Halloween is coming: NEED MOTOCROSS COSTUME

Update: As the threatening “comments” from the poor insulted self-righteous motocross hulks pour in, I have only one observation: What you reap you sow. You all knew that Idiot Ridge was skating on thin ice, Mr. Idiot Ridge knew for years that the neighbors objected to his noisy, disruptive, dusty, water wasting ILLEGAL LAND USE fake “park”.

If Mr. Idiot Ridge had nothing to hide and nothing to worry about, he wouldn’t have a code violation file a mile thick and wouldn’t be pointing security cameras at his neighbor’s windows. Do you hulks live like that in YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS? Do you harass YOUR NEIGHBORS or do you just jump in your truck and go somewhere and pretend only you and your noisy childish pleasure is what counts? That’s ugly and pathetic!

So motocross hulks: now you pathetic “fans” have to go and start your cycle of abuse somewhere else. Boo Hoo! Now you have to troop around and invade some other place where you will ultimate get hounded out again. You knew it was not a fair, friendly, permitted and honest land use – or else you are all a lot dumber than I even thought. So when the community laughs as we run you and your nasty dirt bikes out of OUR OF OUR COMMUNITY ON A RAIL I say: YOU ONLY GET RESPECT BACK WHEN  YOU RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS – and you showed ZERO RESPECT HERE!

If you choose to inflict “activities” you clearly know aren’t welcome  in a quiet RESIDENTIAL AREA you had better be prepared for whatever bitter consequences come your way. You know your fake “sport” is not welcome in most places – it is time to pool your funds, get a super fund site in some trashed industrial complex and roar away and pollute away to your heart’s content. Bring your wives, bring the kiddies – just don’t bring them to OUR COMMUNITY WHERE YOU CLEARLY KNEW YOU WEREN’T WELCOME. When you KNEW you weren’t wanted and you kept on coming you deserve every insult in the book!

I personally look for “family fun” where I don’t have to be paranoid every second that the neighbors or the County or the Sheriff is going to zero in and ticket my “fun”. That’s what you created, your own circus of paranoia. Now live with it, because from all the research I have done NOBODY WANTS MOTOCROSS ANYWHERE NEAR WHERE THEY LIVE. Facts don’t lie and we’ll be filling those County files with FACTS about how unwelcome motocross is in every residential area of America.

Next time GET THE CODE FACTS FIRST FROM THE LOCAL COUNTY and now get the CLACKAMAS COUNTY STAFF REPORT THAT SAYS DENY, DENY, DENY!. Here again is my very favorite quote from the staff DENY! DENY! DENY! report (it means NO MOTOCROSS period, end of story) PAGE 18, STAFF REPORT:

“e. The property owner constructed the motocross track several years ago and has used the facility for personal use, family members and friends on a number of occasions over the last year. Based on the findings in paragraphs a-d above, staff believes the characteristics of the motocross track is inconsistent Section 407 of the ZDO and Statewide Goal 4 and should not be allowed regardless of whether it is for personal use (family members and guests) or as a commercial use as proposed in this application.”

Get it motocross “fans?  No more “friends and family” bullshit need apply – it VIOLATES CODES AND GOAL 4 (the forest goal).

In a nutshell: If you don’t want people to think and say hateful things about you and your “sport” then stop doing hateful things to innocent residential neighborhoods!

Back to  today’s post:

Gee, with all my blogging and all the meetings with State and County leaders and all the deep research into the nasty history and culture of motocross I have a crisis! I don’t have anything to wear on Halloween.

Do any of you swell motocross hulks have a blown out “costume” you can send me? Maybe you have a silly suit you wrecked when you fell off and busted somethin’ doin’ those nutty stunts as you polluted the air and trashed the environment and made every living thing around deaf and furious!   I don’t care if is shredded! And how about a trashed helmet? I expect they only last for a few major impacts and then need to be replaced so there must be a lot of those lying around, given the rate of head injuries I am reading about.

If youse all can’t bes a generous, I’s a hafta bes lookin’ in to a Sheriff suit. That seems to be hugely connected to motocross – maybe bring some tear gas canisters and some dogs for effect. Can you come to the Halloween party and throw beer bottles and rocks so we can have an authentic motocross/Sheriff encounter? Maybe we’ll set up a “property line” and youse alls can shout theats!

Maybe I can do a “two-fer” and stage the Sheriff trying to put out some “bitch’s burning car” since that’s a true threat motocross “culture” put out on the web. (And please keep those threats coming, I am getting a fantastic collection – there are some really good comments coming in – thanks for the one especially from “JU” saying “Should be able to buy a license to legally hunt people” (who oppose motocross) – that’s real keeper for the Sheriff and planning files!).

