Oh, Oh! LOCATION, LOCATION! Why did Mr. Idiot Ridge even bother?

Attention: play the new IDIOT RIDGE fantasy game at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Idiot-Ridge-Fantasy-Motocross-Park/113019488763612?v=wall

“Huston, we have a problem”. Except we should say “Idiot Ridge, we have a SERIOUS PROBLEM”: Idiot Ridge isn’t far enough away from the Molalla City limits to even qualify to be considered for permitting as a “camp” or a “private park”.

What is amazing is that Mr. Idiot Ridge admits that himself, in his own calculation of distance. He measured from the edge of the Molalla city limits into the CENTER OF IDIOT RIDGE. And then he tells the story of how he measured to boot! Wow! Does he think the world is stupid?

He whines that the County didn’t tell him ahead of time – but as usual, he doesn’t understand that it doesn’t matter a hoot who did what because if he doesn’t measure CORRECTLY – as the County has now done – and admit that the northernmost edge of Idiot Ridge is less than 3 miles from the City limits, he and the County could get BOTH get sued at the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) for violating the land use goals of the State of Oregon if the “park” were approved.

And that lawsuit would be a SLAM DUNK! Distance is the distance. Period. End of story. And best of all, it for sure means the END OF IDIOT RIDGE!!!

I can’t believe Mr. Idiot Ridge actually admits that he measured into the heart of Idiot Ridge! I am still wondering why on earth he put that in writing, since he spends so much time “creating” facts that never hold water.

Speaking of “not holding water” it is an ongoing hoot to see that the “hulkin’ fans” don’t have any understanding of what submitting letters that address the “criteria” means. “CRITERIA” means that you provide FACTS that either support or oppose a code issue. “Criteria” for conditional use codes has nothing at all to do with “family fun” or  “Mr. Idiot Ridge is a nice guy” or “we’ll buy a burger so it will help the local economy”.

My very, very favorite NON-CRITERIA COMMENT from Idiot Ridge “fans” is “we don’t have enough places to ride”. Talk about DUMB for putting that into testimony: didn’t any of the “fans” stop to think that the next question is “why don’t all these zillions of  hulkin’ motocross “fans” have places to ride?” And then the next thought is “it must be because MOTOCROSS IS A NUISANCE AND NO ONE LETS THEM RIDE ANYWHERE NEAR CIVILIZATION!”

DUH! And the STOP IDIOT RIDGE forces put FACTS ABOUT HOW IDIOT RIDGE CAN’T MEET CRITERIA into the record in spades. It was so simple it makes your head spin! I could list all the objections but it all boils down to a single word: NUISANCE. That word NUISANCE comes up all around the world when motocross rears its ugly head.

So I expect it is a BOO HOO HOO kind of holiday in abusive Idiot Ridge fanland. Maybe it is time for a road trip to Eugene MX for some muddy outside winter fun? Or hows about a long drive to eastern Oregon?

I saw an ad for a great big chunk of land in Lake County last weekend – 100’s of acres for only $160,000 – and in this depressed market I bet there would be a deal to be made. Imagine, the Idiot Ridge “fans” could pool their pennies, get that god forsaken plot and ride their brains out where NO ONE ELSE WANTS TO LIVE – AND WHERE NO ONE WHO ALREADY LIVES THERE WOULD EVER HEAR THEM. I’ll admit Lake County is a bit of a trek, but if you love to burn, pollute and waste foreign fossil fuel in the name of “fun”, what’s a few hundred extra miles to drive? The Middle East awaits your contribution to their economy!

It is pretty cold in Lake County – do they sell insulated clown motocross riding suits? And it gets awfully hot and dry in the summer – do they sell air-conditioned silly suits as well? I see Mr. Idiot Ridge is prepared (he says! Ha!) to truck in water – so just point those water trucks east and water away out in scrabble land.

And don’t forget my Hanford idea, either. I still think Hanford might let you zoom and jerk and brap brap (can you believe “adults” use words like brap, brap?) and jump what is left of your brains out around that closed toxic “park”.  A little radioactive dust might perk up the ole dirt bike fried brain cells.

At least a little radioactive dust might keep the motocross hulks from reproducing and foisting more clueless kids into the world – kids who lack empathy and compassion for what NUISANCE ACTIVITY represents to the rest of the thinking world.

Anyway, it is a Happy Day around these hills and dales. It is quiet and peaceful. It was great to read that Mr. Idiot Ridge killed his own prospects with his little “how I measured essay!” Thanks! Now the County will be certain to say the loudest DENY ever heard. Clackamas County is too smart to end up at LUBA over approving anything too close to the city limits. I’m certain that problem won’t happen if you move Idiot Ridge to Lake County or to Hanford.

Here, for your post turkey reading pleasure are a couple of fun essays I found about how far away from civilization motocross hulks would have to go to not be a NUISANCE to the thinking world of gentle souls who value their quality of life. The first is from the wonderful people working in Washington State to stop some abusive rich guy named Gary from siting a giant track complex in a forest. The second is from motocross fan site. Don’t you love it when enemy sides reach the same conclusions: THAT THE ONLY PLACE FOR MOTOCROSS IS AT LEAST 2 OR MORE MILES AWAY FROM ANY NEIGHBORS! I find that stunning! Thanks motocross “hulks” for all the postings where you admit to each other – and to the world – that motocross is a noisy NUISANCE! Talk about proving a point!

As you read, understand that NUISANCE NOISE can be defined as being far lower than any so-called “legal limit” in areas where the ambient noise is normally far lower than an artificial “legal limit” – many studies now show that even 50 decibels, depending on the duration and the quality of sound, is detrimental to the health and well-being of living things. That’s been upheld in NUISANCE MOTOCROSS CASE AFTER CASE. If you were at the “hearing” for Idiot Ridge, you might have garnered that NUISANCE NOISE will be a factor,since the hearing officer pointedly asked the pathetic excuse of a “noise expert” what 58 decibels would sound like if neighbors were subjected to it for hours on end. (That was not a question favorable to Idiot Ridge’s “noise study”baloney and the Uncle Fud “expert” knew it!).

