Molalla Troglodytes make their LAST STAND

(photo from Maske by Phyllis Galembo)

It’s funny to hear the stories about the Molalla Troglodytes making their last stands before civilized leadership in the form of young, savvy, educated Ellen Barnes takes over as City Manager in October.

The Molalla Troglodytes are up in arms – she was not their choice. They can see that their forms of influence peddling, insider trading, nepotism and unethical use of public funds (promoting private gain for land speculators at public expense – and LOSING!) are about to come to an abrupt halt at city hall.

Ms.  Barnes is an exceptionally brave woman to even take on the challenge of “managing” those warring Troglodytes.

In the meantime, anyone who got the paper yesterday can join me in gagging over the picture of failed city manager Atkins – the worst of the Troglodytes – getting an award from Troglodyte war chief “mayor” Clarke.

Pray tell, what could you put on an award plaque for a nasty piece of work like Atkins who “managed” to alienate just about everyone around?

You could say:

Thanks for driving Molalla into over $500,000 in deficit spending doing the work of the Troglodyte land speculators and the fake planner, only to get a great big DENY!

Thanks for your inability to foster diverse citizen participation and always defaulting to the same tired, greedy losers who by and large don’t even live in the city limits (more on that later in the post).

Thanks for never personally investing in the Molalla community – you always lived somewhere else and never had a stake or interest in the long-term health of the Molalla community.

Thanks for leaving a deeply angry and divided city – with ugly threats now going on from all sides. You were a TOTAL FAILURE AT BUILDING CONSENSUS!

Thanks for failing to connect Molalla to the greater world of ideas: You failed miserably to lead the city into compliance with State and County goals. You failed to educate the city about where it actually stands in the current deeply depressed economy (hint: off the beaten path failed resource based bergs like Molalla don’t have a rosy future and HONEST managers would work to promote realistic goals – NOT  pie in the sky new roads or giant border expansions, not movie houses and high end steak houses!).

Thanks for always doing your best to thwart public information sharing, accountability and transparent government.

Thanks for playing favorites with information and for retaining a low ball law firm that ripped the city off over and over again with BAD ADVICE.

Thanks for totally ignoring the needs of the citizen investors who suffer the highest foreclosure rates because they live in the lowest quality city. (Maybe the Sunrise Acres residents could present nasty Atkins with a video of their outrage at the “you pay for your own city streets road repair” meeting this spring – that certainly was a GREAT example of what the real, suffering people of Molalla feel about Atkins: no plaques, just pitchforks to run him out-of-town!).

Thanks for failing to implement even one quality of life change – no new parks, no significant neighborhood road repairs, sidewalks or bike routes were funded, let alone built, during Atkins time around the Troglodyte camp fire. Atkins and the Troglodytes just took their spears and tried to bully the County and State – and they LOST!

Thanks for watching the city turn into a downtown business ghost town: Atkins was so busy with pie in the sky garbage I guess he didn’t notice the stores were going out of business so fast it makes our heads spin.

And, most of all, thanks for leading the city into a mess when you offered a 3 month severance package to the fake planner without asking the Council FIRST. That alone should have been enough to immediately boot your ass out to the gutter!

In short, thanks Atkins for hogging a giant paycheck while you helped set the fires that now make Molalla burn with anger. Now you can ride away in the sunset laughing all the way to the bank, leaving decay and blight behind for others to deal with.

And did you know: Atkins had the gall at the citizen’s committee considering the final four city manager candidates to ask in public if Molalla was “ready” for a woman city manager!

Talk about a sexist and a leading question. PHEW! I guess the idea of a smart, savvy, educated, young woman leader must be scaring the faith based greedy local Troglodytes?

After Atkins, Molalla would be ready for a dog or a monkey to “manage” – at least animals wouldn’t know how to spend and make secret deals that put the city in deficit spending or into potentially libelous situations.

At a meeting last night, a  woman who had the unfortunate experience of trying to participate in the comp plan hearings (where the lawyer Atkins kept retaining LIED to the citizens and said the city “has to do this comp plan” – I was surprised the “lawyer’s pants didn’t start to burn with that statement!) shook her head and said “Was it really only 4 years Atkins was here? It seemed more like 8, it was SO BAD”.

And speaking of the so-called “citizens committee” chosen by Atkins to interview the city manager candidates, of the 11 “citizens” asked to participate, only 1 or 2 lived in the city limits.

Of the 11 people chosen by Atkins, fully 7 were BUSINESS OWNERS WHO DID NOT LIVE IN THE CITY LIMITS.

There were no people on the “citizen’s committee” who represented Sunrise Acres or Big Meadow. There were no Hispanic names on the panel. There were no senior citizens on the committee.

I can hardly wait to trot out that list of “citizens” next time anyone has the gall to complain about people “outside” the city limits making comments about how the city does or doesn’t function! If ever there was proof of “cherry picking” from OUTSIDE THE CITY LIMITS that list will stand as the best evidence ever!

That committee was simply mostly same tired retreads from TEAM and the planning commission: people whose only interest is to get their hands into the wallets of the city residents so they can drive out-of-town to ‘SOMEWHERE ELSE’ at the end of the day.

Most of those out of towners aren’t worried about the long commutes of the trapped working people or about the lack of parks for the families or that the kids risk falling in giant ditches and don’t have safe ways to walk or bike around town: They ONLY CARE about GETTING THE MONEY. Or TAKING THE MONEY AND RUNNING LIKE ATKINS!

But the good news is that Ellen Barnes quietly but firmly explained at the Monday open house that she believes in and works hard to achieve DIVERSE CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT. She said she made the Gold Beach city council get out and meet the people – all the people, not just the business class. She believes in transparent government and in honest newsletters to report the state of the city. Wow! Can you imagine those things happening in Molalla?

So mark your calendars and watch the Greedy Troglodytes cast around for the next month as their influence peddling starts to fade into the sunset. I can hardly wait to see what new eyes and ears uncover in the Atkins Troglodyte files at city hall. Given the things I have uncovered with struggle in the past, I bet it won’t be pretty.

Good luck Ellen Barnes – you already are the ONLY one who deserves an award plaque for coming to meet and “work with” the Troglodytes. But anyone who has been outside of Decayville Molalla has the upper hand over the Troglodytes because they are not a worldly bunch. Troglodytes only can survive by controlling the message and that is surely about to end!

So a “good riddance to bad rubbish, hale and hearty farewell: how fast can you get out of town?”  to nasty, “I play favorites”, failed “manager” Atkins. I don’t know if the city can handle the whole truth about the damage you have done but I sure hope the whole story is told in detail someday. We want to hear about EVERY UGLY SKELETON YOU HAVE ATTEMPTED TO HIDE!

Sadly, the money is long gone and now the city will have to suffer for years to come! No amount of Molalla good old boy Troglodyte spear thrashing will make a difference now – all that is left is cheap posturing and empty slogans around the dying campfire of failure.

It truly looks like the end of the Troglodyte era – the truth about Molalla’s prospects might not be pretty but truth is FAR BETTER than the jingos and the waste of public funds perpetuated by Atkins trying to keep up the fraud that Molalla is growing: Molalla is ONLY growing foreclosures and blight!

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