Thanks for the Idiot Ridge motocross memories!

Note to all the motocross “newbies” on this post – be sure to check out my last post, “Idiot Ridge Dies” with the official ‘DENY , DENY, DENY’ comments from Clackamas County before you write your silly, boo hoo “I want to ride” emails to try to “help” Mr. Idiot Ridge.

Try really, really hard to read and understand the FACTS. You need some CODES to back you up (But guess what? There AREN’T ANY to support this track/campground application!) because, frankly, the Idiot Ridge battle was over before it even got started!

The County forced Mr. Idiot Ridge into having to apply for a conditional use permit, knowing he could never qualify for one! If you really think this ridiculous track/campground has a chance in hell for approval in Clackamas County I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’m dying to sell you………….but party on……. don’t miss the part where the County says that it will no longer allow the track use whether for commercial OR for “family and friends”, I bet you’ve been there before?

“I know it’s a fallacy
That grown men never cry
Baby, that’s a lie
You had your bed of roses
But forgot that roses die
And thank you so much” (quote: “Thanks for the Memories”)

Before I dig in to write my research paper on “motocross culture” I want to extend a hardy “thanks!” to all the semi-literate motocross “fans” who wrote in all those great  comments over the last few days. I worried the counter on the blog might break! Hard copy comments are always far better for proving the FACTS about motocross culture!

I thought I’d take a minute to do a response to some of the “comments” I got about my Idiot Ridge posts.

First, to the “fans” who wish to pretend that motocross is a great family sport: Who do you think you are kidding? What kind of “family” sticks a young kid on a polluting, noisy fossil fuel gas-fired machine and sends the kid out to destroy the environment and impact local people’s quality of life to a participate in an activity that has a very high potential for serious injury? What responsible parent would take their kids to places they weren’t welcome so they could see the cops roll in? What kind of parent would want their child to experience the ongoing “cat and mouse” game motocross is always in with the regulators?

I’d say from the “thrill seeking personality type” research papers I have read, it is a “thrill seeking” parent who values risk taking behaviors over sane family activities.

Go ahead and check that out for yourselves: motocross is prominently featured in research about “thrill/risk taking personalities” and ultimately is tied to personality types who “enjoy” gambling, drinking, taking drugs, speeding, and other highly dangerous activities.

Every medical paper I have read regarding motocross outlines the severe injuries that occur IN SPITE OF PROTECTIVE GEAR.That’s RISK TAKING TO THE EXTREME!

So I reject any idea this is a “family friendly” sport. I was highly amused at a local community meeting when the idea that motocross is needed to engage youth who can’t succeed at “other sports” was promoted as a reason our community should accept  motocross abuse. Oh, come on! How can anyone with a straight face defend pap like that?

Great parents should be able to steer their children to a myriad of healthy, safe, and, most of all, community respectful, activities like walking, hiking, camping, bicycle riding, gardening, dog walking, swimming, fishing and a host of other individual FAMILY/COMMUNITY FRIENDLY sports that don’t need teams, don’t need much equipment, don’t have a high potential for SERIOUS INJURY, don’t make the neighbors hate you and don’t pollute the air, land or water with fossil fuel created noise and fumes. In rural areas there are so many engaging farm related activities that kids largely don’t need artificial “thrills” – especially if their parents worked to instill a respect for the stewardship of the land, a respect for neighbors, and a respect for caring for the needs of domestic and wild animals.

So perhaps motocross “families” need to look into the aspect of exploitation as well. Are you exploiting your children in hopes of having some 13 yr. old win races – at the expense of his social development and physical safety. Have you thought about that 13 yr. old Oregonian who died racing last summer? Was he really mature enough to understands the risks of his “sport”? What about you husbands and parents? Have you considered the children and the widow of the Oregonian in his prime who died racing that same summer week at the Albany track? What kind of “family” sport message do those very tragic stories tell?

Are you and your families being exploited by big fossil fuel companies and big corporate interests pushing a dangerous sport? Are you, like our community, being exploited by local “pushers” like the people connected to Idiot Ridge? Aren’t openly commercial elements like Elaine Derrick and track builder Steve Corrie looking to grab your hard-earned dollars as they foist off motocross as “family fun”? Who is looking to get rich at YOUR expense? With a wealth of relatively free family fun available in Oregon, are you “families” being exploited as a few promoters and track owners/builders lick their lips looking for ways to get into your pockets? Are those motocross pushers/exploiters really “friends” of you and your family?

If your sad “kids” can’t succeed at anything but riding expensive, dangerous and polluting machines,  I guess we’ll just have cede the future the creepy, destructive Mad Max loser culture you are raising.

