Molalla needs a new Mayor: The current loser can’t read a budget!

I feel that we could continue to do it,” Mayor Clarke said. “I will make it public that I believe council members have made this a personal issue and made it known that I feel they have been trying to get rid of personnel rather than the department. Money wise, I think you’re just blowing smoke.” – idiotic statement from Molalla’s failed ‘mayor’ Clarke after 5 Councilors wisely voted for County Contract Planning

The only people on the Molalla City Council who are “blowing smoke” and having “personal issues” are obviously the odd men out: pathetic, unethical ‘mayor’ Clarke and ‘councilor’ Pottle.

Continue to do it” amounts to nothing more than  CONTINUING TO WASTE PUBLIC MONEY ON INCOMPETENCE – or,  CONTINUING TO WASTE PUBLIC MONEY SO A ‘GUY’ CAN SIT AND TWIDDLE HIS THUMBS IN TIMES WHEN THERE IS NOTHING TO PLAN! What the WISE COUNCILORS voted to do is  called necessary force reduction in times of economic distress – or it is called consolidation of services in times of economic distress. But backwater good old boy Clarke would never understand that! Did anyone ever teach Clarke simple math?

Clarke is the most culpable for his vote to try to retain his  buddy, the fake planner Potter, who has burned through millions with nothing to show but piles of legal bills and a HALF A MILLION DOLLAR PLANNING DEFICIT.

Anytime whiny ‘mayor’ Clarke fails to get his unethical way, he cries it is ‘personal’.

Clarke claimed it was ‘personal’ when the Board of County Commissioner TRASHED the massively corrupt urban reserves – which Clarke pushed so that his good old boy cabal of land speculators could try to get rich at the expense of the public. Clarke told lies in public, in print, about how he ‘tried’ to talk to ‘them’ when anyone who can read has read dozens of feedback letters and knows that Clarke was told over and over and over and over again that the reserve were TRASH. Nothing ever sinks into his exceedingly dull brain.

It is ‘personal’ that Clarke has hogged the appointments to city committees and stuffed them with friends – and even worse – family, at the expense of having diverse voices and ideas.

And it is REALLY ‘PERSONAL’ that sleazy Clarke could actually try to defend keeping planning open in time when real estate is tanking and there are no city funds to keep it alive. Hey Clarke: do you know that your urban decay mess of a ‘city’ has one of the absolutely highest in foreclosure rates in the state – it is listed on the charts as a  RED HOT foreclosure market (hint, Clarke, that is NOT GOOD in case you are hoping to celebrate that Molalla is at least the leader in something!).

And it is HORRIFICALLY ‘PERSONAL’ that unethical Clarke and his crony crew allowed the ‘stuff it in’ ham-handed development during the boom years that will haunt the city for decades. Stubbed out roads to nowhere, no new parks, no SDCs, walled-off neighborhoods with no links other than cars to travel what should have been short, walkable or bikeable distances to stores.

So yes, Clarke, it is ‘personal’ and we all gag over what a mess you and your NEPOTISM based hiring made of a sad little backwoods town. It’s too bad Clarke was too much of a coward to go to all the great County meetings where evolved – and HONEST – local leaders discuss the current funding crisis in government services.

It is ‘personal’ for every citizen of Oregon who had to foot the endless bills for wasteful public grants for nothing and agency time for advice that was always ignored. There were years when there was big money each year in the planning department –  a few years back, the budget year would start with $700,000 in planning and now, years later, Clarke and his CREW NEPOTISM have taken all that money and gone into the half million dollar deficit.

It is ‘personal’ every time Molalla’s backwoods ‘mayor’ attacks  the COMPETENT planning staff at Clackamas County and at the ETHICAL Board of County Commissioners.

So maybe, if public life is getting to be too demanding for Clarke as honest, ethical and accountable (as in accountable to STOP THE HEMORRHAGE OF PUBLIC MONEY FOR GARBAGE PLANNING) government replaces insider trading, it might be time to do the right thing: Clarke should  ‘personally‘ resign. Then Clarke, and his good old boy cabal, can sit back and whine in private as competent professionals try to clean up the abject mess they made in Molalla.

Eyes don’t lie – urban decay abounds in Molalla, store fronts – even in new strip malls – are empty, buildings are crumbling, and there are far too few parks and open spaces. The cookie cutter stuff ’em in residential developments scream FAILED BOOM TIME and will not lead to happy re-sales. Distance to family wage jobs is the real final nail in Molalla’s coffin.

Wake up and smell the FAILURE of your bogus vision, Clarke! You bragged in public that your ‘accomplishment’ was that ‘I built houses’. How’s that working these days as a basis for Molalla’s future? LOL on that one. That Clarke could actually pretend that Molalla can afford a ‘planning department’ in these times is totally ludicrous and a nasty slap in the face to the struggling residents trapped in failing Molalla.

Most of all, budget numbers don’t lie: a backwater, failed timber resource based town that allowed a budget deficit of half a million dollars to occur in the face of massive negative feedback about the ‘planning’ deserves new leadership.

The first leg of new leadership is County contract planning and the next leg will hopefully be a much more competent and ethical new city manager. What’s left for someone like Clarke who is only interested in insider trading and helping his buddies at public expense? Not much, given that 5 City Councilors are getting smarter by the day and working to protect the public from further abuses.

It’s long overdue for a new Mayor in Molalla: someone who can actually join the 21st century and open his or her eyes to the fact that Molalla is a  TINY place in the big economic picture of the great recession and real estate bust. Clarke must never read a newspaper or hear a news report, let alone carefully read the city’s tanking budget. With a ‘guy’ like Clarke pretending to ‘lead’, Molalla will continue to look idiotic to the outside world.

More of Clarke’s  ‘personal’ snipes at the Board of County Commissioners and at his own Council will simply make Clarke’s Molalla even more of an ongoing laughing-stock city than it already is. Change is great, change is desperately needed if Molalla is ever going to ‘join up’ with reality and chance course for quality over quantity.

If you are capable of reading FACTS, Clarke, ask the Library to get you Fodor’s book BETTER NOT BIGGER. Then maybe once you have read that, you will understand that you ‘personally‘ did EVERYTHING WRONG as ‘mayor’. You  ‘personally‘ went for ‘bigger’ and you now can’t preserve the very low-quality city you created. It’s long overdue  to let ETHICAL people with realistic visions who care about EVERYONE’S bottom line take the helm.

Bye bye Clarke! Clarke can  try to hang on, but with the tide of majority of the Council against his  ‘personal’, self-serving, insider trading, nepotism loving ways he will be effectively neutered from doing any more damage than he has already done!

If Clarke doesn’t have the good ‘personal‘ grace to take a hike, then I guess Molalla will have to settle for a ‘titular figurehead’ till the next election. ‘In name only’ is certainly what a 5-2 votes signifies!

Sit back Clarke, get a monopoly board, gather your ex-fake planner and the good old boys and play ‘high end’ till the cows come home. That’s about all the influence peddling you and Team Nepotism can have in Molalla now that responsible and ethical government is riding into town. I hear ‘Park Place’ is the high end property to get, so go for it… and have a slice of pizza with Potter while you are all crying ‘personal’ in your beer!  It’s 5-2 and you are down for the count!

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