager explained the paths in front of fake planner) the fake planner incurred a legal bill – the bottom feeding lawyer actually billed the city for time to try to teach the FAKE PLANNER the difference between the two planning paths! Hello – any LITERATE person can learn that in a couple of minutes on the web! But obviously we aren’t dealing with “literate” when we study the INCOMPETENCE of the ex-fake planner.

The ex-fake planner can’t win for losing – his inability to get the DETAILS correct is legendary.  He recently sent a garbled letter to the city council trying to advocate for Hart Street. In the illiterate rambling letter his first gaff is to say that DLCD required upgrades to the wastewater system! Hey illiterate fake planner: DEQ is the agency that rode Molalla on wastewater issues – DLCD has NOTHING to do with that!

Wow, the fake planner must be getting pretty hot and squirmy on the stand by now! But we still haven’t addressed all the ways he trashed the city’s finances and future via INCOMPETENCE.

We haven’t hit on the horrific mess he made of the grids of the city: there is no bigger no-no in planning than creating piles of dead-end streets and failing to provide adequate parks and open space for EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD. We’ll talk about the lack of walking and bike routes to get to shopping centers. We’ll talk about the apparent corruption in the lack of years of SDC accounting and all the ‘work in kind’ deals the fake planner cooked up with developers.

Most of all, we can now prove conclusively that the horrible planning and lack of SDCs have created an exceptionally LOW QUALITY city that now literally leads the State and County in foreclosure rates. Month after month after month Molalla lead the pack in foreclosure notices. In July, one out of every 160 houses got a notice and in August one out of every 233 houses in Molalla got a notice. In comparison, Deshutes County was one out of 258, Clackamas County was one out of 451, and Oregon at large was one out of 621.

Molalla has ALWAYS been far, far ahead of Oregon cities’ rates of foreclosure. Low quality in times of bust spells doom.

I get a kick out of Stacy Court, a dead-end street condo abortion now on the foreclosure auction list. It’s a perfect example of the INCOMPETENT PLANNING foisted off by the fake planner. Stuffed in on a dead-end, it is listed as being -678,258 loan to equity ratio. That means that the developer of the abortion is underwater $678,258!

Anyone dumb enough to have allowed that hideous “planning” should be locked up! If you know anyone looking for tanking real estate in a totally low quality, decaying by the minute berg, have them call the EX-FAKE PLANNER for a tour of his handiwork! The defaults, foreclosure auctions and empty houses are piling up like cord wood.

Ex-fake planner could start a consultant business called “HOW NOT TO DO IT”. He could lead tours to display his carnage – hell, I’d be happy to supply the YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS OF NEGATIVE FEEDBACK and the transcriptions of the 7 hours of hearings where all he could say was “I COULDN’T SAY”.

That’s what we can look forward to when ex-fake planner waddles to a new court and the chair creaks under the lies:


“I COULDN’T SAY” is the theme song of Molalla’s abject and demonstrable failure. Anyone who gets a license jerked due to default on public loans (loans WE ALL FINANCED) and anyone who pretends to be a professional without a scrap of training (shall we trot out the credentials of the real planners who work in other local cities and compare what their education is next to the non-education of fake planner?) deserves to sit in the hot seat and say:


Hey, fake planner, you can’t get away with saying “I COULDN’T SAY” in a trial!

The rest of us – those of us who read, who fact check, who look at budgets, who track the charges from lawyers and consultants for the bad planning, who understand the goals of the state and who understand how fake planner couldn’t produce anything that conformed – will be happy to step up because:


We CAN SAY that the city of Molalla was a whorehouse of bad planning and wasted opportunities.

We can get the soon to be ex-city manager and the dictator mayor on the stand and grill them about why they allowed an uneducated boob to trash the city’s future and suck the public funds dry on garbage planning. I’d LOVE to see them under oath, trying to defend the guy they protected via blatant NEPOTISM. Getting Dictator mayor Clarke under oath and poking at him would finally get him to talk in public – maybe that’s the only way to get him to open his mouth!

Like the INCOMPETENT FAKE PLANNER THEY PROTECTED, if city employees or the elected leaders get plopped on the stand, they can’t say “WE COULDN’T SAY” under oath. They will have to answer the questions!

I smell sewer gas about to escape from City Hall if fake INCOMPETENT planner drags anyone to court – because any public official can end up on the squirming on the stand! Come on down, Dictator Little Hitler mayor Clarke, come on down failed manager Atkins and let’s hear what YOU will say on the record.

Little Hitler mayor Clarke and pathetic Atkins on the stand under oath would be like pulling legs off ants and watching them burn up under a magnifying glass in the sun.

Follow the money, follow the documents – what a hoot to drag Molalla further through the mud of NEGATIVE PUBLICITY.  After all, nothing else is happening in Decayville Molalla, we may as well get some more great negative propaganda out to the public so no one else gets duped into moving to the Town that was BORN TO LOSE!

Ain’t free speech grand? Don’t forget to share this account with the lawyer – I’ve actually got the FACTS to back up my story, do YOU fake planner? How’s that student loan default going?

Here’s about all fake ex-planner can expect to get after a trip under oath before a jury:

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