Please don’t try to pretend there are many “Mad Maxines” out there. I’ve seen the chat rooms and I’ve seen the videos and we all know that women and young girls are by far a tiny minority of motocross riders. Women and girls by and large provide sexist symbols in tight tee shirts for the macho men at the end of the silly races. Is that what you are raising your young daughter to be: an auxiliary motocross toy stuffed into tight clothes waving her booty on a parked cycle while some old loser suck in adolescence lears at her? That’s what is portrayed over and over on the motocross sites and at the trade shows.

Isn’t “family” life supposed to instill children with respect for others and teach limits? The “activities” at Idiot Ridge and at other ad hoc tracks, skulking around for years ignoring rules, trying to avoid the regulators, would simply teach any children that adults – their parents – are paranoid scoff law abusers of others, constantly trying to stay one step ahead of being busted because they ignore regulations and laws.

The fact that the places available to ride are shrinking by the day should provide a lesson to parents to look at yourselves and your selfish fake “sport” and ask why you and your family aren’t welcome in most public forests or near residential neighborhoods. Motocross has sunk its own ship with the public. I feel sorry for any kids that have motocross foisted off as “family fun”.

Any “sport” that would teach children that they can destroy the quality of life of any living thing in the name of personal “fun” is bankrupt.

As to the comments decrying the blogger as being mean and disrespectful to motocross “fans” – that’s pretty bold and fallacious, given the way motocross all across American and especially in my community has never for an instant stopped to consider the feelings and needs of local residents. Eye for an eye folks at this stage of the struggle – whatever it takes to get your attention is fair play in my book. “Idiot” is a pretty mild term, given the abuse that has been heaped here and the time the Idiot Ridge “fans” have forced us to waste to KILL NEW MOTOCROSS FACILITIES IN CLACKAMAS COUNTY.

It’s free speech all the way – and I even support the “free speech” posts of the great “fans” who have provided the fantastic personal threats. When motocross is so desperate that it has to post threads about the opposition, saying things like “burn the bitch’s car” and “there should be a license to hunt and kill people like her”, it simply proves the point in spades that motocross KNOWS it is on thin ice and is desperate to intimidate citizens who take the time to work to gather facts and who work for  community participation to protect community quality of life. It also proves that fact that the people who post things like that aren’t the kind of people we would wish to “host” in our community.

And news flash to the NIMBY’s who can’t understand why someone who might not be directly affected would stand up to help stop motocross abuse: it is called “working for the greater good of all” because moral people believe that what goes around comes around. If we stand up for the rights for the quality of life of all, then in the future some of those folks might someday return the favor. People I respect care about conservation, the environment and about ways to protect  neighbors – and stangers! – from abusive motocross carpetbaggers. It sure appears that motocross “fans” only care ABOUT THEMSELVES.

So motocross “fans” – why not invade your own neighborhoods? Why not send little Johnny and his Dad out on their nasty noise and air polluting machines and let them tear it up in YOUR local parks or school yards? Maybe drink some brews and ruin the turf and get the local cops down to YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS? How long would that be allowed to fly WHERE YOU LIVE? Or wouldn’t you want to have to look YOUR NEIGHBORS in the eye and explain why your “family” has no respect for the peace and quiet – the quality of life – of anyone else?

It is not just about SELFISH YOU and your dangerous, polluting and destructive “sport”! The rest of the sane world has no interest in your “needs” and has no desire to “host” your noxious activities. The web is full of the wonderful stories of communities rallying to KICK OUT MOTOCROSS ON ITS UGLY ASS.

Again, thanks for all the comments because it makes my job to KILL MOTOCROSS IN MOLALLA far easier when I understand where motocross “fans” are coming from – legal cases need evidence and you provided  evidence about “nasty motocross” in spades!  And since motocross  does not have a legal leg to stand on in MY COMMUNITY I’ll soon be able to say “thanks for the “motocross” memories” and “good riddance to bad rubbish”.

I truly feel sorry for any mother who claims this atrocious, disrespectful to others, highly dangerous, risk/thrill seeking, very expensive, environmentally unfriendly,  fake “sport” is good for her child!

I pity the  community that you invade next. But thanks to the internet, I’ll be there to provide extensive documentation to help the next and the next and the next place motocross attempts to invade and abuse.

I’ve read all your comment posts, I’ve seen the chatrooms and the videos. They all prove that YOU KNOW you aren’t welcome and that it is a constant struggle to defend your pathetic “sport”.  And how long can you stay the ban on selling the nasty machines for the kiddies? It looks like that will be the final shot to kill any idea that this is about “families” (was it Honda that already stopped marketing to kids?). Wouldn’t it be a lot more “family friendly” to find activities that don’t involve constant struggles to cover your tracks to stay out of the paths of the regulators? That must be exhausting and it sure can’t be a good example for your children.

Bon chance! I’ll see you wherever you try to abuse the “community” of Americans who work to defend their right to peace, quiet and privacy. Again, thanks for the info and thanks for the memories!

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