BAD KARMA: Molalla style

“Was it something I did
In another life?
I try and try
But nothing comes out right
Bad Karma
Killing me by degrees….”

Yesterday, after the County hearing, I saw the newest exploitation post on the Mr. Idiot Ridge facebook page:

“I would like to thank all of you for taking time out of your morning to attend the Hearing for our family project, We understand the concerns of others and hope this will all work out for everybody. Please remember the 4th of November at 9am as we have asked for a continuance for our information to be presented. Again thanks to all for coming.”

Is he kidding?  “We understand the concerns of others and hope this will all work out for everybody”??????? After over three years of trashing natural resources, playing games with every State and County agency and, most of all, incurring the abject hatred of every neighbor, Mr. Idiot Ridge thinks he’s going to wipe out his BAD KARMA FAILURE with a fake new attitude of conciliation?

Check out the “stages of grief” at the very end of this post – I would say we have entered #3, the “bargaining” stage, in the R.I.P Idiot Ridge trajectory. At least maybe the “burn the bitch’s car” stage #2 “anger” days are over!

Boy, is the Idiot Ridge Team in for a really rude awakening! We are in a full on WIN OR LOSE struggle and Idiot Ridge is in a death spiral! Don’t worry, we don’t need an invitation to come to fire the kill shots at Idiot Ridge in November. We only wonder why anyone would wish to prolong the certain death of the “project”.

News flash to motocross Idiots: You won’t be able to wipe out years of torturing the community with one silly paragraph. The chickens have come home to roost, you are losing the battle and it is your turn to twist on the BAD KARMA wheel of fortune you created.

And thanks for proving at the hearing you don’t have a legal leg to stand on! Our community could care less about “your” pathetic families since you never cared about the  FAMILIES you tortured with your “events”. You don’t get to wipe out years of abuse with a sentence!

“I took a wrong turn
On the astral plane
Now I keep on thinkin’
My luck is gonna change
Bad Karma
It’s uphill all the way”

I’ve seen the BAD KARMA wheel spin in the Molalla area over and over again, with the pipeline shills attempting to isolate, divide and conquer, bully bozo plannin’ Potter attempting to isolate, divide and conquer, the “us first” school bond committee attempting to isolate, divide and conquer, and Idiot Ridge attempting to isolate, divide and conquer. That only works till the oppressed meet and compare notes about their outrage and anger. Then the “luck”wheel turns and their self-created BAD KARMA hits the oppressors in the head.

“I can’t run, Can’t hide
Can’t get away
It must be my destiny
The same thing happens to me every day

Bad Karma
Coming after me
Bad Karma
Killing me by degrees
Bad Karma
Bad Karma”

The “can’t run, can’t hide” stage of self-created BAD KARMA hit the pipeline LNG shills a few months ago when Bradwood Landing went bankrupt. Now FERC has Palomar on the ropes and we all await Palomar’s answer to the impossible question “Let’s see your market plan?” Goodbye Palomar, there is no market and you can’t meet the environmental laws!

The “can’t run, can’t hide” stage of self-created BAD KARMA hit Molalla Plannin’/the City of Molalla the day the clueless City Council passed version 8 (Don’t you love it? Version 8! What self-respecting city on the planet would admit to a “version 8” of anything. That’s like saying “version FAILURE”!). Bully Potter’s abuse of process now has hit him in the head, since after a few months at County planning for approval or rejection the silly pile of paper is smack back in Potter’s lap. The behind the scenes spin is that County AND DLCD are pissed off and Potter and Atkins are due for a personal BAD KARMA session with the policy makers!

Idiot Ridge entered the “can’t run, can’t hide” stage the minute Mr. Idiot Ridge tried to divide and conquer the community. After the pipeline shills and bully boy Potter tried the isolation ploys, that kind of attempt by a carpetbagger to control the message was doomed to fail. The funny part is that if Mr. Idiot Ridge hadn’t stepped up to try to pretend to be interested in community building and hadn’t gotten his name in the paper connected to a community group he would have had a far smaller group opposing him, because a lot of us wouldn’t have found out about project BAD KARMA MOTOCROSS.

It doesn’t work to try to divide or to try to silence the community. I enjoy how such a diverse group of people can rally to protect each other from BAD KARMA projects – the more BAD KARMA tries to divide and conquer, the harder we stand up to fight back!

“It’s a dog’s life
And it’s not my fault
Ought to hang my picture
In the All Time Losers’ Hall of Fame
Bad Karma
It’s a low down dirty shame…”

The fake humble conciliatory “We understand the concerns of others and hope this will all work out for everybody” act won’t work, Mr. Idiot Ridge. You dug your own ugly BAD KARMA hole and now you get to enjoy the misery you spent years heaping on others.

Frankly, a “dog’s life” is likely far too nice a fate. But the GOOD KARMA SOUTH MOLALLA COMMUNITY will all be very happy to hang the Team Idiot Ridge picture in the “All Time Loser’s Hall of Fame” along with the NW Nasty Gas shills, fascist FERC, bully boy Potter, King Clarke, John “I could give a shit about Molalla’s future” Atkins, the Molalla City Council, and TEAM.

