Molalla’s BREW BUST DrunkFest vers the Redneck White Horse

Update: 4/6/2013 The White Horse has bitten the dust. RIP! The rumor has it that the owner went bankrupt. Nobody bought the moldy dump. Here’s a video posted under “Redneck bar fight” in the White Horse for those thinking of the good ole days. Now Molalla is even more decayed!

The stallion got sold, look for it in one of Molalla's Animal Abuse Festival parades!

The stallion got sold, look for it in one of Molalla’s Animal Abuse Festival parades!

I hear through the grapevine that the place that did a bang up business on Friday night wasn’t the way over priced and tacky Brewfest – it was the local bar the Whitehorse!

The Brewfest, on the asphalt with strong-arm security guards, nasty plastic $10 cups and overpriced beer, sent patrons scurrying over to the local drinking holes. Hell, when downtown Molalla is LOADED with places to get drunk who needs a “special” drinking event? Or maybe it was designed to be a TicketFest for the local cops to meet their quota – but I digress.

Anyway, a bartender from the Whitehorse noted that on a usual Friday night the bar sells about a $1,000 worth of beer. But on Brewfest Friday, hordes of angry Brewfest patrons came looking for fairly priced suds and a way to get back at the rip-off Fest they had just left.

Brewfest patrons wanted to cut off their ugly wrist bands and get tape so they could pass the bands on to other people to get into the “Fest”, just to get back at the strong-arm security.

Then, the Brewfest escapees proceeded to drink up a storm at the Whitehorse. Like I noted earlier, usual beer sales would have been about $1,000 – but the Whitehorse raked in about $4,000 in beer sales on Friday night!

So the moral of the story is that the BustFest was good at trolling in some out-of-town beer drunks for  Friday night drinking “fun”, but the “patrons” quickly realized that Brewfest was an overpriced, tacky event. They spent their money on cheap Whitehorse beer. Those out-of-towners left protesting that they had driven in to experience an on the asphalt Molalla fiasco. And the “tape the wrist band on someone else” story shows they were looking for revenge as well as cheap beer.

I wish I had the energy to look at the police logs for the nights of the “Fest”. How much did the city take in shaking down the beer drunks – or was it look the other way because it was for the “good” of “tourism” to send drunks up and down the two lane suicide run roads?

That’s about what we would expect out of Molalla: promoting beer drunk tourism and looking the other way as the drunks drive out of town, for fear the drunks wouldn’t return for another “Fest” if they got busted!

It is truly hilarious that such a tacky event would have been promoted – maybe if there is a “next time” someone with some aesthetic sense can at least design a souvenir mug that would remind the drunks of “happy times”. The people I heard who were duped into attending  said they were appalled at the cost of the ugly mug and at the expense of the tiny dribbles of beer that went into the plastic holder.

I’m glad that beer leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe if Molalla ever gets its act together to provide a proper downtown greenspace/public square, we could look forward to events worth attending.  As things stand, why would anyone in their right mind go to an overpriced DrunkFest held on acres of ugly asphalt?

Or maybe the theory is that if you drink enough you won’t be able to tell you are drinking in an ugly place? I wonder what the other local bars racked up in sales? I bet they were laughing all the way to the bank just like the Whitehorse!

Roll on, absurd Molalla, I hear the Animal Abuse Festival is right around the corner! How many animals will suffer this year so the Buckeroo can make bucks off their pain and suffering?  Stay tuned for the ongoing fight about who can exploit the parking fees from the Animal Abuse Festival – the City is broke and trolling for money.

Only in Molalla could so many have their hands in the till for so few returns!

Only in Molalla could someone awaiting trail for embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars be in charge of the Animal Abuse Festival Association!

What a place!

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