Vultures – in the forms of a failed city manager, a lawyer who apparently can’t give sound advice, sleazy, greedy business outsiders and a dictator mayor in love with NEPOTISM – have been killing Molalla and feeding on the carcass of Molalla’s public money for far too long:

Now, the proof of the FAILURE of sleazy fake Molalla City Manager Atkins and nepotism loving dictator mayor Clarke  is in and it is NOT PRETTY:

Atkins offered a  three-month severance to pathetic fake planner Potter WITHOUT VETTING IT TO THE CITY COUNCIL (I bet dictator mayor Clarke knew!).

Atkins was slapped back by the City Council. Council said  NO WAY did they want to give loser Potter a reward like that.

Then, the “when will the Council ever get the picture that Molalla is being ripped off and fire him?” bottom feeding city lawyer Chris Crean claimed it was OK to cancel the severance offer.

Potter finally hit the unemployment lines – and the taxpayers CHEERED!  The chains of years of ugly, insider trading, costly and incompetent pretend planning where over!

But wait! Behind closed doors, the Council had to grapple with a lawsuit by incompetent, departed Potter. And guess what: Atkins and Crean were wrong – evidently they should NOT have cancelled the offer (really: they should not have MADE THE OFFER IN THE FIRST PLACE!) because Molalla has just caved and paid the following to fake ex-planner from Hell Potter:

$17,000 for severance
$4,455 for vacation
$2,376 for penalty
$922 for attorney fees

Wow – couldn’t and shouldn’t  ALL THAT PUBLIC MONEY have gone for all the backlog of city needs – roads, parks, sewers, real planning for sound projects – you know, the kind of RESPONSIBLE money management that is ongoing in all the other transparent and accountable cities that surround us. Other local cities are not embroiled in insane lawsuits and recall campaigns based on a dictator mayor’s paranoia and illusions of grandeur.

When will someone get the courage to TIE ATKINS’ HANDS AND GAG HIS MOUTH TILL THE NEW CITY MANAGER GETS HERE? Better yet, why not just kick his ass to the curb and appoint a  temporary manager?  NOTHING could be worse than the damage Atkins has done – can Molalla risk another day of this abuse and insider trading?

My big dog Teddy would be happy to come down and pretend to manage – he can’t talk or sign anything so no more horrific waste of public funds could happen and no more self-serving lies could come from the city manager’s office!

And, when will the Council get the courage to CANCEL THE TICKET of the really, really, REALLY BAD LAWYER CREAN who has cost the city HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND OF DOLLARS IN BAD ADVICE?

Never forget: The financial records of Molalla are FILLED with HUGE BILLS from Crean for the now totally failed and denied urban reserve planning. If nasty Crean had had his way, the half a million planning deficit would still be growing so Crean could flit and flutter around real policy makers and continue to lose at LCDC.

I have a hilarious public record from DLCD where a top state official calls Crean a “JERK” in an internal email. I have shared that with City Councilors – WHY IS “JERK” CREAN STILL WORKING FOR MOLALLA AFTER YEARS OF BAD ADVICE AND FAILED LEGAL CAMPAIGNS?

What does having a “jerk” for a lawyer tell the world about Molalla?

The best news I am hearing is that NEPOTISM LOVING, DICTATOR MAYOR CLARKE is seeing the writing on the wall: with an honest, savvy new manager coming and  with the current  pro-active Council,  there aren’t going to be more insider trading chances to steer Molalla into the DITCHES OF FAILURE TRYING TO APPEASE CLARKE’S GOOD OLD BOY CABAL OF GREED.

I hear Clarke will throw in the towel and not run for mayor again. Maybe we could get really lucky and Clarke will resign because he can’t take being odd man out (and he will be REALLY ODD MAN OUT in the new configuration of city management!).

You would truly have to be a fool to try to defend in public the “record” of Clarke’s ridiculous, ignorant reign. His LOL letter to County trying to buck the certain defeat of the urban reserve is enough to make a voter gag (he sounds like the petty dictator of some tiny banana belt backwater trying to make a deal with a real country!).

I almost hate to see Clarke fail to run because any attempt to be re-elected would produce such vitriol from those of us who have the files, facts and the timeline of Clarke’s “we built houses” disaster. And if he is stupid enough to try to run, he would have to appear in public and debate – oh, please, can we see DICTATOR CLARKE stutter, shuck and jive and tell some more lies in public debates! Laughs ahoy!

Dictator Clarke’s “stuff em in” pseudo economic policy is fast unraveling at his walk of shame feet: 200 houses sitting empty in Molalla and one out of every 160 houses got a foreclosure notice in July alone and a so-called “downtown” that looks like ghetto deluxe.

Heap on this new, abject loss of city funds to  plannin’ guy Potter – the uneducated in planning, local ex-cop buddy of nepotism lovin’ dictator Clarke – who alienated every person he met and trashed Molalla for decades via the worst urban non-design known to man.

City of Molalla: land of no sidewalks and dead end streets! Land of no trees, no parks and no open space. Land of no SDCs. Land of decay and blight. Land of unpaved or inadequate streets. Land of dangerous ditches. Land where “aspirational planning” tanked the budget and stole any future. Thank the good old boy VULTURES!

Thanks for the decay and blight, Clarke! Is your vulture belly full of destruction yet? Are you happy you ran Molalla’s future into the ground? Have you and your greedy good old boy cabal picked the public coffers bare enough yet? Are your Vulture bellies full yet? Fly out-of-town, because there isn’t much to gnaw at anymore, you picked the bones of the city clean. PHEW!

Enjoy the empty crumbling storefronts, the drunks in the copious dirty bars, the pawnshop, the gunshop – all are signs of the lowest a city can go before it entirely disappears and becomes a Ghost Town.

But hey, death and blight are things that VULTURES love! They swoop in and pick the bones and guts out of their prey and then fly away to find some other dead thing to pick on, leaving a gutted hulk for others to clean up.

The clean up after dictator mayor Clarke’s IGNORANT CARNAGE will be horrific, especially since he never understood a thing about demographics or the current economy which favors Metro areas over tiny, decayed boxcanyonville GHETTOS like Molalla.

But sometimes VULTURES eat something that doesn’t agree with them.

When Molalla Vulture poison in the forms of new leadership (a united, informed Council), demands for transparent, accountable government, COMPETENT, TRAINED CITY EMPLOYEES (County Contract Planning and the new City Manger) and ongoing outrage over NEPOTISM hit the public’s radar screen, little petty dictators like Clarke will bite the dust – or be kicked to the curb.

Behind closed doors, fact twisting, failed government by petty dictators like mayor Clarke can’t survive the light of day in modern America – and the glare of the spotlight on DICTATOR Clarke is getting brighter in Molalla every day!

Let’s haze the Vultures out of Molalla!

Good bye to bad rubbish!


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  1. happy camper says:

    Shane Potter == are you done suing people for your own failures yet?

  2. oregonfirst says:

    There is no end to the insanity that is Molalla – nowhere on earth would have given Shane Potter such a long rope to hang himself on INCOMPETENCE. It will be a snap for anyone to outline the YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS OF WASTE OF PUBLIC MONEY AND FAILURE POTTER HEAPED ON THE CITY. I personally love his “let’s have a pizza party” emails when he invited people to plan. I bet there are reams of paper covered with tomato sauce and gooey cheese! That’s likely why he is made – the free pizza train is over. Ha ha..

  3. Winthrop Arnold says:

    That’s nice…

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