Read on:

RE: Z0348-10-C Thomas Conditional Use



Here are two noise essays from 2 different sources. The First is from Snohomish County and is written by opponents of motocross that is attempting siting in a 400 acre commercial forest. The second is by a motocross fan concerned about the noise causing a loss of places to ride. What is stunning is that BOTH SIDES reach nearly the same conclusion: That dirt bike noise is so intrusive that it noise pollutes for distances from 2-3 miles or even further, depending upon terrain and the type of dirt bike being ridden.


What follows is a genuine attempt to identify a location somewhere within our County where the development of a motocross track complex would meet local code, respect the wildlife and environment, be economically feasible and be relatively close in proximity to an urgent care facility. When that has been accomplished, we shall move on to World Hunger. If the reader has a specific site in mind, and that site meets the requirements described below, send the details to: Info@NoMotocrossOnMtLoop.com and we’ll put it on a “Top Ten” list for all to view and consider.

Chapter 1

Enter the Dragon, or shall we say Decibel?

As a person studies the wide variety of factors involved in selecting an appropriate site to build such a facility, one thing becomes painfully obvious it is extremely difficult. The noise considerations alone are nearly insurmountable. Consider, for instance the “decibel factor”. The expected level of noise from a group of motocross bikes as they race is somewhere in the 100-110 dBA range when measured near the track. There are, of course a number of factors that can effect that range, but let’s not go there yet. County Code requires that the level of noise people in the areas surrounding your track experience are below a certain amount, depending on what the surrounding property is used for. In rural residential areas, that level is around 50 dBA during daylight hours (it’s much less during the night hours for obvious reasons). So here’s your mission, should you decide to accept it: figure out a reasonable, effective way to reduce noise levels from 105 dBA to 50 dBA (as measured at your property boundary) and gain the warm blessings of the county and your neighbors for your plan.

Sound is not rocket science. Well, maybe it can be rocket science (what can’t be made complicated these days?). For our purposes, we can use some relatively simple rules used by “the experts” to solve our sound dilemma. Generally speaking, sound levels decrease by 6 dBA every time you double the distance. In our case, let’s assume the 95 dBA was measured at 100 ft. from the source. So, at 200 ft., the level would be 89 dBA and so on. If our sound wave continues on without anything but air in its path, it would need to travel over 3 miles before its strength was reduced to 50 dBA. Many track promoters have suggested the use of certain types of sound “obstructions”, earthen berms for example. Unfortunately, the experts have concluded such means only reduces the sound levels immediately behind the berm. When sound levels are measured 500 ft. beyond a 20 ft. berm, for example, the levels are the same regardless of whether or not the berm is there.

Now, let’s think about that in terms of where to put our motocross park. Based on this rather simple analysis, the property you chose would need to be roughly circular in shape and at least 6 miles in diameter! Try and find a patch of usable land in western Snohomish County with that geometry with a price tag that’s palatable. Like I said, this is Mission Impossible all over again, and we’re just getting started!


Larry Wosick – Former Kawasaki Factory Rider
From Racer X March 2009 written by David Pingree

The loud sound output of the four stroke machines is a very serious issue. This is due in great part to the sound wave of a four stroke, it is bottom end sound to the max and it carries much further than any one would like it to. In some areas, under certain conditions, the exhaust sound can be heard as far as 2 miles away and in other cases even further!

It only sounds good if their playing your song.

To use an analogy, they emit a low frequency sound that is similar to a boom car. The folks with super loud sound systems that you can hear for miles. You know the ones with the booming bass, Boom, Bap, Bap, Ba Boom, Bap, Bap, Ba Boom.

If we desire to see motocross succeed and flourish it’s time to make some badly needed changes. There are those that either do not see or refuse to see the impact of their riding and racing loud bikes has on their surrounding community.

Unfortunately, this is a dangerous and inconsiderate point of view. Loud bikes equal less legal riding areas. When local areas are shut down, legal riding areas will need to be located further and further away. The problem is that there are fewer places to build riding areas that are remote enough to avoid noise complaints.

While some impending government regulations persuaded manufacturers to switch from two strokes to four strokes in the name of emissions. The next area of attack will assuredly be noise. The question then becomes, do we want to make a change ourselves before the government gets involved? Or do we prefer to have the government develop regulations for us?

How loud is loud?

It would be helpful to have a basic understanding of the nature of sound and how sound levels are measured. This subject is complicated and can be interpreted in a few different ways, so let’s keep it super simple.

Casella 430 Sound Level Meter.

The decibel is a unit of measure of the ratio between two numbers. It is not a step by step measure but is multiplied exponentially as you move further up the scale.

So a increase in sound of 10db would be about twice as loud, a gain of 20db would seem to be about 4 times as loud and a gain of 40db would be perceived to be about 16 times as loud.

To put this into the motorcycle arena, a sound measurement of 120db is 100 times more intense than a 100db sound.

This link is to a chart that lists decibel levels and some of the common causes of each level.

For those that desire more information about the subject of decibels and sound measurement this site is a good starting point.

(end quotes)

Hey hulks – I would be calling that rich guy Gary up at Granite Falls and tell him about Hanford and/or that cool piece of land out in Lake County! Maybe you could set up an Idiot Desert Motocross Retreat, complete with a private rehab clinic and a hearing aid vendor. I know you can do it – Christmas is coming, ask motocross Santa to bring you $$$ so you can ride off into the eastern skies. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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