Wonder why you – and Molalla – are so POOR? It’s the BUSH TAX CUTS!

Note: If you are a millionaire or a rich business owner don’t read this because you are the PROBLEM!

Do you ever wonder why your future is tanking, why there are no funds to improve infrastructure and why there are no jobs? Are you facing foreclosure or are you so underwater that you can’t sell and move somewhere else in hopes of finding a job without a hideous commute? Do you think you’ll have to work well into your old age? Are your children struggling and are you afraid you can’t afford to help them go to college?Are you uninsured and do you postpone medical care because you can’t afford it? Do you wonder why services and repairs that should be handled by public agencies are suddenly looking for fees from YOU to help with public infrastructure?

What’s up in America? Why isn’t the “trickle down” from the NOXIOUS Bush tax cuts working to provide jobs and social justice for EVERYONE?

It’s pretty easy to see, once you take a look at this telling chart:I was frankly shocked when I saw this analysis. I used to think that “if only” we got out of the unwinnable and illegal wars – if we stopped killing innocent children and bombing and rebuilding and bombing and rebuilding half a world away – we’d be flush again in America.

But take a look at what the HUGE TAX CUTS FOR THE ULTRA RICH have done to the deficit. You are poor and getting poorer by the day because corporations and the ultra-rich don’t even come close to paying their fair share.

I’m always amazed when the “little guys” go out and defend this literally bankrupt policy. I see the Tea Party jive and wonder who on earth brainwashed people – people who can barely find money for food and mortgage payments – to believe that “helping” the ultra-rich get richer via outlandish tax cuts will “trickle down” to them.

How’s that going folks? Are those new jobs being created by those tax cut recipients? Are the offers coming in – “trickling down”-  to provide you with great new jobs with great new benefits so you can rest easy that you will have a roof over your head, plenty of food and great health care?

It sure doesn’t look like the “trickle” is happening, does it?

Take the “war” and the “tax cut” layers out of the above chart and imagine what could be done to heal the “economic downturn” layer if all that money from the RICH AND THE WARS was returned to the public money kitty. I bet those richie riches would barely miss it if they had to pay their FAIR SHARE to save Americans from going bust.

Remember the Great Depression? It provided “for the public good” infrastructure jobs for people around America. Tree planting in public forests, bridge building, Timberline Lodge are just a fraction of what we accomplished.

I don’t think the “little guy” revolt against the blatant catering to the richie rich class is going to happen soon enough to save us. It appears that far too many “little guys” have swallowed the “trickle down” propaganda hook line and sinker. So I guess we can continue to “look forward to” the nasty foreclosures and the growing levels of people living in poverty. I guess the “little guys” think it is “a ok” to live in a Country that charges the ULTRA RICH the lowest taxes of any Country in the industrialized world! I’ll NEVER understand how watching the richie riches buy your house at rock bottom prices and hook you as a renter doesn’t translate as a red flag to Americans.

But hey, without the ULTRA RICH kicking in their fair share I guess the only “trickle down” will be if you or your kids can score a gig washing some millionaire’s fleet of fancy cars? You know, the extra ones he can “afford” because he is getting the biggest tax breaks on planet earth?

Or maybe you, if you are lucky, can mow the lawn at the richie rich mansion. Beyond that, forget about a future because the ultra-rich double dippers use their BUSH TAX CUT windfalls to ship jobs off shore. It’s always fun have a phone customer service buddy in India or Indonesia, isn’t it? Those richie riches sure do know how to help Americans – NOT!

On a more local level the same nightmare of “non-trickle down” has been happening in Molalla, in the County, and in our State. There IS no money for public anything. And there is no “trickle down” coming to save us. Take a look at how the local petty bourgeois greed has killed Molalla.

The ongoing no or FAR TOO LOW System Development Charge (SDC) policy has robbed YOU of a quality city. No new parks, crumbling infrastructure are the result of SDC CUTS for rich developers and land speculators. Thank Molalla’s clueless, worthless “we build houses” mayor for that mess – he’s been at the helm of tanking ship Molalla for far too many years and his failure to understand that growth COSTS has cost Molalla its future.

Failed mayor Clarke’s bogus development policy – which is “the more, the cheaper the better” – is exactly in line with creating a DEFICIT for the city, just like the Bush Tax Cuts did in the above chart. Every year, the gap between needed infrastructure fixes and available funds will grow. Nice job Clarke – NOT!

