“You, the leaders of Molalla, are supposed to provide oversight. You can no longer hide behind the claim of “willful ignorance and wishful thinking” when it comes to continuing to approve city employee work hours and monies for expensive outside help for a plan that has multiple serious flaws that makes it impossible to legally defend.” October 22, 2008  “Lipstick on a Pig” speech to Molalla City Council

It is always funny – or tragic – to look back in my files and see the years and years and years and years of letters I have written and speeches I have made decrying Molalla’s INCOMPETENT AND UNETHICAL PLANNING.

Today I ran across a speech I made to the Molalla City Council way back in Oct. 2008, just after pathetic fake plannin’ dude Potter and his clueless plannin’ commission opened official “comp plan” hearings. Now, we all know that it was a total FRAUD to call this a “new comp plan”, since the ONLY thing filed at Clackamas County awaiting a decision (more like awaiting the burn pile or shredder!) is an “amendment to the comp plan” (the aged 1982 comp plan)  for the SPECULATORS’ WET DREAM 2,400 ACRE URBAN RESERVE.

Talk about Ground Hog Day! In the below “Lipstick on a Pig” speech I reference being weary seeing the same revolving pile of crap presented as a viable planning path. Now it is over 2 years since I made that speech and the message from DLCD, Clackamas County, citizens and 1000 Friends is still loud and clear: the VOLUNTARY URBAN RESERVE PROPOSAL IS SUCKING THE CITY DRY and there can be no successful resolution until the scoff law trio of Potter/Atkins/Clarke give up the unethical, bankrupt quest to help a few greedy landowners get in a reserve.

So read the posted speech and note that the EXACT PROBLEMS are still here today with the same nasty, wasteful plannin’: the same far too high population projection, the same fake “planner” earning even higher wages, the same fake city “manager” earning ever higher wages as he allows the fake “planner” to continue to fail, the same “we’ll tell you anything because we get paid the big bucks whether we win or lose” sleazy lawyer and consultant. At least, thankfully, citizens and DEQ drove noxious Scott’s pollution factory out-of-town on a rail.

Every word is the below speech stands true today.

Did you ever read the existential play “NO EXIT”?

The Lipstick on a Pig fake “comp plan” is truly our “NO EXIT”!

When will this tragic and corrupt abuse of taxpayers’ money end?

When will city leaders show some ethics and start to work to protect the bottom line and the quality of life of the citizen investors who ALREADY LIVE HERE?

It’s long overdue to roast Molalla’s bloated plannin’ pig and move on, so the community can regain fiscal control and sanity before it is too late!


October 22, 2008

I have two issues to address tonight.

First, I want to congratulate Councilors Deb Leighton and Steve Clark for their advocacy of the citizens who just successfully fought to end the pollution from the Scotts Hyponex plant.  That unconscionable zoning and the years the city refused to take action are  dark blots on Molalla.  The loss of the 25-30 jobs that city leaders continue to mourn in public is nothing compared to the suffering of the taxpaying citizens who risked health problems for years.   I hope that in the future Molalla will act quickly to defend people from such abuse.  Molalla could have avoided the embarrassing television coverage if it acted sooner to acknowledge the problem. I don’t think Molalla can really afford that kind of negative publicity. Thanks again, Deb and Steve for your work with the citizens on this issue.

Second, I have comments about the comp plan. I heard an Obama speech yesterday where he used the phrases “willful ignorance and wishful thinking” to describe how leaders have excused themselves from taking the blame for America’s financial crisis.

“Willful ignorance and wishful thinking” also applies to the way the leaders of Molalla have looked the other way during the past two years as city employees spent a fortune on the comp plan.

You have all now seen the piles of DLCD letters that started in Feb 2007 and continue through the PAPA document.  Most of you heard the DLCD at the work session explain the goal of compact growth.  The raft of DLCD letters, spanning almost 2 years, all talk of the same fatal flaws, over and over.  The most glaring flaw is that the comp plan must be based upon the safe harbor population figures, which then must be applied to much higher density standards than Molalla has proposed.

With all these public facts, I was shocked that the exact same high population figures and the exact same low-density figures were presented in the plan at the October 14 hearing.

The population figures and the density figures are the bottom rung of the comp plan and if they are not legally defensible, the entire plan is basically expensive garbage.

You, the leaders of Molalla, are supposed to provide oversight. You can no longer hide behind the claim of “willful ignorance and wishful thinking” when it comes to continuing to approve city employee work hours and monies for expensive outside help for a plan that has multiple serious flaws that makes it impossible to legally defend.

If you continue to authorize employee work time and taxpayer dollars for something that you know is fatally flawed, you are crossing over into fraud, financial irresponsibility, and the failure to demand competent performance from city employees.

There has been a lot of talk lately about lipstick on a pig, and it certainly applies here. Dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars and untold city work hours into repackaging the same bankrupt proposal still makes the comp plan just the same pig dressed up with better spelling in a fancy wrapper.

Why would professionals like Winterbrook and your legal firm urge you ahead on the same plan that has been massively red lined by DLCD? Times are hard and firms need paychecks, but Molalla has been paying a fortune for exceedingly poor advice.

None of you can claim any longer you haven’t been warned or that you don’t have the facts.  Whether people are begging to get added to the city limits or whether they are horrified by your idea of growth, they all deserve to be presented with a plan that has a chance of being workable.  Your plan is not legally defensible. You should not allow city monies to be wasted until you require your planners to fix the population and density figures to conform to DLCD’s advice.  Until then, the whole thing is a worthless and very expensive house of cards.

The buck literally stops with you. You can no long avoid the fact that you, and especially your city manager, are responsible for this far-reaching mess.  I will not hesitate to point this out in public at every opportunity.  The time for fantasy and misleading the public is over. I urge you to dig in, read all the documents. Instruct your employees to go back to the drawing board to produce a legally defensible comp plan.  Otherwise, you are knowingly allowing the planning department to squander public funds.

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