“Our City Council has been asking and the lack of me being able to update them is starting to cause concern on their side.” Shane Potter, Sept 15, 2010 to Clackamas County Planning (after EIGHT VERSIONS  AND FOUR YEARS OF INCOMPETENT PLANNIN’)

Motto of Molalla Plannin’ Department: “GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT”

“Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive”. Quote from my Grandmother Iva Doubleday Davidson Day

In case anyone hasn’t yet gotten the picture that Molalla is paying a huge $70,000+ salary to an INCOMPETENT pretending to be a “planner”, just take a look at the below email exchange between bozo Potter and  Clackamas County Planning.


And hello to the  “we need a 34 MILLION DOLLAR middle school bond” promoters: you must be dreaming to think that joke INCOMPETENT PLANNIN’ DUDE could be trusted with OUR TAX MONIES. Letting $400,000 go to an unskilled hick for plan permitting who can’t keep numbers straight is ridiculous – and an insult to every hard working taxpayer.


Read the following inane email from Potter – and then think of all the YEARS (since 2006!) and all the HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND OF DOLLARS WASTED on EIGHT VERSIONS OF COMPREHENSIVE GROUND HOG DAY CRAP. We all PAID FOR IT!

Potter: “John, Call Winter$$$$$$$$$brook to help! Oh, I’ve driven up a HUGE DEFICIT. I can’t afford real planning help! I can’t ever keep facts and numbers straight. Oh! I forgot. There ARE no real facts, I just kept making numbers up, so maybe that’s why my “plans” are ready for the BURN BARREL!”

TEAM and City Council: There is a reason  Molalla is the ghettoized Golden Triangle of Urban Decay. You allow Potter to sit in City Hall and steal our money and kill  Molalla’s future. Shame on you all! Enjoy what the City of Molalla’s NEPOTISM has “created”: a wasteful laughing-stock backwater with nothing but lawsuits and failure to show the world.


Note especially the County’s dry humor about “complicated process” and the kickback about Molalla’s “economic future” – they are telling Molalla that it bit off far too big a process for its size, budget and skills. The County also points out there is NO factual basis for the “wishes and dreams” about an economic rebirth in this failed timber resource based boxcanyonville that lacks quality, good road connections, and SKILLED CERTIFIED PLANNING! And does anyone understand that Potter’s “findings” are getting REALLY STALE?

(PS – don’t miss Potter’s ignorant use of language: like “cities” for city’s – long ago the DLCD told Molalla to “GET A PROOFREADER!”).


From: Shane Potter [mailto:planner@molalla.net]
Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 9:50 AM
To: Dickerson, Maggie
Cc: ‘Chris Crean’
Subject: Molalla Comprehensive Plan Update

Hi Maggie,

I wanted to touch base with you regarding our application for adoption by the County of the cities updated Comprehensive Plan and Urban Reserve Area.  I continue to hear from citizens who have told me that they have been in contact with the folks at the county that the hearings are still a go.  The last time we discussed this you stated that the hearings were on hold for a possible different approach.  With the hearings beginning in October I was wondering if there has been a path laid out yet.  Our City Council has been asking and the lack of me being able to update them is starting to cause concern on their side.

I also have not heard whether we have a complete application yet.  Without having this information we are not able to provide any additional information or copies.  This is a concern to us because the hearing before the Planning Commission is scheduled for October 11, 2010 I believe and I want to ensure that you folks have all the paperwork and copies that you need for this hearing.

Please let me know the status of this file.  Also if you have had any comments on the record that I could get please let me know and I will be happy to come by and pick those up.


Shane Potter, Planning Director

City of Molalla Planning Department

117 N Molalla Ave

PO Box 248

Molalla, OR 97038

Phone: 503-829-PLAN(7526)

Fax: 503-829-3676i

From: Dickerson, Maggie

Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 4:54 PM

To: ‘planner@molalla.net’

Cc: Pemble, Scott

Subject: FW: Molalla Comprehensive Plan Update

Attachments: 3-Simmons.pdf; 1-M&F&M Simmons.htm; 2-F&M Simmons.htm

Shane – Thank you for your inquiry.  We are nearly done with reviewing the city’s application.  To complete our review we will need the following information:

  1. The application contains an October 2009 draft, or “Version 3,”  of the Comprehensive Plan.  Is this the adopted version?
    1. If not, please send a copy of the adopted version.
    2. If so, table 14-1 on page 74 of the Comp Plan shows need for 2,287 acres in the URA.  This is not consistent with Table 6 on page 14 of Molalla Urban Reserve Findings (2010), which is showing a need for 2,433 acres in the URA.   Why are these numbers different?
  1. The application also contains a draft Residential Land Needs Report (July 2009).  Is there a final draft? If so, please send a copy.
  1. There are two referenced attachments that do not appear to be attached:
    1. Buildable Lands Inventory
    2. The “draft amendments” to the UGMA that are referenced on page 26 of Molalla Urban Reserve Findings (2010)
  1. Page 6 of Molalla Urban Reserve Findings (2010) states that the city is preparing a land use application to apply Future Urban zoning (to FU-10) for exception lands.  Is that intended to be part of this application?  It was our understanding that this is only a request for a Comp Plan amendment.   We would prefer to discuss issues about planning and zoning in the URA in a separate process and perhaps in conjunction with the UGMA rather than with this application.
  1. The acreages included in the URA need to be clearly identified; it is a little difficult to wade through the various documents to find the numbers.  Using the numbers on pages 16 though 20 of Molalla Urban Reserve Findings (2010), which we assume is Attachment A to the application, it appears that there are 2,290 acres in the URA.  This is a quite a bit more than the 2,000 acres stated on page 4.  Which is right?

It would also be helpful to have a table of  URA acres by zoning and by exception land, Class 3 &4 soil farmland, Class 2 farmland and Class 1 farmland.

  1. Do the land need analyses double-count land for schools?  It appears to us that schools are counted both in the residential land analysis and the employment land analysis.  Please clarify.
  1. The needs analysis for “public and semi-public” land needs seems high.  It accounts for 31% of the residential land need total.  Perhaps this just needs more justification – are there any standards for this type of analysis that you could provide us?
  1. The employment projections are quite aggressive for the first 20 years (5.5% annually) with no discussion about what the city plans to do to achieve this.  Is it a realistic goal to go from less than a 1.0 ratio to a 1.6 ratio in 20 years? How is the city going to do it?

Please provide us with this information at your earliest convenience so we can complete our review.  To give adequate time for a thorough review and the meet our requirements for notice, the public hearings will need to be postponed a few weeks.  When we have confirmed the new dates set we will let you know.

When we complete our analysis we will set up meeting with you to review our conclusions.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation in dealing with this complicated process.

I have attached a copy of the comments we have received on the record to date.

Thank you,

Maggie Dickerson,

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