We need to “thank” the failed city manager Atkins for the local give aways as well. I’m counting the days till incompetent Atkins drives out-of-town for good! Talk about ONLY working for the richie rich good old boys! Talk about blatant nepotism!

The half million dollar planning deficit was created helping a few richie riches try to get richer – and YOU paid for it.

The downtown is a mess – and a few richie rich families own it all and do virtually nothing to keep rents affordable or to support major upgrades.

The current million dollar SDC give away is going to continue to “trickle down” to cost the taxpayers big time over the coming years because, to give away a million, the City will have to shoulder the burden of huge road improvement costs.And the “city” is YOU, the taxpayers! You ultimately will have to make up for that LOST MILLION DOLLARS!

And, at the very same time Molalla city government is looking to give a developer a million dollar leg up, it is preparing to ask the “little guys” to shoulder a tacked on road improvement fee! Nice – the burden of the million dollar give away is going to be put on YOUR shoulders, just like the totally insane urban reserve planning costs “trickled down” to YOU!

It’s tragic that when the planning department was flush with hundreds of thousand of dollars in the boom time, the rules went that all those hundreds of thousand of dollars of City money could ONLY be used for planning. But, now that there is a half million dollar deficit, the “leaders” are stuffing the planning into the general fund to hide the deficit spending. Thanks sleazy Atkins for that!

How about just stuffing everything into the general fund and the most dire needs can take the money prize? Just start fixing the glaring ignored priority road needs out of general fund money and start laying off the dead wood at city hall. How many people does it take to drive a place bankrupt?

As the “powers that be” are preparing in Molalla to ask you to pay yet more fees so roads can get fixed and parks can be maintained,  Cam Gilmour, the level and sane Clackamas County Director of Transportation and Development, visited the Hamlet meeting this week. Gilmour explained that NOTHING is trickling down and that we, the “little guys” are going to face hard choices if we want even the level of roads we currently have. Molalla can’t afford to even scratch the surface of the 63 million dollar/20 year road priority needs. The County is in similar position, with a towering list of fair to bad roads and no money. ODOT just got its budget cut by 13%.

Gilmour further explained that the longer you defer fixing road problems, the more expensive they are to correct. And forget about building anything new! Gilmour noted that any new roads – or any new building project – MUST factor in the ongoing maintenance and operating costs. In other words, it isn’t enough to plan to raise money for a fantasy community center or a middle school or a Forest Rd bypass – those costs must include ALL the ongoing operational and maintenance costs. We saw what happened when Molalla stuffed the idiotic pool down the throats of the community. In retrospect it was well-known that a pool in a community this size would NEVER be self-supporting.

I’m focusing on the obvious – that our local communities, our Counties and our States will continue to tank and continue to try to arm twist money out of us “little guys” as long as the GIANT BUSH TAX CUT DEFICIT CONTINUES.

It all boils down to that: either we our hopes for a decent future away so the ultra-rich can get even richer or we start to shout at ALL THE POLITICIANS that WE can’t afford to the BUSH TAX CUT DEFICITS.

It’s all a moot point till then. The Tea Party can call for cuts and shoot social justice off the earth but they are simply pawns of the ultra rich and the corporations who laugh all the way to the bank as they put the very “little guys” who are spouting the “no tax” propaganda out on the streets. How’s that looking to you from your underwater house with the foreclosure notice looming and no job on the horizon?

Those ultra rich recipients of the BUSH TAX CUTS are circling, just waiting to snap up your life’s work for a song.

Are you just going to lie there, watching the ULTRA RICH VULTURES get ever closer to EATING WHAT’S LEFT OF YOUR FUTURE?

And speaking of THE ULTRA RICH EATING YOUR FUTURE, I’ll leave you with what’s coming next election if you believe in Tea Party trickle down fairy dust.

If you think things are BAD NOW, just wait to see what Pawlenty’s tax cut proposal would do to YOU if it sees the light of day (if it does, don’t try to storm my cave!).

Beware the ultra right “bearing gifts” – at least the ULTRA RICH would have more cars and even bigger mansions for us to tend! Can YOU afford the “tickle down” costs of maintaining infrastructure when those huge bills come to rest at your bankrupt feet? Pawlenty and the Tea Party think you can:

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