More nutty Molalla news: A town Born to Lose!

Wow, all I hear and read today is nutty Molalla news:

The television news keeps blaring the local heroin bust over and over again – all you hear is “MOLALLA/HEROIN”.  Nice publicity there – what’s bankrupt manager Atkins going to put out as propaganda to counter that? Maybe he can have a baby kissing contest in front of city hall? Or he could claim that Molalla can’t beat its low rider hard drug problem unless the BCC  approves the urban reserve – blackmail is about all Atkins has left, given his growing inability to provide the information his BOSSES – the ELECTED City Councilors – ask for.

I hear Atkins did it again on Wednesday: flew in the face of a direct order by the Council to provide information on how to solve the nearly HALF A MILLION DOLLAR PLANNING DEFICIT. That guy has to go along with incompetent fake planner Potter. Atkins and Potter could have their pick of the growing pile of empty storefronts and hawk trash.

The next bad “publicity” will be the FINAL DENY for the urban reserves – that will be another  red flag to alert anyone with a brain to never consider moving to bankrupt Heroinville. But dummy Atkins doesn’t understand that dragging Molalla through the mud by presenting planning CRAP in public  at County he just tanks anything left of the city’s future.

I hear the tape of the final BCC hearing will be on tv! There is a god! That will really turn off people who watch Molalla’s losing team – Atkins, Crean and hopefully Potter – make fools of themselves asking for 2,290 acres to expand Heroinville!

Can you imagine the rest of the County sitting watching from Lake Oswego or Happy Valley or Canby and laughing their heads off, thanking their lucky stars they didn’t get trapped in the ill-manged hell hole called Molalla? Watching Crean struggle for free will be a hoot, Potter better come up again and say he “can’t say”, and Atkins will surely provide his aspirational bullshit. Then the sane opponents can easily blast holes  in the propaganda.

Let’s see the Kyllos tell their boo hoo story about how much the city owes them – how entitled they are to using public funds to try to foster their private gain because they helped get the sewer pipe into the Molalla River! Yeah! That’s a nice story, isn’t it? If they are too cowardly to tell about how it is “their turn” I guess we’ll have to do it for them at the hearing. And we need to hear the ‘poor’ berry farmers with fields full of berry canes who supposedly can’t berry farm.

The hearing will be Molalla Crazyville on parade for everyone to see! Tell your friend not to miss miss the ridiculous reality show called “Molalla Greed Circus”.

Anyone who can understand what  “mitigate loss” means would have pulled the plug on this public fiasco before it hit the BCC. But not the fools who “run” this place into the ground, they are never happy till they do the most damage possible to the city’s image (What image? Heroin ahoy =  DECAYVILLE).

What kind of “leaders” believe they have a shot in a trillion for the BCC to reverse the recommendation to DENY from their PROFESSIONAL STAFF and from their citizen planning commission? Hello? This mess is the same kind of head in the sand as last year’s motocross “park” proposal. That went lock step as the head of County planning told me it would. Back the nutty ‘plans’ into a corner on paper, staff says DENY and hearings follow staff. End of story.

Does anyone connected to what is called “city government” understand that the BCC depends on the RECOMMENDATIONS of its PROFESSIONALS to guide it to a decision? Does anyone understand that the BCC would look foolish – or worse, look corrupt – if it didn’t follow the carefully assembled recommendations of its staff and planning commission? That’s what the BCC does – it is the final stamp on carefully considered information. BCC has already TOLD Molalla every which way but Sunday that it will be a DENY!

We all know Molalla is corrupt – but the BCC sure isn’t going to take a chance, after all the YEARS of writing on the wall feedback to Molalla – to look corrupt by reversing the recommendation to DENY from the people they pay – or the volunteers they trust.

Maybe the city “leaders” are all gamblers – but this gamble, taking the Hicksville Planning Circus to County cable television, is the dumbest move yet! Funny beyond belief! Talk about undermining any future! Talk about “Larry, Darrel and Darrel” come out of them there hills to present backwoods plannin’ garbage. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot on tv. I can HARDLY WAIT! This is the moment we have all been waiting for – to watch the crap hit the fan in front of the whole County!

Maybe clueless “mayor” Clarke can have a prayer-in to ask his higher power to stop those mean news stations from saying “MOLALLA/HEROIN” over and over and over again. He better act fast before the BCC fiasco hits the stations in 10 days! Yes, I am sure Clarke’s direct line to the sky will fix all the bad problems here. And tell the paper to blot out any mention of the ongoing evacuation scares at the schools as well. That doesn’t make people want to move here, either.

