News Flash! Pinocchio is STILL “MANAGING” Molalla into LAUGHING STOCK STATUS!

Pictured: the taxpayers of Molalla – the puppy – with an ugly monkey called Molalla City Government on their backs stealing their quality of life with bogus “aspirational” plans that NEVER COME TRUE!

I sure hope that the fake, failed Molalla city manager Atkins – aka Pinocchio or the monkey on the backs of innocent citizen investors – doesn’t get pulled to the ground by the weight as his nose grows ever longer as he tells ongoing abject LIES about Molalla’s projected growth!

His nose must have grown a foot since he had the gall to YET AGAIN put abject – and fully REJECTED – growth bullshit in the Oregonian this weekend about an aspirational fantasy community center on 10 acres the city doesn’t have a cent to pay for:

City Manager John Atkins Jr. said Molalla has urban renewal funding that could go toward the project, and the city would also apply for grants.

The city was home to 7,590 people as of 2009, according to the U.S. Census Bureau — a 34 percent increase from 2000. A 2006 projection commissioned by Molalla estimated that the population could reach nearly 11,000 by 2025 and more than 15,000 by 2050.

Atkins said the city’s current offerings are adequate now, but a growing Molalla population could make such a center a good choice for the future.

Hello! The propaganda machine with its lies is so gross it again makes Molalla look totally foolish. One visit to the so-called “town”, one look at the so-called “budget” and especially one look at the GIANT COUNTY DENIES story on the population projection would show any sane person that Atkins doesn’t have a community center leg to stand on.

Hey Pinocchio: Do you ever READ the state, national and worldwide financial reports? Does Pinocchio get it that there is NO MONEY anymore for wasteful Molalla “projects” that NEVER COME TRUE?

Does Pinocchio realize that people are actually adding up all the ways the TINY amount of urban renewal money has been projected to be spent: Pinocchio said it could be a forest road bypass, a stop light at the downtown 4-way (so Pinocchio can GIVE AWAY A MILLION IN SDCs!) and now he says it can used for a community center? Hey Pinocchio, you can’t bleed the turnip that is your puny URA fund – so stop telling us a different story at every turn!

Does Pinocchio remember that barely a month ago the County said the pathetic 2006 outdated population projection was toast? Can Pinocchio read, hear and see?

Does Pinocchio understand that the public now monitors the crap that Molalla puts out in public and that the taxpayers OBJECT to more WELFARE GRANTS going to a Decayville that doesn’t have the honesty and guts to dig in and face the need for the nitty-gritty quality of life fixes that must come FIRST?

Grants are WELFARE when they go to ill-managed, wasteful, illogical places like Molalla – places that don’t know how to conserve or prioritize based on financial and social realities!

Molalla has NO CAPACITY to fix roads, to provide adequate parks, to provide sidewalks and bike paths to safely get people to shopping centers, to get the sewer pipe out of the River – but Pinocchio Atkins is cackling propaganda again about giant facilities on 10 acres while the city crumbles at his feet?????????????? PHEW!! That’s DISGUSTING!

I know 10,000’s of thousands of square feet of immediately available Community Center rooms in Molalla: THE SURPLUS CAPACITY IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

How about forming a committee to demand that the tax funded public schools allow easy and CHEAP – OR BETTER YET FREE! – access in the evenings, on the weekends and in the summer for community use?

Wow! That would be a SUSTAINABLE solution that would be in the here and now. But hey, when Pinocchio and pie in the sky City Councilors are “in charge” there is, after reading the Oregonian’s “we need a giant community center and new library on 10 acres” article, little hope for sustainable and realistic solutions.

Wheel spinning on nutty “aspirations” is all Molalla has to offer. And that wheel spinning on pie in the sky bullshit will continue to be the death knell for any small progress – and small progress is ALL that Brokesville can afford.

Beware Molalla propaganda! Not matter how cheap the real estate gets – and it is getting REALLY CHEAP – the cheap real estate will never be cheap enough to match the low quality infrastructure and the clueless “government” that never gets down to brass tacks. Until I read the “if we build it, they will come, give us grants for a community center” garbage, I had a glimmer of hope that there might be a chance for change.

Not anymore, not after reading the results of a public information request to DLCD that shows scrambling behind the scenes to salvage the dregs of the pathetic comp plan.

Not anymore, not after reading about the attempt to dilute the tanking resources – both money and human capital – on more “if we build it” junk planning.

Not anymore, after seeing that the City Council wasn’t smart enough to put a gag order on soon to be gone, failed manager “Pinocchio” Atkins.

Don’t let that growing nose get caught in the door on your way out of city hall, Atkins – and good luck calling Decayville a “city”.  I feel incredibly sorry for the trapped taxpayers who, yet again, are betrayed by unattainable side-show pipe dreams while their quality of life and their real estate value further slips away in low quality, broke Molalla.

