Molalla: We told you so! DEFEAT AHOY! Death of the FIRE sector!

Last week, I had a letter in the local paper outlining the corruption and unethical use of public money that occured to try to help private landowners get into a ridiculous 2,300 acre urban reserve for puny Molalla.

This week, a good old boy tries to impugn citizen input against the reserve. Gee – could it be sour grapes? Could he be feeling DEFEATED after all those high-end dreams are soon to become dust in the wind?

I guess the good old boys don’t consider 20 years on site improving wildlife habitat and learning about how land use abuses affect us all – how GROWTH COSTS TAXPAYERS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE CITY LIMITS – a valid track record for me to comment. That’s funny, because our land use goals value all public input – no one gets a leg up because of influence peddling or time on site. We all get a say and it is up to our County to decide if Molalla’s SPRAWL dreams fit our goals.

Sorry Eric Kyllo, it appears you are about to go down 3-0 with the BCC on April 27. Perhaps your expensive consultant forgot to explain about INFILL and SUSTAINABLE GROWTH. When all you can see is $$$ signs since 2006 I guess it is hard to see the demographic writing on the wall. One would expect that the Kyllos, as members of the FIRE sector (you know, the financial, insurance, and real estate sectors who brought us the artificial real estate boom that led America to its current economic disaster), would have a clear view that Molalla is more than a tad overstocked with homes. And they might have noticed as well that the homes here are hitting foreclosure more than twice the rate of Oregon as a whole.

When you help create an economic disaster as  FIRE sector agents (the Kyllos are land speculators, insurance agents, real estate agents and builders – FIRE sector deluxe!)  you should at least try to own up to your failures and accept the path history is taking. Not the Kyllos – they forge ahead as if there was still a chance big lot mansion heaven bonanza was remotely possible for their private gain. Not a gonna happen, even without my input. Your land is in CLACKAMAS COUNTY, the most restrictive land use County in the State.

Let’s hope the Kyllo FIRE family has a fall back plan once it is clear that the mansions aren’t marching south. I hear there is a national investment firm buying up tracts of prime farmland to convert to organics. Give me a call and I’ll try to hook up that great class 2 Kyllo ‘non-tree’ farm with that firm. Maybe some good can come in the defeat of the reserves? Food ahoy!

Here’s the letter that has Eric ‘FIRE’ Kyllo so hot under the collar:

I’m happy to shout “WE TOLD YOU SO” to commemorate Molalla’s  5-0 defeat before the Clackamas County Planning Commission.

City Manager Atkins must stop telling lies. If his assertion in the Oregonian that “We followed the advice we got from (the state) and the county” was true, plans would have been approved years ago. Citizen concerns and agency advice about Molalla’s so-called comp plan/ urban reserve (URA) have been ignored by the City since 2007. Now, all Molalla can look forward to is the struggle to repay the planning deficit – which reached $442,343 last week!

Molalla’s backward, expensive, corrupt planning path – called the DEAD process by savvy urban planners  –  has led to failure. Pushed by land speculators, Molalla “Decided” years ago, behind closed doors, on a URA, the City briefly “Evaluated” and then spent years “Advocating”. Molalla now can’t “Defend” the fatally flawed URA.

In 2005 Molalla bought a high growth population study. In 2006, Renaissance Homes (now bankrupt) and local EFU landowner Dennis Kyllo hired consultants to push to add Kyllo’s property to the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). “Planner” Potter, without holding hearings, sent a massively flawed “comp plan” to DLCD in late 2006, mirroring the Kyllo proposal. In Feb. 2007, DLCD sent a blistering rejection;  Molalla was told  it was not expected to have a land deficiency in the future and that it was best to abandon the focus on UGB expansion/URA mapping.

Molalla ignored DLCD. In Feb. 2007, the Council passed the already obsolete  population study,  but failed to submit it for adoption. In summer 2007 – over a year before public hearings –  real estate agents were describing the exact boundaries of the current proposed URA. Winter$$$brook consultants were cackling with the City Council about “high end” coming to Molalla.

Manager Atkins, angry about the pipeline projected on Kyllo’s property, said (Pioneer, August, 2007): “It’s quite a substantial development (Kyllo) has proposed…We’re talking 40 to 50 units and multi-family dwellings, with a swimming pool, tennis courts, trail system and a park… contingent ultimately on the property being brought into the urban growth boundary”.

In 2008, DLCD advised Molalla that the best way to start to revitalize the blighted City was to accept lower legal safe harbor population figures, to fully implement the Downtown Master Plan/211 Streetscape Plan and Parks Plan, and to adopt free, award winning model codes. By then, the real estate boom had already gone bust.

But Molalla forged ahead to serve its land speculator masters. Revisions and rejection letters from State and County piled up like cord wood. Molalla’s lawyer Crean lied in the first public hearing in 2008, claiming the City “has to do this” comp plan/URA. Atkins and Crean lied before the County Planning Commission last week, saying they “had to have” a 50 year URA before they could submit a comp plan or  plan for future facilities.

In Feb. 2011, one house in 676 in the State of Oregon got a foreclosure notice; in  Molalla, the whopping rate was one house in 321! Decay and empty storefronts abound and property values are tanking. Yet, when asked at the hearing for a buildable lands survey ( including low development to land value sites), none of Molalla’s highly paid “team” had an answer. Potter’s only “contribution”  to the entire 3 ½ hour  hearing was to admit he “couldn’t say”!

Stop the lies! Molalla’s blatant advocacy for private land speculation has produced nothing but a horrific planning deficit and files full of DENY letters. History doesn’t lie: shame on the ship of unethical fools who have led Molalla on a DEAD planning cruise to this long predicted, expensive failure.

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