North Korean SLEEPERS set to invade Molalla!

“There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, you can’t take part. And you’ve got to put your body upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop.”

Mario Savio

Last night I ferreted out a couple of North Korean sleepers who must have snuck into the City of Molalla when no one was looking – or maybe they were specially imported by the sleeper filled Council to keep the ranks stuffed with “control the message by silence” fake city “leaders”?

I attempted to provide the sad deluded folks on the “I love Molalla” facebook pages with some FACTS about why market conditions, demographics and bad government will prevent TEAM’s idiotic survey “want list” from coming true. I think TRUE LOVE is providing FACTS so our voting public won’t go to the polls this fall with blindfolds over their eyes or cotton in their ears.

Jennifer Walton-Satter  and her supporters took over the “I love Molalla” site and censored comments. Gee, Jennifer what part of North Korea did you get your training in? Your fear-based noxious actions might endear you to King Clarke but you are doing a great disservice to local people if you refuse to allow debate on a PUBLIC site.

I hope  “I love Molalla” site visitors will begin to understand that prattle about “wishes” without allowing a fact based discussion about economic trends is abuse of process. TEAM collects money from merchants – some are very upset about being dunned for $$$ – and then a few rich and greedy business owners/wannabee politicians own the message.

Do Molalla citizens understand that no DIVERSE opinions are allowed on “I love Molalla” and that TEAM is whipping up nonsense to keep holding up merchants for dreams that can’t come true?

I’m hardly surprised that Jennifer’s “we only allow positive thinking” censorship campaign is now above water. After all, there is nothing except pollution that is more “traditional” in Molalla than feeding the public lies and then trying to hide the FACTS when the failure shit hits the fan.

Luckily, between the Molalla blog sites, all the information is available to citizens – and the Pioneer has always done a  terrific job of posting DIVERSE letters to the editor. Unless head in the sand North Korean sleepers like Jennifer infiltrate the Pioneer I will look forward to a FACT FILLED election season this year:

We’ll fill the paper with FACTS about the burden shifting that occurs with Urban Renewal and why we should not approve any bond measure with Urban Renewal in place. Vote NO on any money measures that allow Molalla to skim more from the frozen Urban Renewal District for its undemocratic slush fund. Market forces either are strong enough for natural economic growth – or if not, then let the local economy sink or swim naturally. Urban Renewal SHIFTS the burden of taxes to areas outside the URA.

We’ll fill the paper with FACTS about the bankrupt maintenance practices of the School District and explain that a radically shrinking student census means that we can’t go out on a limb building grandiose monuments of “how we did it in the 20th century” for students who won’t be here. We’ll demand innovative change and education reform – not bonds for buildings.

We’ll fill the paper with FACTS about the censorship of public facebook sites and note the sleepers from North Korea who did the dirty act. It ‘s amusing that a the same time the sleepers from North Korea were wiping the site of my FACTUAL comments, two other local citizens wrote to my email address with happy comments about FACTS I had just supplied to them about public information requests, bully boy Potter and the abuse of the Big Meadow parks projects. I guess “love” really is in the eyes of the beholder?

We’ll fill the paper with FACTS about how bully boy Potter is now attempting to force Big Meadow residents to PAY for their own park – while all other neighborhoods enjoy city tax supported parks (such as they are – more on these parks issues later, there is a lot to outline).

We’ll fill the paper with facts about the foreclosures and decreased property values and outline why the neglect of quality of life issues causes a much bigger loss to real estate investors in the City of Molalla. We’ll show how any recovery will be retarded here because failure to build SDC funds means that ghetto like conditions creep in quickly. Take a look at “new” StonePlace Apts ad in the Pioneer under rentals: the top of the “features” list now says “We accept SECTION 8”.

Talk about ghetto conditions slamming Molalla in the face. If a brand new complex has to beg for welfare checks there are some serious downward trending demographic changes afoot in the City of Molalla that don’t bode well for the economy here – or the real estate values – or the make-up of the voting population.

We’ll await with glee and then publish the County’s “review” of Molalla’s idiotic version 8 comp plan. We’ll chortle but we’ll also point out the abject abuse of public funds that produced this legally indefensible pile of bonfire ready, unprofessional pap.

