Molalla: Looking DUMB and DUMBER!


Hey folks, Molalla Planning, aka the FAKEOUT CREW, went to County for the whippin’ post meetin’ last week. But guess what – the FAKEOUT CREW spent MORE of your hard-earned tax dollars handing in more bullshit.

Let’s project the REAL future in Molalla: a shrinking population and plummeting property values because of urban decay, bad quality of life and NO JOBS. geographical isolation and BAD ROADS mean people and businesses won’t risk the long commute to failed, broke, low quality timberville.

Molalla’s downfall is already coming true – peak oil and walkable communities are the norm; people demand a core urban zone that offers diverse transportation modes. Families want solid economic and social choices, not a handful of faith-based good ole boys stealing their future. Families want the multi-modal educational opportunities urban cores like Metro can provide.

Molalla’s tiny population is its self-fulfilling destruction, because tiny population means no choices and no choices mean the population won’t grow significantly enough to foster a thriving economy. It’s time to stop throwing OUR public monies away trying to defend the impossible!

One of the most glaring examples of “you must be kidding” on the planet was just written by bottom feeding lawyer Chris Crean – you know, the guy who has to be the fixer because highly paid fake planner Potter can’t write a sentence or say a word without some “help”. And that’s always EXPENSIVE HELP – so Molalla pays twice or three times or even more and still comes up empty-handed because it refuses to face reality and contract planning out to the County.

Talk about selling the city’s future away to protect abject faith-based NEPOTISM!

The County has called the “plans” on the carpet for WAY overestimating Molalla’s future economic potential. County wondered if a projection of 5.5% economic growth was a “realistic” goal over the next 20 years and (tongue in cheek, I am sure) asked “how is the city going to do it?”

Team scoff law Molalla came back with the usual pathetic buzz words and lies, like “economic improvement district, strategic investment program, rural renewable enterprise zone, urban renewal district”, and that famous give away “SDC moratorium/deferral/installment” baloney.

Why not just tell the County that the FAKEOUT TEAM thinks County is STUPID and be done? Save us all time, energy and money so no one has to reply to abject fantasy “predictions” a la the good ole boys need to get their property in an urban border.

Potter, Crean, Atkins and Clarke: Just say “We’re trying to help make a couple of greedy landowners rich with our insane urban reserve” and stop wasting time and paper. Saying that truth – that everyone knows is your ONLY MISSION – will bring you the same failure so get on with it and stop wasting spit on lies. You are unethical, corrupt spendthrifts but the rest of the world isn’t.

If the County believes THAT Molalla economic forecast/”ways we’ll get there” list then the moon is made of green cheese.  How about proposing sending a rocket ship up and telling the County you plan to sell green moon cheese at a Molalla Farmer’s Market?

Come on! We’ve heard that pile of NOTHING ever comes true in Molalla promises for 20+ years from TEAM – and Molalla is still nothing but a heap o’ decay and sinking fast. Molalla “has” 100′s of acres of “prime” polluted brownfields, the ugliest, crumbling, largely empty store fronts known to the civilized world (how do most of those FIRE TRAPS pass fire marshal codes?) and urban decay symbols to beat the band (check out the August archives for the post “The Vast Indifference of TEAM…” to understand how “URBAN DECAY” is now synonymous with  “MOLALLA”).

In stark and honest contrast with Molalla’s idiotic “economic projections” is the truth – outlined in grim detail in the article posted below titled “A Frightening Look at the Labor Market Recovery (Chart)” – which I would have titled “A Frightening Look at the Labor Market CURRENT NON-RECOVERY” but let’s not split hairs.

I think we could kill several economic birds with one stone by sending Molalla’s Dumb and Dumber FAKEOUT CREW to Washington DC to save America with their economic growth plans. Hell, let’s send them on a WORLD WIDE MISSION: Potter, Crean, Winter$$$$$$Brook Consultants, “manager” Atkins and Mayor Clarke can be the MISSIONARIES OF WORLD WIDE RECOVERY!

Clarke can pray away, maybe even talk in tongues, and the rest of the FAKEOUT CREW can  hog down what’s left of the worldwide public monies as they foist garbage economic buzz words and accomplish NOTHING. Let’s see if someone  like Warren Buffet will donate a Gulfstream and we can wave “Bye Bye” to bad rubbish from the tarmac.

Molalla’s (choke) “leaders” and their paid shills act and think as if the boom never ended. Can anyone here read? Can anyone spell DEFICIT SPENDING? The boom was created when a bunch of silly “positive thinkers” and faith-based fools ran up the biggest pyramid scheme in history. Doesn’t that sound just like Mayor Clarke and crew?

Now, read below to see how big the BUST really is. Thanks, FAKEOUT CREW – you couldn’t have done a better “job” to make Molalla look DUMBER THAN IT ALREADY IS! You show us 5.5% economic growth here in 20 years and we’ll elect you dictators of the planet (Except, wait a minute! Those Molalla fools already think and act like DICTATORS! I guess we’ll have to elect them god!).

Run, I smell a new Jonestown! Don’t drink the Molalla kool-aide! I hear Clarke has been mixing prayer and “boom house building” positive thinking powder into the cheap beer around town! Help, we’re all about to go under!

Run, run like Hell!


Quoted article:


The Huffington Post |  Ryan McCarthy First Posted: 12- 5-10 12:58 PM   |   Updated: 12- 5-10 01:04 PM


After Friday’s grim jobs data, which showed that the U.S. added just 39,000 net jobs in November, it’s worth noting again just how severely the recession has impacted the job market.

This disturbing chart — repeatedly referred to as “the scariest job chart ever” by Henry Blodget — from Calculated Risk shows, in percentage terms, how the job market has failed to rebound at the rates seen after previous recessions. “This is by far the worst post-WWII employment recession,” Calculated Risk notes.

With 15 million officially unemployed, the job situation may actually be worse than the headline figures. As HuffPost’s Peter S. Goodman noted, some 17 percent of Americans couldn’t find enough work or had given up looking for work in November. Among black Americans the unemployment rate hit 16 percent, compared to 9.8 percent nationally.

All of which makes it even more troubling that 4 million Americans are set to lose unemployment benefits even if Congress passes an extension to the 99-week limit, as HuffPost’s Shahien Nasiripour reported last week. As millions of Americans lose a crucial source of income, the economy is sure to suffer as a result.

The social costs of a mass lapse in unemployment benefits could be even more devastating. “Look for homelessness to rise and food lines to get longer as we approach Christmas if the situation can’t be resolved,” Diane Swonk, chief economist at Mesirow Financial, told the AP.

Check out the chart below — and check out Calculated Risk for more information:

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