“On a warm summer’s evenin’ on a train bound for nowhere
I met up with the gambler, we were both too tired to sleep
So we took turns a starin’ out the window at the darkness
‘Til boredom overtook us and he began to speak

He said, “Son, I’ve made a life, out of readin’ people’s faces
And knowin’ what their cards were by the way they held their eyes
So if you don’t mind my sayin’, I can see you’re out of aces
For a taste of your whiskey I’ll give you some advice”

So I handed him my bottle and he drank down my last swallow
Then he bummed a cigarette and asked me for a light
And the night got deathly quiet and his face lost all expression
Said, “If you’re gonna play the game, boy, you gotta learn to play it right”

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away and know when to run
You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table
There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealing’s done…” (The Gambler)

Kenny Rodgers is not exactly my dream date in terms of music – I’ll take Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon or Bach over the kind of pap “The Gambler” represents.

But since shallow pap is all the Idiot Ridge team has dredged up to defend its LOSING CAUSE, this silly song came to mind.

Anyone want to bet the store on success for the motocross gamble in Molalla? I’ll put my 100% bet down on the DEATH OF IDIOT RIDGE. And I KNOW I’LL WIN that bet!

After looking into the legal issues going on at multiple, supposedly well-established, VESTED (hey dudes – look up “VESTED” and be sure to bring that definition to the next hearin’!), legal commercial tracks it was a total LOL that any fool would continue to try to start a new motocross track in Oregon. Talk about a LOSING GAMBLE – talk about FAR MORE MONEY THEN SENSE!

I’ve got a hot tip for Idiot Ridge and the supposedly deep pockets supporters. There’s a fantastic deal coming down the pike in November on the Courthouse steps somewhere in Washington State. Your dream awaits when Longview MX track gets auctioned!

I found the scoop for you. The owners can’t afford to maintain and fix the POLLUTED TRASH DUMP that is connected with the Longview MX track. So they are bankrupt, hence the auction.

I wouldn’t want to own that other, popular “vested” track in Washington State, either. Boy oh boy, even when you are “vested” (find that definition yet, hulkin’ dudes?) the legal challenges NEVER seem to end for motocross track dumbbells. What a way to spend your life, fighting to keep your supposedly “vested” rights alive. That sounds really stressful and EXPENSIVE to me.

It’s time to fold ’em in Molalla since there is no way to overcome the FACT that the land isn’t far enough from the UGB of Molalla, let alone overcome all the other DENY DENY DENY arguments the County so cogently laid out. (I am wondering if anyone has yet faced the “challenges” of widening Wilhoit Rd – I seem to remember there is an important full season fish bearing steam along the frontage, not good news when larger road lanes/margins WOULD BE REQUIRED).

No matter what pathetic dodges and delays Mr. Idiot Ridge tries, geography doesn’t change. The sad FACT is that 2.89 miles can’t ever be morphed into the necessary 3 to even merit further consideration. What a funny death-blow, after Mr. Idiot Ridge got all pumped up about the over 3 mile aspect when he babbled to the CPO.

It wouldn’t matter if the dirt bikes were totally silent, either, since INTENSIVE DESTRUCTION is already well demonstrated; Goal 4 (that’s in the DLCD land use goal site, have any Ridgidiots checked those out? The County has to FOLLOW THOSE RULES) states that “intensive” uses in forest zones – like the IDIOT RIDGE NASTY ERODED TRACKS – is prohibited.   I sure hope Mr. Idiot Ridge doesn’t blow potential $$$ he has left on a futile noise test (how MUCH much has this LOSING VENTURE cost so far?) so he can’t buy that super cool TRASH DUMP MX TRACK in Longview.

I fear the County and the hearing officer are running out of patience with Mr. Idiot Ridge and his lame excuses about why he can never meet a deadline. I hear the bell is ready to toll and the gavel of doom looms.

Oh, hold that noise test anyway! I forgot again: if Mr. Idiot Ridge starts a cycle and it is over the decibel limit he’ll get popped by the Sheriff. That would be called rock and hard place on noise tests I fear (Is there a song about that? Is there a song to mourn the confiscation of dirt bikes by cops?).

