Molalla hires a Night of the Living Dead consultant to try to GOUGE THE CITIZENS!

First, thanks readers! The Blog just passed 11,000 hits since its “birth” in June last year. Whether you are a concerned local citizen, a bankrupt city official, or a nutty MX “fan” I appreciate your readership.

Last night failed “manager” Atkins dragged in a guy who looked like he belonged in The Night of the Living Dead 2011 to try to convince the residents of Sunrise Acres they should allow the city to GOUGE them to repair city roads. Needless to say, it didn’t go well for much loathed “manager” and the pathetic excuse of a consultant.

One wonders why “manager” Atkins, who hogs down a gigantic salary, couldn’t “manage” to present the simple ABUSIVE facts about the GOUGE THE CITIZENS plan. Paying the “Night of the Living Dead” schlock merchant $130 an hour for at LEAST 5 HOURS of worthless time is just another nail in the coffin of Molalla’s mis-management of public funds.

Here’s who the city got for $130 an hour:

Take a look at the below links. We’re lucky that citizens flooded the room to say “HELL NO” and to jeer at the nasty proposal. Anyway, let’s just say we ran Molalla’s GOUGE THE CITIZENS CIRCUS out of Buckerooville.

Next time, fake “manager”Atkins, how about “managing” to do your own dirty work? We don’t need two carnival huskers to pitch crap at us, and the city already pays you handsomely to tell lies in public.

Don’t laugh too hard folks when you watch the following fiasco of a Molalla meeting! Ask yourself  – would YOU buy a used car from those sleazy guys “on stage”?

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