We’ll celebrate when DEQ and DLCD saddle Molalla with the task of re-using the trashed and polluted Floragon site. Bear Creek here we come, I can hardly wait to see that restoration!

We’ll keep explaining that as long as Molalla is saddled with bully boys and duct taped mouths of “government leaders” (phew – calling anything in the City of Molalla “leaders” is tough!) there can be no forward movement. When bully boy Potter is the first official an “outsider” meets, the City can kiss its future goodby!

So Jennifer, enjoy a fear based life “working” with the least respected city “government” in the County. For me, it is always fun to be out and about, meeting urbane and informed citizens who hold their noses when the name “City of Molalla” comes up. Molalla is a joke in the greater world of  ethical, honest and transparent government.

Maybe one of you North Korea sleepers can replace the silent and worthless Boreth on C4 since King Clarke never dares appear at County round tables? Then yet another Molalla “rep” can hear the FACTS from the real leadership of the County. But given yesterday’s censorship, I’d expect that just like Boreth, neither of you faith-based positive thinking bullshit artists would be capable of finding the courage to point out that Molalla has fallen so far off the cliff of sustainability and reality that there is literally no hope to pull it back up from doom.

I was surprised that little faith-based, CONTROL THE MESSAGE, HAPPY FACE, THINK POSITIVE  Jennifer managed to call my facts “DOG CRAP”. I was SHOCKED that she would go that far – better wipe that away before lispy King Clarke washes your mouth out with soap, Jennifer! But maybe as long as your tender mouth doesn’t utter the real word – SHIT – you are safe?

Please post the “approved” ideas and word list per Jennifer Walton-Satter  asap so I don’t run afoul of the thought police in Molalla. I’ll have to keep reading the little slap-happy two sentence giggles of nothing that Jennifer is so fond of posting to learn the “right way” to behave! And I was foolish enough to believe we left that kind of nonsense behind in the early 60’s.

Today I’m celebrating the wonderful rural resource lands OUTSIDE OF THE CITY LIMITS and the fantastic quality of life those of us outside the city enjoy! Anyone lucky enough to live on a patch of Clackamas County land should pat themselves on the back!

Can you imagine the HORROR of knowing that your taxes would go to support a place like the City of Molalla where fear based censorship rules, diversity is not welcome, faith-based leadership has woefully failed and public waste is rampant? When my property was threatened by the HIDEOUS CITY three years ago, it set me on a path to expose the City corruption and incompetence that threatens our rural lifestyles.

I’ll never wear blinders again after seeing the truth – a few statements censored by North Korean sleepers only makes me more resolved! I guess Jennifer will be very busy trying to wipe out traces of the TRUTH. I hope the North Korean handlers did a good job brainwashing her.

Whew, I slap myself silly and giggle with glee when I visit the great farm, forest and wildlife lands that surround the city. It’s a lot of work to stay rural but it is worth the struggle.

Let’s raise a toast to the people who take care of their own infrastructure, who care passionately about resource preservation and who represent all that is the best of the independent Oregon spirit: the Clackamas County farmers and foresters I’m proud to call my neighbors and the fantastic, evolved Clackamas County Commissioners who understand the need to protect the great rural resources.

My advice for the sad North Korean sleeper, the little City leader wannabee Jennifer Walton-Satter and her merry band of censors: Read up on free speech, the First Amendment and, above all, the laws that govern POLITICAL FREE SPEECH.  “Kiddies” like you are in for some really tough sledding ahead if you think you can “serve” and wipe the record clean every time your feelings get hurt or every time an idea comes down the pike that you don’t like.

I’d be gettin’ me a good political free speech lawyer if I were Lisa to explain how it all works. Or maybe you “kiddies” need to read about Lenny Bruce and Mario Savio, after all I realize that the current “educational process” probably has left some glaring holes in your understanding of history and how our great nation has evolved on the issues of free speech.

Get ready for a rough ride, kiddie wannabees: There is NOTHING MORE PROTECTED IN AMERICA THAN POLITICAL FREE SPEECH! See you in the papers!

“There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, you can’t take part. And you’ve got to put your body upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop.”

Mario Savio

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