Here’s what local plannin’ dude Potter and other wild and crazy local land speculators wake up singing these days:

“I woke up this morning and I fell out of bed
Trouble waiting to happen
Should’ve quit while I was ahead
Trouble waiting to happen…..

Trouble waiting to happen

Teardrops ready to start
Trouble waiting to happen to my heart
This just ain’t gonna be my day
Trouble waiting to happen
Things just ain’t gonna go my way
Trouble waiting to happen
My day was over by a quarter to ten
I climbed right back into bed again
I’d write this down if I could hold a pen
I might get better but I don’t know when
So I’m gonna wait right here ’til then
Trouble waiting to happen
Trouble waiting to happen
Trouble waiting to happen
Teardrops ready to start
Trouble waiting to happen to us all…..”

(Warren Zevon, “Trouble Waiting to Happen”)

TROUBLE WAITING TO HAPPEN should be Molalla’s theme song. I saw this great post this weekend – well, not great but honest – about the ongoing real estate CRASH. Guess what? People who bought massively deflated houses just a year or so ago are now trying to sell homes as short sales they THOUGHT they bought at the bottom. In brief, the house prices are still going down and there is no end in sight. What seemed like a great deal a year or so ago is today’s overpriced house.

I did quick research on some real estate trend sites about Molalla real estate. The average house value is now down to $179,975 in the Molalla area – and various sites say foreclosures are between 165 to a whooping 356 in the Molalla area.

The funniest thing I found was a question from way back in 2007 on a real estate site where a guy wanted to know about moving to Molalla because he liked “country places”. He was worried about jobs and commuting as well. Two Molalla locals chimed in to tell him the ROADS ARE HORRIBLE AND ROADS TO COMMUTE ON ARE REALLY REALLY REALLY HORRIBLE, and the COMMUTE IS REALLY LONG TO GET TO ANYWHERE WITH JOBS.  So yes, they said, Molalla will stay small.

That was hilarious because 2007 was way back when buying something in Molalla might have seemed like a good deal compared to areas closer to METRO’s cities. But the Molalla locals, even in 2007, tried to steer the “I like the country” guy to at least Canby.

The average loss on the average house value in Molalla over the year is listed as MINUS $40,025. Or, you can just carve 18.2% off whatever deflated value you thought your local investment was last year.

If you can find a depressed sale or foreclosure near you, get ready to head down to the County Board of Tax Adjustment (info on tax bills coming soon to your mailbox). There was a flood of successful commercial and residential adjustments last year – you too can be a lucky winner and get lower property taxes if you take the time to do some simple research.

Is there a foreclosure near you or a short sale? That is a comparable and that is money in the bank if you do your homework and take the info to the tax adjustment board. So read the charts, plannin’ Potter, if you can read: the 97038 zip code comes up with a total red alert – the LOWEST RATING – THE WORST! – on the real estate tracking sites.

So Potter: how’s youse a gonna defend the idiotic and incompetent urban reserves at County? Aren’t youse a gonna make Molalla look even more stupid than it already looks – or I guess youse is a just a plannin’ and a lyin’ and a doin’ the will of youse CORRUPT AND UNETHICAL good ole boy speculators as you suck down via nepotism your undeserved huge $70,000+ salary. I think youse and youse corrupt and unethical buddies (hi, TEAM), youse all might need to read this:

And now for another “I sure hope you don’t have your heart set on adding land to Molalla’s borders anytime soon” story (let alone PRIME FARMLAND). Thousand Friends of Oregon, already waiting in the wings to trounce Molalla’s urban reserve insanity, just kicked big ole Woodburn’s “need” for industrial land to the curb.

Congratulations Thousand Friends and Lolita Carl! Lolita and I went to Salem to help Thousand Friends kill the Big Look – how wonderful that Thousand Friends keeps on a winnin’ and a winnin’. Thousand Friends will fight against individuals proposing nutty “plans” at County level or against clueless cities like Molalla proposing “growth”insanity. Thousand Friends kicks sand in speculators and land abuse creeps faces as they drag them through years and years and years and years and years of extremely expensive land use litigation. How’s the piggy bank lookin’, Potter and sleazy land speculators? I hope your pockets are really really REALLY DEEP because you’re squarely on Thousand Friends’ hit list (get those BIG BUCKS READY, Molalla land speculators/TEAM because it is “TROUBLE WAITING TO HAPPEN”):


“Smart Growth News

1000 Friends of Oregon Wins Urban Growth Boundary Appeal

1000 Friends of Oregon won a decisive victory in the Oregon Court of Appeals when the court reversed the City of Woodburn’s approval of an urban growth boundary expansion.

”With this decision, over 400 acres of the best farmland in the world has been saved from development,” stated Mary Kyle McCurdy, 1000 Friends’ Senior Staff Attorney who handled the appeal. ”Farmland is not undeveloped land waiting to be paved over. This is land that currently supports Marion County’s leading industry – agriculture.”

The appeals court ruled that the city and the state’s Land Conservation and Development Commission erred in approving an urban growth boundary expansion that included roughly double the industrial land that the city expected to use in the 20-year time frame called for in state law. The court sent the case back to LCDC for reconsideration.

”The city of Woodburn got caught in a big land grab,” said Lolita Carl, a petitioner in the case whose family has farmed just east of Woodburn for four generations. ”And they went after prime farmland instead of expanding onto poorer soils better suited for industrial use.”

Diane Mikkelson, a petitioner who lives near downtown Woodburn, also praised the decision. ”Woodburn should be reinvesting in our existing business district instead of supporting land speculators,” Mikkelson said.

The Marion County Farm Bureau, Friends of Marion County, Kathleen Carl, and Carla Mikkelson also were petitioners in the case. 9/10/2010

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