Where’s the SDC reform? Where’s the frank discussions about the financial crunch and how it will affect the future? Where’s any attempt to provide rainy day funds? Where’s ETHICAL HONEST EVALUATION OF THE COMING DEMOGRAPHICS OF BACKWOODSVILLE MOLALLA? Where is robust community involvement to find ways to provide parks, sidewalks, bike paths, road fixes, ditch covering and to get the SEWER PIPE out of the Molalla River?

Those aren’t as glamorous as trotting out cloud nine community center plans, but sadly, as usual,  Molalla’s ONLY talent is to continue to waste time and money on absurdities!

Hey city government: What does it take to make you understand that even if you build it “THEY” aren’t coming? “They” are looking for family wage jobs with diverse transit options, good schools, great parks, entertainment, diverse services, extensive stores, maintained  roads, sustainable city resources and environmentally friendly practices: ALL the things that AREN’T HAPPENING IN MOLALLA.  And GAS IS EXPENSIVE and that alone will change the way America functions – and that WON’T INCLUDE the idea that “let’s drive all the way to Molalla to “experience” the Hitchin’ Post restaurant and a puny event in an overpriced community center”.

Oh, I forgot: Where are all these “they are coming” folks supposed to bunk for the night? In the cruddy Stagecoach Motel? In tents at the Buckeroo grounds? On the ugly tarmac behind city hall?

Get a grip! Molalla IS NOT a destination resort! It is a JOKE TOWN! Who in their right mind would visit to experience all that Molalla’s DOESN’T have to offer?

And, Oh! Where is the money to RUN this ridiculous center going to come from? Molalla already GOUGES utility payers to fund the never gonna be self-supporting, silly pool that should NEVER have been build. Molalla is planning to further GOUGE its citizens to pay for roads that should have been fixed via SDC money that Molalla never collected.

Molalla wishes to GOUGE park users with fees so out of scale with other cities that local people are already discovering the joys of real parks in places like Oregon City instead of risking the red tape and expensive to use one of Molalla’s limited postage stamp “parks”.

The bully boy strong arm fiasco of last summer, when a local woman tried to have her usual dog and client picnic in a Molalla Park, led her to find that for a mere $210 she and her clients can enjoy a wonderful day at Clackamette Park in Oregon City – no cop fees need apply, no outlandish insurance policy and, best of all, the money will NOT be coming to Molalla. Her still wounded clients WON’T be spending a cent is Strong-arm-ville and risk meeting BULLY BOY. I hope they have fun and spend a LOT OF MONEY in Oregon City!

So how much would the city have to GOUGE the people to keep some giant white elephant community center running?It certainly, like the pool, would NOT be self- supporting! I hooted seeing “jobs” listed in the mix in the article – like some more NEPOTISM JOBS on the backs of the tanking taxpayers?

No one ever thinks though the process to the end – that’s what has created Decayville Molalla. No one has the capacity to accept that you have to start with baby steps!

At least, after a frank discussion with the director of the library, I learned that we can be thankful that the library is NOT tied to the City of Molalla or to the pie in the sky, not gonna happen community center on 10 acres baloney. The library sounds sane and careful about the future. Aren’t we lucky that the library’s close to a million dollar nest egg for capital improvements can’t be tapped in any way by the unethical and wasteful city government?

I bet it tears up Pinocchio that he couldn’t piss away that library seed money like he pissed Molalla’s taxpayer money down the drain as he drove up the HALF MILLION DOLLAR PLANNING DEFICIT to buy FAILURE!

So let’s all demand that the COMMUNITY PUBLIC SCHOOL BUILDINGS that are racking up surplus capacity by the day become open for COMMUNITY USE.  We bought all those half empty schools and we pay taxes to maintain them: WHY CAN’T THE COMMUNITY USE THEM?

I’ll vote ZERO for schools unless and until they serve EVERY member of the community who needs a place to meet. Instant community center ahoy, problem solved!

Now move on, city leaders, and get busy finding ways to provide quality of life for the people who elected you –  fix the roads, fill the ditches, provide sidewalks, bike trails, parks – and GET THE SEWER PIPE FILLED WITH POO POO WATER OUT OF MY RIVER! Follow the Downtown Master Plan and the Parks plan you GOUGED taxpayers to fund and that you NEVER FULLY ADOPTED!


Battle cry for Molalla: NO MORE PINOCCHIOS IN CITY HALL!

The taxpayers are waking up to financial abuses and they are ready to be the PUBLIC MONEY COPS to get the Molalla MONKEYS OF WASTEFUL SPENDING OFF THEIR BACKS:

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