Molalla: Will the fog of failure finally lift with new leadership?

The days of public risk for Molalla taxpayers to facilitate private profit are OVER! Thanks to people like Eric Kyllo (who lives in a high end house in CANBY) and his dad Dennis Kyllo (who doesn’t live in the City of Molalla – he lives on County EFU land!) people are seeing through the ruse of allowing private land speculators to drive the City of Molalla into debt to help them get richer.  What part about County citizens and County Commissioners get to decide what happens to COUNTY LAND don’t those fools understand?

It been a long, rough haul watching the failures pile up in the City of Molalla. Rural people watched from peaceful perches in the hills and dales until the idiotic sewer pipe went into OUR beloved Molalla River and until ridiculous growth plans threatened our peace, beauty and privacy. City residents became slaves to legally indefensible planning and watched coffers once flush with public monies turn into a half a million dollar deficit!

Once threatened, we sprang into action to defend resources and to help the oppressed city residents understand that FACTS didn’t back up the claim that “Molalla’s growing” or that “high-end is coming”.

It is hard to look back and believe that the urban reserve fight and the use of PUBLIC MONEY for PRIVATE land speculator PROFIT has been going on since at least 2006. Let’s hope that it won’t take 5+ years to reverse the financial and social carnage left by the Greed Puppet Circus: failed, on his way out “manager” Atkins, fake “planner” Potter, and pathetic, tool of land rich speculators “mayor” Clarke have left Molalla hanging in dark clouds of public humiliation, social unrest and bankruptcy.

Those clowns should have been run out-of-town years ago – thankfully their days are clearly numbered. Legal bills have swamped the fake “planner”, Atkins has seen the “we can’t stand your guts” writing on the wall, and pathetic “king” Clarke is marginalized without public money or his buddies to save him.

The citizens are loaded for bear – they understand that their future has been stolen by the futile aspirational quests (Oh pleaasssssssssssssse! May we NEVER hear that Atkin’s crap “aspirational” word again used by city leaders!) and by Clarke’s view that the rich land speculators were ENTITLED to the City’s advocacy to push to get their lands into a phony border. That’s OVER!

Now, the task is to sort through the remaining lies. Atkins LIED about sending in a complete forest road feasibility study grant. The community will contest any scrap of public money going for that insane idea and we will also contest County time spent writing anymore bogus “Molalla is growing” grants. So throw that “aspirational” crap off the Molalla life boat.

Next, it is time to look at the urban renewal process. Given Atkins’ inability to follow simple legal procedures (like past years of missing SDC accounts and that phony incomplete grant application) it will be interesting to see what kind of holes can be blown into the URD. We all know that it was greed that drew the lines for the URD – a map which left out the neighborhoods in the most need of infrastructure and included the ridiculous forest road which runs through COUNTY land.

Hey Atkins, did you vet that part of the URD with the COUNTY? The rules I read said if a URD was in COUNTY land it had to be endorsed by the COUNTY! In any case, after the Sunrise Acres blowout jeer-fest  last week, the City Council had better regroup and look at the URD and redistribute it for fairness. The Oregonian article called it “irregularly” shaped  because the public press has to be polite. The Oregonian wished it could have said that Molalla’s URD is “CRAZY”.

Remember, over a year ago, a County planner called Molalla “planning’s” visit to County to discuss the urban reserves “CRAZY” at a public meeting!  Get it yet, City Council? Pretty much everything Molalla has done under the direction of the Clown Trio was “CRAZY”. Now, with the urban reserve hearings – the DENIES! –  it has been trotted out for the world to see how “CRAZY” Molalla was to propose such an out of scale urban reserve.

It was funny to talk to a local business person who attended the hearing that denied the reserve. He lives in a “high-end” rural property and still tries to defend the “need” for thousands of acres of reserve. As a business person who SHOULD be well familiar with economic trends – hello, it’s called the COLLAPSE of the housing market! – it was stunning to hear him in denial about what the REALISTIC future really holds for off the beaten path Molalla.

This man wanted to pretend that “if only” there was tons of land for the good old boys to desecrate, the bedroom community could swell with commuters and Molalla would be saved!

WOW! Aren’t you glad you aren’t trusting that “business” person with your funds? Does he READ the paper, does he understand market forces and the relationship to commerce and geography, does he understand that demographic trends don’t favor off the beaten path bergs for relocation of the middle class, let alone “high end”? Does he understand what $4+ gallon a gas does to boxcanyonville Molalla’s tanking future?

Molalla is sadly going to be Povertyville soon – and no amount of new land ready for the bulldozers will change that! On one 6 house block in Sunrise Acres, 3 houses were in foreclosure!

That businessman’s “let them eat cake” attitude is what is fueling the coming class war in America. I read that over 75% of Americans now support raising taxes on the rich – that should translate in Molalla to raising the fees on rich developers via market rate SDCs and putting blighted neighborhoods into the Urban Renewal District so that REAL PEOPLE will benefit instead of land speculators. Will the Council have the courage to do that out of respect for the need for quality over quantity?

It’s sad that the land speculators and business owners – who almost to a person don’t live in the city limits – want to pretend that Molalla could have become a “high-end” bedroom community “if only” the reserve had been granted. Shame on them all  – as long as they cling to that dead idea Molalla will never have a chance for any modest success.

To hear the local good ole boys heap blame on the County for Molalla’s planning failure is absurd, and makes Molalla even less desirable in the eyes of the rest of the world. Who wants to locate anything in or near a town that can’t even work for consensus with the County?

It’s time to honor consensus building by hiring a city manager who can work on Community Development for the great community – the great people – already in place. It will be hard, it won’t be glamorous, in these financial times it will be slow and it won’t ever be “high-end”. But consensus toward creating a viable future must come from the people who live here now, not from greedy, pushy speculators who never cared about building community and or about providing quality features for the current residents.

This newsclip caught my eye: (Oregonian, April 19):

“Canby: As the Canby School District gears up to choose a new superintendent to replace Jeff Rose, the school board recently chose a 27-person committee for the process, reports the Canby Herald. ”

If that civic project was in Molalla, the sleazy, unethical mayor would choose a half dozen of his same old tired family and friends and more corruption would occur. Learn from your half a million dollar planning deficit FAILURE, Molalla. Assemble large, diverse citizen groups NOT chosen by the nepotism loving mayor Clarke. Let the CITIZENS decide what candidates best meet the needs for a consensus building future with a community development oriented City Manager.

Molalla has a model for the the WORST MANAGER, now learn how to use smart and involved citizens to find the BEST.

Let’s lay a lovely trillium on the grave of the urban reserve, take a moment to laugh at the head in the sand out of towners who refuse to honor the needs of the Molalla city dwellers – the longer the local petty bourgeois business class refuses to accept current demographic and economic realities, the lower the quality of life will sink in Molalla (can you hear me yet, TEAM??????).


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