And, boy oh boy, are those lists of complaints long and ugly everywhere motocross crops up. What’s up hulkin dudes, can’t you all pass the can for a PR firm or is it just too hopeless given the caliber of “fans” you attract? The reputation of motocross resembles the reputation of pit bulls – gentle, thoughtful people run in terror whenever motocross invades their neighborhoods.

Or maybe I’ll come as a landowner abused by motocross. I could be dressed as a giant hearing aid. That’s another theme that runs deep – the ABJECT NOISE POLLUTION that makes motocross TOTALLY UNSUITABLE FOR RESIDENTIAL AREAS.

My god it is shocking the piles of court cases I have read. Motocross must keep a raft of expensive lawyers afloat all over America.

Maybe I’ll come as one of the State and County legislative leaders I met with yesterday in Salem. They’re cooking up heavy-duty rules for events in rural Oregon. I know motocross hulks no likie them there rules and the hulks are really really really not going to likie the coming rules!

My  fave rule so far in the draft document I commented on yesterday is this (and keep in mind, this is ONLY FOR AGRICULTURAL RELATED ACTIVITIES, and motocross has NOTHING TO DO WITH AGRICULTURE):


Oh, oh! Doesn’t that sound kind of like the current mess Idiot Ridge finds itself in? Like when Mr. Idiot Ridge FAILED to contact neighbors for the “variance”. Idiot Ridge FAILED to check with neighbors, it FAILED to obtain permits FIRST and the “events” didn’t comply with public safety and health requirements (think NOISE, think DUST) so under the coming rules all motocross will be dead in the water on rural lands if there are any neighbors around who object. The regulators hate scoff laws and they hate “events” that occur without permits.

If you want to get technical, regulators also hate commercial businesses that try to fly under the radar. I guess the regulators like collect taxes and feel they are maybe missing out on the motocross commercial “fun”.

Can you imagine the motocross hulks trooping door to door like overgrown Girl Scout cookie salesmen, asking “Please, can we bring a lot of strangers to your neighborhood, make a lot of noise, make a lot of dust, trash a lot of land and make a lot of money? Please, please please?” I’d sure like to follow along when the motocross hulks are forced to go on THAT mission! Let’s call Michael Moore and do a comedy documentary. Ha ha ha!

In case the motocross hulks and their SCOFF LAW leader, Mr. Idiot Ridge, haven’t figured out the conditional use game yet: conditional use is THE ONLY LAND USE ACTION THAT PUTS THE SUBJECTIVE FEELINGS/LIFESTYLES OF THE NEIGHBORS FIRST when deciding what will and won’t be allowed. The meeting I attended yesterday proved that the State and Counties understand that when it comes to “events” the neighbors will continue to have the FINAL SAY.

And the most wonderful aspect of Conditional Use is that the first time someone violates the terms of Conditional Use it is likely “Bye Bye” Conditional Use. That is pretty cool, someone could spend years and vast sums of money to try for Conditional Use and it could disappear with a violation! In the case of motocross, all it would take if a commercial motocross facility was actually established would be a noise violation for the owner to lose the permit – that what the “conditional” means. That’s quite a gamble as far as I am concerned, especially when it comes to motocross, given the rowdy threats, dust and horrific noise that are already well documented.

Back to my costume problems: maybe I will come as the piles and piles and piles of code complaints created when motocross dudes trashed neighborhood environments, thus forcing State leaders to draft the above rules. It looks like those ad hoc attempts to move the motocross party around the State WITHOUT LEGAL PERMITS has resulted in some draconian rule making.

I’m sorry you all lost out on the Longview MX action, but to make you feel a bit better I found out that even the City of Longview could see the “incompatible use” writing coming soon to that trash dump. The nice Longview planner said the code compliance days there would have been numbered so maybe you can petition the new owner, the Port of Longview, to let you ride. But I kind of doubt that the big savvy guys who run the Port would be looking to take on that kind of horrific liability.

But, on second thought, I think I’ll just stay home on Halloween and enjoy my peace, quiet and privacy. I’m lucky, I get my kicks off providing a safe and sane environment for living things. It is so wonderful to see species return and native plants flourish with some simple care for the environment.

The world sure is black and white these days: it seems to boil down to a battle between the people who care enough to want to leave a legacy of land and wildlife for the future just because it is the right thing to do and on the other side, foolish, selfish fools who ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES.

I’m off to enjoy that first option – honoring the health, safety, and sanity of all living things. That’s a big enough thrill in life for the people I admire! In fact, I just connected with a gentle soul who has motocross concerns in her neighborhood so I had better stop writing and get on the phone to make sure motocross doesn’t TRASH ANOTHER NEIGHBORHOOD………..

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