NOT the ‘Middle of NOWHERE’ – and we WON’T BACK DOWN

“Well I won’t back down
No I won’t back down
You can stand me up at the gates of hell
But I won’t back down

No I’ll stand my ground, won’t be turned around
And I’ll keep this world from draggin me down
gonna stand my ground
… and I won’t back down”

(“Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty)

I’d say that a lot of the problems that come up between rural and city folks, especially in the Molalla area, could be summed up in one great (and very incorrect quote) from a Washington state motocross promoter named Elaine Derrick.

Clueless CARPETBAGGER, the disrespectful Derrick, when quizzed about how on earth, given Oregon’s strict land use laws, she could be promotin’ a motocross track on prime farm/forest land south of Molalla, said “It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere”.

And the City of Molalla and the bozo bully they call a “planner” have spent years on “we’re growing” nonsense, trying to pretend that rural people are brainless “middle of nowhere” folks just a waitin’ for them luxury homes to come steamin’ into the hills.

And the Palomar pipeline fossil fuel shills thought they could trick the “middle of nowhere” hill people with a few pennies and some slick talk about how “nice and friendly” their BLAST ZONE eminent domain pipeline to make big bucks getting gas to California baloney scheme would be.

Bull! Dream on!

It’s kind of funny how, after over three years of working on refuting the “they live in the middle of nowhere” attitude, we still get people who actually believe that spin. And those same people seem to believe that as concerned citizens we don’t have every right to connect with each other to put any legal pressures possible in all the right places to protect ourselves from illegal land use or BLAST ZONE projects on OUR LANDS.

I’m  so grateful to the wonderful, diverse people, who in their own ways to protect their own beloved properties, come together when ANY of us are threatened.

That’s something that people like noxious city ‘manager’ Atkins didn’t get when he tried to mollify my husband and I by saying in 2007 that the City would try to get the pipeline to go way south so that it wasn’t on our land. He actually thought that he could buy off continuing protest – at least from my family – with some special interest ‘help’ just for us.

Baloney! As long as the pipeline threatens ANYONE it is MY CAUSE.

Another inane comment from a Molalla city ‘leader’ came at a CPO meeting when I loudly protested the huge study area for supposed ‘growth’ for sleazy Molalla. After my outcry, City Councilor Glen Boreth came over and said “I’ll make sure YOUR land isn’t in the plan”. Hey Boreth, it isn’t JUST about me – it is about all the angry people who love their small to large RURAL PROPERTIES – all those people who would GAG if they had their great quality of life, peaceful rural existence swallowed up by the ill planned, broke, rat hole called sinking ship City of Molalla. Boreth: some of us aren’t NIMBYs – once we see corruption and unethical behavior we fight to the bitter end – FOR THE GOOD OF US ALL!

So speaking now of our newest threat, the nutty, abusive, and destructive Timber Ridge illegal motocross ‘park’, it is massively funny to see comments where motocross dudes actually can’t understand why people whose lands aren’t directly affected by the nasty ‘project’ would stand up to be counted. The hulkin’ dudes don’t understand why citizens not directly affected would work hard to protect the general well-being of a wonderful and valuable land mass with its wonderful and valuable residents.

Hey dudes: Find a dictionary (you know, the big book with a lot of big words in it) and find the word ‘precedent’. We’re  – and that means a STATE WIDE ‘WE’RE’ – not letting any PRECEDENT SETTING motocross ‘park’ garbage out of the bag in our area – or anywhere else. That’s COMMUNITY, that’s caring for a  greater good, and that’s why some of us bother to show up, year after year, to hear about issues that don’t directly affect US. We know from past practice that when something affects ANY OF US it can ultimately affect us all.

Some of us care for the greater good enough to get up from our chairs, attend boring meetings month after month to listen to strangers bitch about THEIR problems. Some of us care enough to get out the markers and make the signs and go picket or to write  flyers and go lobby or to gather signatures for the GREATER GOOD.  Some of us actually write to our elected officials (gee – that’s AMERICA for you!) and even have the audacity to research and testify at the legislature to make OUR voices heard.

So next time a pipeline or a land speculator or a carpetbagging motocross promoter thinks about coming to these hills take a minute and understand: WE’RE NOT LIVING IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE AND WE’LL FIGHT TO THE BITTER END TO PROTECT OUR RIGHTS AND OUR PRIVACY AND OUR PEACE AND QUIET.



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