When the truth is found to be lies
and all the joy within you dies
don’t you want somebody to love
don’t you need somebody to love
wouldn’t you love somebody to love
you better find somebody to love…….

(“Somebody to love” Darby Slick)

There’s been a lot of silly chatter on local blogs about what “love” means. These days the only “love” I have to offer to Molalla is “TOUGH LOVE”. It should be the only kind of “love” that makes any sense to anyone who passionately cares about our collective future.

The wisdom of the concept of “TOUGH LOVE” is that you have to choke off all support for bankrupt behaviors until the abusers reach ROCK BOTTOM.

After days of inane censorship and naive prattle it appears that the local “citizens” – the ONE TRICK PONIES – will have to take that sad ride to ROCK BOTTOM before they are willing to face the grim facts about the political climate, the economy, and the demographics of the failed timber resource based, corrupt, insider trading, unethical, incompetent, pie in the sky, hicksville called Molalla – and all the “institutions” associated with it.

Molalla’s institutions and “leaders” are still acting like a bunch of clueless drunks, staggering around in a DEPRESSION, claiming they’ll get into the pockets of taxpayers or that some miracle “growth” will save them.

Drunken TEAM pretends Molalla is ripe for new business – and baits citizens into believing they can get what they”wish” for!

Bully Boy Plannin’ Potter thinks he’s a growin’ the borders and is busy trying to beat peaceful picnickers out of city parks. Great park “liaison” choice, Molalla – you couldn’t have done a better job driving away visitors if you had hired Godzilla!  Potter will insure no one EVER comes back to darken the lawns of HIS public parks.

Stoned, deaf/mute, falling in the gutter City “leaders” think “More houses/no SDCs=a bigger tax base=success”. I guess they’ve never read the years of reports that the “boom” is now BUST – and that the BUST IS BIGGEST IN COMMUTER-VILLES LIKE MOLALLA that weren’t smart enough to budget for quality of life features – those little items like parks and roads.

The tipsy School District is pissing away funds on bond surveys!

Wahoo! Hit the bars! Times must look flush when you are drunk in Molalla with special interest blinders on.

I only admire leaders today who are abjectly blunt about the privations the DEPRESSION holds in store for us all. When I learned yesterday that the Molalla River School District is spending already severely limited funds on a professional survey to see if they dare float a bond I was literally shit faced! I was ready for a stiff one after that crazy news flash.

Gee – maybe someone should have pointed out that it might have been a much better idea to use those LIMITED TAX FUNDS to do some professional research about how to keep the highest quality INSTRUCTION in place during the depression? Didn’t anyone think that us dumb bell taxpayers might notice the District was FRITTERING AWAY HARD EARNED TAX MONIES MARKED FOR EDUCATION DOLLARS ON NONSENSE?

Did the District really believe that spending tax dollars meant for EDUCATION on a bond outreach survey was good propaganda? I can assure you that the feedback I’ve heard to date points in the opposite direction.

Voters I talk to are offended that their money is being spent to ask them what the District should already be well aware of: That local voters don’t respect the District’s management of tax funds, that voters question the quality of the instructional programs, that they abhor the lack of innovation, that they look for consolidation, not expansion, and that they think the MRSD has  massively failed to maintain PUBLIC infrastructure properly. Message loud and clear yet? The majority of voters would say “NO!” to any bond measures in this DEPRESSION.

So keep up the good work, ONE TRICK PONIES. I do thank you for this MRSD survey that wastes of public funds.The MOLALLA ONE TRICK PONIES always do a fantastic job sinking their own boats without those mean ole nasty facts getting in the way.

I’ll celebrate when the Molalla’s going down fast elevator ride soundly hits the bottom. Then maybe we can use “tough love” to rebuild from the gutter when the staggering Molalla drunks wake up from their binges and the hangover wears off. Until then let’s end the waste and the unethical “leadership” by working to choke off any and all funds possible that prop up unaccountable, incompetent, non-transparent, unethical local institutions.

The ONE TRICK PONIES can try to shoot the messenger, but I doubt they can throw the vote. Maybe  ROCK BOTTOM TOUGH LOVE can actually force real innovation? Only time – or bankruptcy – will tell.

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