Timber Idiot Ridge blew it!

UPDATE 10-20-2010 Given the news I just heard about the hearing, I guess we now will have to start calling it COWARD Idiot Ridge because it looks like the motocross COWARDS can’t face the music! Oh well, it will all still always turn out the same – a big DENIAL for motocross down in our lovely hills!

I sure wish I was the lawyer for Coward Idiot Ridge so I could suck the $$$ out of the promoters and still watch the motocross go down in flames. Isn’t it funny how lawyers will take $$$ even for a sure bet losing cause? It wouldn’t even be fair to have a betting pool on the outcome – I would be embarrassed to take money from people who think there is even a remote chance that Coward Idiot Ridge will ever get a green light!

Earlier post:

Once upon a time you dressed so fine
You threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn’t you ?
People’d call, say, “Beware doll, you’re bound to fall”
You thought they were all kiddin’ you
You used to laugh about
Everybody that was hangin’ out
Now you don’t talk so loud
Now you don’t seem so proud
About having to be scrounging for your next meal.

How does it feel
How does it feel
To be without a home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone ? (Bob Dylan)

It’s pretty funny looking at the motocross blog blather about the hearing this Thursday. Hey Idiot Ridge supporters – it is already TOO LATE. Dump truck loads of paper and people won’t save the track!

Joke’s on you!

The staff report came out yesterday – a big NO! NO! NO! for Timber Idiot Ridge. So it is literally all over but the shouting. And the funny thing is: the proper time to enter comments into the record so the County staff could consider them CLOSED on October 5. It’s called “process” and you failed to heed or understand how it all works. So now there are piles of NEGATIVE comments in the files, the staff has considered the “merits” and the staff says NO NO NO. And I say HA HA HA!

The boat sailed and Timber Idiot Ridge was left at the dock!

See you at the hearing – be sure to bring the brain jarred, lumpen motocross masses. The NEIGHBORS ALREADY WON.

But hulkin’ motocross idiots, don’t feel too bad. It seems you always lose fights like this, since your only leg to stand on is the pathetic “we want to ride and destroy (pick one, pick several, pick all): forests, waterways, farmland, people’s privacy, people’s hearing, wildlife habitat, water resources, soils……….”. It’s all right there in the staff report: (quote)


A. Denial of the Motocross course for BMX cycling, horse carting, and motorcycles and the campground for the following reasons:

1. ……”the characteristic of the proposed track is not a “recreational opportunity appropriate in a forest environment” ……….doesn’t qualify section 1023.01(A).

B. Denial of the Campground:

1……is located just under the 3 miles from the Molalla UGB

C. Denial of the Motocross course and campground for the following reasons:

1.. Staff believes that the following issues under Section 1203 (D): traffic, dust, surface water drainage/erosion, noise, fire danger, water usage, and air pollution impacts resulting from the proposed use could substantially limit, impair or preclude the use of surrounding properties for farm and forest uses or practices or other primary uses in the Ag/F zoning district.

So idiot motocross dudes, in plain simple English, the COUNTY STAFF SAY NO NO NO because:

1.The motocross/campground is too INTENSIVE a use to qualify for a forest park.

2. The piece of property is too close to the city of Molalla – the experts say it is 2.89 miles – and it has to be at least a full three miles from the city. That’s a killer in and of itself unless you can get the airplane that took those great aerial photos to pick it up and move it farther away from the urban growth boundary! (And by the way, those photos and all your fantastic promotion work helped big time to kill the “park” so thanks for all the event documentation, you might have a future in advertising is you could find something legal to promote!).

3. This one is easy, an anti-climax to say the least – the NEIGHBORS, THE WILDLIFE, THE DOMESTIC LIVESTOCK AND THE LAND, AIR, AND WATER RESOURCES WIN! QUALITY OF LIFE trumps greed and destruction in the land use rules. Period. The many, many, many articulate letters saying “We object and here’s why” were submitted BEFORE October 5. And the County listened to the neighbors, the water master, the ODFW rep, 1000 Friends, and DLCD.

There was not a single letter of support in the files when the staff consideration began. Thanks for your inability to understand and participate in the process – but really there wasn’t a chance in Hell you could have had a leg to stand on.

Remember that great old motocross blog I quoted long ago where savvy motocross dudes piled on and said “Worry about the NEIGHBORS!!!”? That was the correct advice all along. The long-term residents  – many FAMILIES, a COMMUNITY – have won the fight to protect themselves from greedy, selfish  nonsense.

And then, just to make sure Timber Idiot Ridge gets its monies worth, there are pages and pages of complex, really expensive conditions just in case the hearing officer loses his mind. But I wouldn’t be too worried about that since LUBA would loom far before any of the zillion of so agencies and permits would be addressed.

So step up to the mike Timber Idiots, your day in “court” awaits, too bad you missed the most important part of the process! It looks like the your “car burnin'” list is growing by the day.

Oh, and one more cute note in the staff comments – if you try to use your “park” now it won’t be pretty legal scene, since you have all already laid the COMMERCIAL CARDS on the table. I’d be renaming the place “WEED PATCH TRACK” and call it a day.

And here, from page 18 of the staff report, is the kick in the pants of all time – I would think twice about firing up those cycles, given this little warning nugget, because the “friends and family” riding bullshit days are OVER:


e. The property owner constructed the motocross track several years ago and has used the facility for personal use, family members and friends on a number of occasions over the last year. Based on the findings in paragraphs a-d above, staff believes the characteristics of the motocross track is inconsistent Section 407 of the ZDO and Statewide Goal 4 and should not be allowed regardless of whether it is for personal use (family members and guests) or as a commercial use as proposed in this application.

(end quote)

Anyone know a good land restoration expert? Someone well-versed in the deconstruction of bare dirt tracks? Can Trackmaster Steve Cory run his nasty machines backwards and reverse the destruction he caused? Will DEQ ride to the rescue? I guess Timber Ridge’s claim that the “County loves me” wasn’t exactly correct, huh?

Call me – I can help with restoring wildlife habitat. Or maybe the trees will actually get to grow again on Idiot Ridge?

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