Message to Idiot Ridge gamblers:  I would be a emptyin’ them there penny jars ifin’ youse addled brain dudes didn’t already rob every cent for those there silly costumes and those noisy pollutin’ rigs. (Do youse go door to door on Halloween wearin’ them costumes? I do think youse grown men does look funny!) Then, with youse bags a change (maybes steal from youse kids and youse wives, they’s a wantin’ to a ride I hears)  head to them there courthouse steps for that there TRASH DUMP MX TRACK AUCTION!

In youse spare time youse can then be a cleanin’ up that nasty dump that goes with that there Longview MX so youse don’t a go bankrupt like that there other owner. Don’t youse a hope that ifin’ youse don’t a get Longview that somebody else a gets it so’s youse can keep a ridin’ – especially in light of that there other tracks in that there big flap overs what “vested” means!

That “vested” is so symbolic for the hulkin idiots – a dump and a track all in one, there would then be no worries about pollutin’ or trashin’ or a tryin’ to be fake nice to neighbors. RATS AND VULTURES would be your closest – and very fitting – neighbors at the track in Longview!

“Every gambler knows that the secret to survivin’
Is knowin’ what to throw away and knowing what to keep
‘Cause every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser
And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep…”

Speaking of “die” I found quite an interesting study on a motocross site (fun reading I must say!) that the Idiot Ridge Team might want to sign up for (if they haven’t already suffered too much brain damage to read and think at the same time). The Mayo Clinic is now working on a study to see what CONCUSSIONS from motocross do to long-range cognition (quote from someone or other of those track chat rooms: gee, how do them hulkin’ motocross dudes find time to ride when they are so busy chattin’?):

“Regarding a new cooperative program between Mayo Clinic of Rochester, MN and Spring Creek MX Park in Millville, MN to study motocross injuries – specifically concussion.

In an unprecedented move Spring Creek MX Park, home to the Millville National Pro Motocross race, has teamed up with the Mayo Clinic of Rochester to study motocross injuries – specifically concussions.  In a study done at the Mayo Clinic last year, it was discovered that roughly thirty percent of the injuries in motocross are concussions.  The goals  of the study are to study concussion occurrence and set up protocols for  returning to racing safely. The factor that makes this so ground breaking is the fact that this study team consists of an old but avid motocross racer, orthopedic surgeons that are interested in the sport,  and one of the countries’ leading concussion specialists…

This is great news. For far too long we — riders, racers, managers, promoters, and fans — have simply accepted injuries in the sport and, it seems to me, purposely avoided looking at them too closely due to a misguided  fear of liability.

I just don’t see how that’s a viable approach in this day and age, given all the technology and tools available to us. I’m very excited to see this new effort launched. Let’s hope there are more.”

(end quote –  sorry, hulkin dudes, but the really graphic colored drawing of a brain in an intact skull didn’t make it to the post but if you can still work a keyboard after all that ridin’ and jarrin’ and fallin’ and bustin’ stuff and tellin’ them lies you can google “mayo clinic motocross CONCUSSION study” to see that great art work!).

“And when he finished speakin’, he turned back towards the window
Crushed out his cigarette and faded off to sleep
And somewhere in the darkness the gambler, he broke even
But in his final words I found an ace that I could keep

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away and know when to run
You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table
There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealing’s done…”

So I guess the big moral of today’s song for the Idiot Ridge Team is that youse a shouldn’t a bin countin’ and a buidin’ befores youse a get them there County permits. That’s a why youse alls is a in a biggie mess – youse a seen as scoff law bad guys by them neighbors and them County legal folks. It sure does seems it mights a gets real ex-pensivio ifin youse decides to keeps a fightin’. I’s a hearin’ them neighbors gets that top flight land use lawyer guy from that there 1000 Friends for frees.

Fightin’ against a that free deal smarty pants neighbors 1000 Friends lawyer or maybes a buyin’ that TRASH DUMP TRACK in Longview?  Hummmmmmm, I’s a wonders ifin that TRASH DUMP isn’t a lookin’ a better by the minute? When that there auction???? Maybes gets a head start a poppin thems RATS at that MX DUMP! How’s abouts a RODE TRIP?

And remember, Cousin Kenny said: “KNOW WHEN TO WALK AWAY AND KNOW WHEN TO RUN….”

I’s a likin’ Cousin Kenny a lots more for that one line….

Maybes I’s a gets thats on my ring tone ifin I’s can figures outs hows to dos it………….

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