Molalla: SPRAWLVILLE leading the pack in unemployment growth!

Here is yet another blow to Molalla’s totally phony “aspirational” planning and “manager” Atkins’ claim that all the rah rah TEAM baloney will lead to anything that rebuilds an economic base here. Molalla is too small to support a real economy. Sometimes Ghost Towns can’t recover – it’s the visicous circle of being too small to attract business and people won’t come to live in places that don’t have diverse services and jobs. That equals stalemate.

It used to be that backwoodsvilles attracted a segment of the retirement population. However, current demographics show that the trend for empty nesters/retired folks is toward metro areas with great medical services, multi-modal transportation and lots of easily accessible activities. Molalla can’t supply any of that. Low income people, welfare families and immigrants seeking agricultural work are the trend for off the beaten path, low quality cities. If the shoe fits…

If your eyes aren’t enough to convince you in a crumbling town full of empty storefronts that Molalla’s economy is on a serious and ongoing retreat, maybe the article below will do it. It explains that suburbia – outlands, boxcanyonvilles like Molalla – are driving the growth of unemployment.

As I noted soon after Stoneplace Apts. opened and began to advertise they were “Section 8” friendly, Molalla is rapidly turning into a welfare city. And welfare cities don’t support the growth of anything but foreclosures and bankruptcies.

So next time the pathetic “manager” of Molalla tries to tell anyone – especially the BCC in the coming final DENY hearing for the insane urban reserves – I will be front and center with the FACTS.

Molalla can’t build jobs, it is simply a low quality commuterville connected to far off job centers by nasty two lane highways. Atkins might want to keep his mouth shut if he can’t face the facts: he represents a City that thought a pile of silly slogans would pull the wool over the eyes of the State and County.

Hey Atkins, how is that going? Not too hot, I’d say from the official DENIES piling up it appears that the outside world isn’t buying your lies. Maybe you can market a book next on “How I ran up a HALF A MILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT planning CRAP and telling LIES”.

Read on about the non- recovery of SPRAWVILLES:

Published on The New Republic (

Suburbs Drive Unemployment Growth

  • Emily Garr
  • April 1, 2011 | 11:11 am

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