Some folks down in these lovely, peaceful, quiet, wildlife filled hills hang animal trophies on their walls. I am really enamored of creating that “All Time Loser’s Hall of Fame” rogue gallery! Hey, Less Than Zero chance of success Idiot Ridge – when can we schedule your portrait session for that “Loser’s Hall of Fame”? How about after the next hearing? I’ll bring a camera, you wear the nutty suits and helmets and maybe give us the finger – since that’s far more your speed than that phony “we know there are concerns” bullshit. YOU KNEW THERE WERE CONCERNS and you BLEW IT FOR YEARS – you don’t correct your sins with one phony sentence.

KARMA DICTATES THERE WILL BE A WINNER AND A LOSER IN THIS FIGHT! There is no middle ground, Idiot Ridge missed that “middle ground” path the minute a bulldozer moved the first scoop of prime soil without a permit and the minute Mr. Idiot Ridge told the first lie to an agency. Have fun twisting in the wind, wasting your money till your fate is sealed, Timber Ridge Idiots. Be sure to hum your new theme song, because you worked hard to earn:

“Bad Karma
Coming after me
Bad Karma
Killing me by degrees
Bad Karma
Bad Karma…”

(Warren Zevon “Bad Karma)

PS to all the agents of BAD KARMA in the Molalla area: THANKS from the bottom of my heart for driving the issues so far off the cliff of fair play that you have literally thrown wonderful, formerly isolated people into each other’s arms to protect and preserve our collective quality of life. I never knew what fantastic, articulate, passionate, loyal people surrounded me in these hills until we all became threatened. Great job, no one had to organize us, your BAD KARMA did the job in a heartbeat!

PPSS: Don’t you just love it how, when the DENY! DENY! DENY! County planning firing squad is about to shoot, the IDIOT RIDGE offenders suddenly want to “bargain” and acknowledge “concerns”?  LOL! Dream on!

And one more postscript after looking at an exceptionally silly “wish I had known what the objections were” comment from “DR”, an Idiot Ridge fan: READ THE STAFF FILES AND READ THE STAFF DENY! DENY! DENY! COMMENTS! Anyone FOOLISH ENOUGH not to read the FILES before going to a hearing and not to read and UNDERSTAND THE STAFF DENY! DENY! DENY! comments truly IS an idiot of all idiots.

You Idiot Ridge “fans” are truly the most uneducated group of scoff law dreamers on the planet if you show up for a hearing without knowing the EVEREST you are up against! YOU LOSE no matter how many hulkin’ idiots flood the room – it only proves the point that our community HATES A BUNCH OF EXPLOITATIVE “WE WANT” CARPETBAGGING STRANGERS TRASHING OUR QUALITY OF LIFE.

One hideous hour in on site in May was more than enough to convince me to work tirelessly to KILL IDIOT RIDGE – and we are almost there!

Or could it be that your great buddy, Mr. Idiot Ridge, didn’t want you to know the TRUTH about his implosion at the County? That’s more like it – Mr. Idiot Ridge is stringing his pathetic sheep herd of “fans” along to save face!

Whine and snivel, you illiterate motocross idiots, and LOSE LOSE LOSE! We don’t care if it is an hour or a year of riding – WE’RE GOING FOR A TOTAL BLANKET DENY DENY DENY and we are just about there!

So, “DR”, put your “only 60 days a year at most tracks” crap in your truck, put on your silly suit, HEAD RIGHT ON OUT TO THOSE LEGAL TRACKS and ride your dirty, nasty, polluting machine to your heart’s content for 60 DAYS AT THOSE LEGAL TRACKS. And take those hordes of pathetic old burn outs stuck in adolescence  who appeared at the hearing with you. The ridin’ fun is OVER SOUTH OF MOLALLA!

And “DR” let us know where YOU live so WE can come to YOUR neighborhood and trash it for “only” 60 days a year! We’ll be sure to tell YOUR neighborhood YOU said “60 days a year of trashing” was fine!

READ THE STAFF COMMENTS! You are DEAD IN THE WATER! And you are truly IDIOTS OF ALL TIME if you don’t understand what those three DENY! DENY! DENY! COMMENTS MEAN! It’s the LAW YOU FOOLS – and it isn’t subjective and it doesn’t care a hoot about what YOU want!

Here is some well-worn wisdom to get “DR” and his Idiot Ridge buddies through their loss. I am guessing that we hit stage 2 when the “burn the bitch’s car” thread was posted. Now we are fully in stage 3 with the “know there are concerns” and “wish I knew the objections”bargaining ploy. Time to move on and accept REALITY for a change, “DR”, because YOU LOST!

Five Stages Of Grief: R.I.P IDIOT RIDGE

  1. Denial and Isolation.
    At first, we tend to deny the loss has taken place, and may withdraw from our usual social contacts. This stage may last a few moments, or longer.
  2. Anger.
    The grieving person may then be furious at the person who inflicted the hurt (even if she’s dead), or at the world, for letting it happen. He may be angry with himself for letting the event take place, even if, realistically, nothing could have stopped it.
  3. Bargaining.
    Now the grieving person may make bargains with God, asking, “If I do this, will you take away the loss?”
  4. Depression.
    The person feels numb, although anger and sadness may remain underneath.
  5. Acceptance.
    This is when the anger, sadness and mourning have tapered off. The person simply accepts the reality of the loss.
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