“OUR” School District teaches us a lesson in BRAIN WASHING

Were you one of the 300 “lucky” call winners of the Molalla River School District’s telemarketing brain washing campaign disguised as a survey? Or did you just hear about it? Either way, it is a full on example of a noxious invention: A PUSH POLL.

After a ridiculous struggle with Wayne Kostur, “our” Superintendent who doesn’t have a clue about PUBLIC RECORDS LAWS, I have read and am distributing copies of the results of the pathetic, biased MRSD PUSH POLL.

Shame on the District for using such a BLATANT PROPAGANDA TOOL!  The District is attempting to use  manipulative, biased telemarketing disguised as an innocent “survey” to disseminate school bond propaganda at TAXPAYER EXPENSE!

Do you believe in financing your own BRAIN WASHING? That’s what the District has spent OUR money on: a clever PR campaign carefully crafted FOR A FEE by glib, professional mind control experts.

The MRSD “survey” is a push poll because it pushes the citizens toward changing their minds on an issue by PUSHING OPINIONS to lead the citizen toward the end goal answer.  The “information” about school conditions/learning environment is not factual information – it is OPINION propaganda.

If the District wanted informed citizens to make up their own minds, it would have presented FACTS to the public in an open, unbiased and orderly way – instead of using PUSH POLL PROPAGANDA disguised as a “survey”.

Again – this MRSD “poll” was an “advocacy” call, not a survey. The prospectus of the Survey Company is honest about working to change opinion to PUSH A CAUSE. So the District is using citizen’s tax monies to spread propaganda.


And after meeting Wayne, there is no way I would trust him with any large PUBLICLY FUNDED PROJECT. I just submitted an 18 point document to the School Board and to Oregon’s Assistant Attorney General, Michael Korn, who is collecting accounts from citizens about public records abuses for the AG’s transparency in government campaign. My document outlines my 10+ day struggle to obtain PUBLIC RECORDS. It is quite a collection of requests, emails, phone calls and refusals and more requests and more “I forget” from Wayne. And to date, my request is still not complete!

Assistant AG Michael Korn was a LOT MORE RESPONSIVE than “our” Wayne has been!

On my visit to District offices, “our” Wayne “couldn’t remember” what kind of payment agreement he had with architects Dull Olson Weekes. Gee Wayne! This early in the game, if you can’t “remember” in detail  how you will use our hard-earned tax dollars to pay for detailed estimates, how can you possibly be trusted to spearhead a 28-33 MILLION SCHOOL BUILDING PROJECT?

Call “your” district – for $1.30 you can get your own copy of the PUSH POLL to see how the slick, biased MRSD PUSH POLL was carefully designed to twist “your” opinion.

Here are some off the web quotes about PUSH POLLS:

“There are ethical questions that can be raised about the candidate’s (or issue) poll, but they are questions that should be raised about every poll. Are the facts as stated correct? Are respondents being misled?  These subjects matter to professional researchers. A pollster was once censured by the American Association for Public Opinion Research because he got the facts wrong in his questionnaire.

Push polls mislead the public, and not just about the opponent or the issue. They even mislead the public about what they are; callers claim they are conducting a poll when all they are doing is spreading information.

A push poll a seemingly unbiased survey that is actually conducted by
supporters of a particular candidate (or issue) that intends to disseminate
information… Its intent is primarily to distribute propaganda rather than to
understand the views and opinions of the public.

notes push polls “are really advocacy calls aimed at …recipients. They are like television or radio ads, except they are delivered
over the telephone. They seek to convey positive or negative information to influence
a voter’s final vote decision.”

: “A true push poll is not a poll at all.  It is telemarketing
masquerading as a poll.”

End quotes.

Now – isn’t the MRSD PUSH POLL a strange way to flush our LIMITED educational dollars down the toilet in these days of DEPRESSION? And they are thinking of asking us to approve a bond? Based on  PUSH POLL BRAIN WASHING PROPAGANDA?

I think NOT.

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