Molalla: INFILL here we come!


As we prepare to waste our time ‘participating’ in hearings on fake Molalla planner Potter’s ‘CRAZY’ urban reserves (remember: the County being asked to adopt this pile of plannin’ garbage called it ‘CRAZY’ at a public meeting!), let’s look at the gallery of VERY LOW development value to land value sites captured in a few minutes driving around Mudville Molalla.

From crumbling asphalt to junk filled yards, to tiny, just about ready to collapse ‘houses’ and to storefronts with flimsy facades, Molalla can’t hide the FACT that acres and acres of city land are ready for the bulldozer – that’s if anyone is dumb enough to invest in a former timber based ghost town that thought building houses without SDCs represented an economy.

Now, without funds to fix the glaring infrastructure problems and without jobs to balance residential growth and without a clue how to move forward since it lacks a professional, certified planner, Molalla good old boys are stupid enough to believe that new land will solve Molalla’s going broke fast problems. Except they forgot: Molalla is located in the strictest County in Oregon in terms of sustainable growth. That means infill and smart, compact growth. That means protecting prime farm and forest lands.

Here’s a swell neighborhood ‘paved’ street – ‘I don’t live here and could care less about the future’ manager Atkins wants the citizens to pay to fix CITY ‘STREETS’ like this one:Hide your eyes, because here comes a close up of priority road needs that have been ignored for years (it’s called Molalla is BROKE AND ILL MANAGED!):Maybe we can sell photos like these as modern art at the next Spring Fling!

Imagine you are looking for a place to relocate. Can you picture thinking “I’ll drive the longest commute time – over 30 minutes on average each way – so I can come home and drive into this” – it kind of kills any pride of ownership, doesn’t it?And now, let’s take the URBAN DECAY MOLALLA TOUR OF SHAME. I’m looking for a big tourism grant from the County to lead the URBAN DECAY TOUR. I’ll buy a cruddy bus, cover it with lurid graffiti and start rollin’. I think I could be in business for a long, long time  because who in their right mind would invest in neighborhoods like these:

Believe it or not, there’s actually a house somewhere behind this mess:Well, the MOLALLA URBAN DECAY TOUR OF SHAME is so long and complex that I’ll have to break for now. This is just the tip of Molalla’s infill opportunity – just wait until we visit what they call wishfully call “downtown”!

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