Molalla: What’s next? The KKK? Burning at the stake?

One thing independents like to be independent of is government meddling in their personal lives.” Maureen Dowd,  “Mad Men and Mad Women” (posted below)

It’s disturbing to make the rounds in Molalla and to hear the spin that comes out of the hidebound “us firsters” who cling to their propaganda, sloganism and hate speak.

Yet another final straw for me came at Saturday’s Tea Party 9-12 (or whatever they call it) meeting where I had hoped to interface solely on local NON-PARTISAN issues.

Sadly, when I arrived at the appointed time, I thought I had entered a time and geography warp that had transported me to the deep south to a KKK meeting. On “stage”, under a giant cross, was a cartoon like Elmer Gantry-esque guy ranting and raving about gays. I draw the line at gay bashing and I certainly won’t honor connecting fundamentalist religious beliefs to our government. It was great to run out the door and escape into the spring sunshine. I took a deep breath and re-joined the 21st century! Whew!

Most of the Molalla “good old boy” structure revolves around similar principles. It is amazing to me that the downtrodden locals can imagine that proposing absurd ideas like giant legally indefensible urban reserves, bashing gays and racial minorities or saddling  government with fundamentalist Christianity will solve any problems. I would say just the opposite: that kind of division and hate speak simply sinks their causes quickly.

And that kind of division is EXACTLY what the ruling class hopes for; keep the “little guys” busy hating each other so they don’t band together for real power so that EVERYONE has basic rights and basic quality of life.

The city’s “work” to help greedy land speculators at the expense of the quality of life for all, the hate speak coming out of that Saturday meeting, the failure to honor the voices of all people on both sides of the city borders has led to gridlock. When I hear that City Councilors are still grumbling that they are “tired” of people outside the city limits voicing objections to the city’s plans I am stunned that those ignorant Councilors fail to realize that we are all stuffed together in the same tiny box canyon.

When Molalla proposes growth that impacts OUR RURAL LANDS it is OUR DUTY AND OUR RIGHT TO VOICE OUR CONCERNS. It’s RURAL land at stake – it’s MY land and its the roads that the all drive, the air we breathe, the resources we treasure,  and  the water that we all share that will suffer if clueless growth  occurs.

And the Tea Party (or whatever they are called – apparently they have to name shift so we don’t connect the rhetoric to the people) local hate speakers might want to read the excellent op-ed posted below. Whether it is an abusive incompetent like fake “planner” Potter, a City Council that thinks it rules the lands outside its borders or hate speak KKK-like revival meetings disguised as political action committees, NOTHING makes independent voters run away faster than  threats to their ability to choose and attempts to stifle their voices.

I believe in INCLUSION AND DIVERSE VOICES AND PERSONAL FREEDOM. The hate speakers/control the message Molalla forces have done me a huge favor – they have helped me connect to humanists who agree that division isn’t the answer!

Read on for Maureen Dowd’s excellent op-ed. Keep up the “great” work, Molalla “government” and Molalla hate groups: you are truly a gift from the “god” of self-inflicted FAILURE!

April 2, 2011

Mad Men and Mad Women



Republicans hate social engineering, unless they’re doing it.

Wishing they had the power to repeal the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” and get back to the repressed “Mad Men” world they crave, some conservative lawmakers grumpily quizzed upbeat military brass on Friday.

“We’re starting to try to conform the military to a behavior, and I remember going through the military, we took behaviors and we formed it to the military,” said Representative Allen West of Florida, warning ominously (and weirdly) that “this could be the camel getting his nose under the tent.”

The House Armed Services subcommittee hearing was led by Joe Wilson, the oh-so-subtle Republican congressman from South Carolina famous for yelling “You lie!” at President Obama. Wilson started off the hearing by saying that the legislation to let gays stop lying while they risk dying was rushed through in an “undemocratic” lame-duck session.

Two top Pentagon officials testified that the transition was going swimmingly, yet Republicans scoffed. Representative Austin Scott of Georgia demanded the price tag. Clifford Stanley, an under secretary of defense, replied that the training materials cost only $10,000.

Scott harrumphed, “If something was done at D.O.D. for $10,000, I would like to know what it was.” He said that hundreds of thousands had been spent training a soldier in his district to disarm I.E.D.’s, but the soldier wouldn’t re-enlist because of the “social policy.”

The Democrat Chellie Pingree of Maine jumped in to note that the cost of purging gays between 2004 and 2009 was $193.3 million: “It’s not only unconscionable … but the costs are horrendous.”

Scott persisted in looking for trouble, even after Vice Adm. William Gortney, director of the joint staff, said the Pentagon had seen no problems so far.

The congressman asked the admiral if he had ever dismissed anyone. Gortney said he had dismissed a young sailor who acknowledged being gay after “don’t ask, don’t tell” first passed.

“Did you discharge him from the service because he was gay?” Scott asked. “Or because he violated the standard of conduct?”

“Because he was gay,” Gortney said.

“He did not violate the standard of conduct before he was dismissed?” Scott pressed.

“He did not,” Gortney said.

“Well,” Scott said, once more at a loss, “that’s not the answer I thought you would give, to be honest with you.”

Gortney assured him there were “very few cases” of gays’ being dismissed for violating the standard of conduct.

After the Republican rout in November, the story line took hold that because of the recession and Tea Partiers’ fervent focus on the debt as a moral matter, divisive social issues were going on the back burner. But lo and behold, social issues have roared back. Many in the Tea Party have joined that chain-smoking, cocktail-quaffing Mad Man John Boehner in the martini party to put a retro focus on wedge issues, from gays to abortion.

Like Boehner, who complained that Democratic leaders were “snuffing out the America that I grew up in,” some Tea Partiers are jumping in a time machine. They can’t stop themselves from linking social issues to the budget.

“This pulls the mask back a little bit on the Tea Party movement,” said Representative Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat from Maryland. “Adding riders against Planned Parenthood and gutting the environmental laws indicate that the Tea Party is focused on imposing a right-wing ideological agenda on the country and using the budget as a vehicle.”

Whether it’s upholding the Defense of Marriage Act, trying to defund Planned Parenthood, or aiming cuts at the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Endowment for the Arts, NPR and even AARP, House Republicans are in a lather that occludes their pledges to monomaniacally work on the economy.

When Mitch Daniels, the Indiana governor and Republican presidential aspirant, dared to urge his party to “mute” social issues, he was smacked.

“We cannot repair the economy without addressing the deep cultural issues that are tearing apart the family and society,” said Andy Blom of the American Principles Project. The presidential hopeful Rick Santorum even posited last week that abortions might be breaking the bank on Social Security.

The snowball of social rage will speed up as we head toward 2012, given that the Iowa caucuses are dominated by social conservatives. Pawlenty, Barbour and Huckabee have already talked about vitiating the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Because independent voters considered President Obama too partisan in his debut, they shifted their loyalties — and swept in one of the most ideological and partisan Republican caucuses in history. Now Obama will get back some of the independents because he seems reasonable by comparison.

One thing independents like to be independent of is government meddling in their personal lives.

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