When I drove around and snapped hundreds of pictures of MOLALLA’S URBAN DECAY I couldn’t believe the rat hole residences that are allowed to pile up trash and vehicles all over their front yards. But hey, when you don’t have sidewalks or storm drains, when people don’t have any reason to take pride in their low quality, run down Ghost Town, I guess that HEROIN DEALERS have no problem finding some blighted place to hole up.

Nice work TEAM/Mainstreet – I guess “out of sight” off Mainstreet = out of mind. After all, most of the bourgeois store owners escape out-of-town at the end of the business day. Their families don’t have to risk living next door to a pile of trash or abandoned vehicles in a neighbor’s front yard. Or have a heroin dealer next door selling to their high school student.

And while he’s at it, pathetic Clarke better ask really loudly for someone with a brain to start running the School District! Can you believe that those irresponsible “leaders” actually think that the public would vote for a bond in the fall to “fix” the middle school SURPLUS CAPACITY HULK? That’s insane. There is more than enough room to consolidate every student from the nasty, money sink of a middle school into other buildings. What kind of teacher/parents/fake leaders would EVER imagine we would vote to “fix” an UNNECESSARY BUILDING?

I guess we’ll just have to trot out the SURPLUS CAPACITY figures this summer and go through the whole toxic exercise again to defeat the bond. How can the parents/School Board ignore the fact that they don’t have enough money to TEACH? Why aren’t they consolidating and asking for a bond to operate – to TEACH? They are so fixated on a building and the teachers are so inflexible they will again be shot down if they ask for “fix-it” money. I’m happy to lead that charge.

WAKE UP  Molalla: you’ve got far bigger problems here than fixing a crappy unnecessary middle school building. It is overdue to clean house and find some competent, ethical professionals  with fresh ideas to run City Hall and the School District. Anything less will mean more of the same ongoing bad publicity and public outrage.

VOTE NO on propping up any more urban decay in Molalla!

In the mean time, don’t even think about moving your  family to Heroinville Molallla because you will be sorry – and you will be trapped, since Molalla is the epicenter of foreclosures as well as drug central:

Clackamas County task force arrest man accused of being ‘very active’ Molalla-area heroin dealer

Published: Thursday, April 14, 2011, 12:09 PM     Updated: Thursday, April 14, 2011, 1:34 PM
Nicole Dungca, The Oregonian By Nicole Dungca, The Oregonian The Oregonian
GIRON_ULISES_JR___Age_21.jpgView full sizeCCSOUlises Giron, Jr.

A Clackamas County task force has arrested a 21-year-old man accused of being a “very active” heroin dealer in Molalla, according the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

The Clackamas County Interagency Task Force on Wednesday arrested Ulises Giron, Jr.  outside of his Molalla home, a converted garage on his parents’ Metzler Road property.

Agents seized about $700 cash, scales, packaging material and a small quantity of heroin from his home. Giron was lodged in the Clackamas County Jail for possession and distribution of heroin, as well as child neglect.

He will be arraigned in Clackamas County Circuit Court at 3 p.m. this afternoon.

The arrest comes as the county has seen a recent uptick in heroin use, particularly among high schoolers. A 17-year-old Milwaukie High School student recently died from a heroin overdose and two were arrested for selling him the drug.

The presence of heroin in the Molalla area, the sheriff’s office said, shows how widespread heroin use has become.

“We’re seeing this more in the rural setting, as well, and it’s very disturbing and alarming,” said Detective Jim Strovink  of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office. “No community is immune to this scourge.”

Investigators say Giron lived with his 20-year-old girlfriend, Amanda Richardson, and their 2-year-old son in the garage.

LAIS_JAY_AUSTIN____AGE_23.jpgView full sizeCCSOJay Austin Lais

Richardson was not present at the time of arrest, but related charges will be forwarded to the Clackamas County District Attorney’s office. The son has since been taken into protective state custody.

Police say the parents were not involved. “The parents were totally unaware of these activities,” Strovink said. “They were innocently victimized by their son.”

Before investigators arrested Giron, they watched him conduct three suspected heroin transactions on the same day.

After Jay Austin Lais, 23, left Giron’s residence, police arrested him on charges of heroin possession. Lais will also be arraigned in Clackamas County Circuit Court today.

In another instance, a man was found leaving Giron’s home with one-eighth of an ounce of heroin. He was not arrested, but referred to the grand jury for Giron’s case.

Investigators say they also witnessed a 17-year-old Molalla boy allegedly buy heroin from Giron. When police approached the boy, he attempted to ingest a small plastic bag of heroin. The 17-year-old was transferred to a local hospital.

Nicole Dungca Twitter: @ndungca

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