With “friends” like this you’ll never need enemies: BULLY BOY RULES!

I made a new friend today. A wonderful stranger tracked me down to tell a horrible story about how a group of dog lovers trying to have a picnic were  bullied about being in Clark Park by plannin’ Potter. My new friend was LIVID about the treatment the picnic goers experienced!

It seems that a bunch of local and out-of-state people have enjoyed meeting for years for a get together picnic in Molalla. That’s great, right – exactly up the “promote tourism” alley of the greedy city “leaders” and TEAM? After all, attracting new people to visit and spend money is all that the city ever cares about.

This year, after taking the time to go early to secure a few tables in PUBLIC Clark Park, the dog loving picnickers were harassed by good ole BULLY BOY Shane Potter – all that he forgot was a plannin’ po-lice badge, a billy club and a uniform.  As usual, the city’s rules about who can do what are vague; because of the sacred for profit barbeque that  day, BULLY BOY decided to make a stink about users in the park who weren’t related to the smokey pit action (you know, again it is all about MONEY, not free fun in the parks).

The rest of the story is immaterial except for the FACT that a bunch of nice people, some of  whom had traveled a long way to spend time and money in Molalla, are now TOTALLY TURNED OFF AND PISSED OFF ABOUT HOW THEY WERE TREATED BY BULLY BOY.

Sometimes I wonder if I dare answer my phone because I never know what kind of angry citizen will be on the end of the line with another HORROR STORY like this about Molalla and its plannin’ yokel with zero customer service skills.

Smart move Molalla, can it really be that you have “appointed” a  BULLY for a “parks liaison”? With BULLY BOY Potter “in charge” no one will ever have to worry about Molalla growing. All it takes is one exposure to BULLY BOY for people to run away as fast as possible.

Thanks so much, short-sighted “leaders” for the ever-expanding role BULLY BOY plays protecting us from growth – please be sure to keep the plannin’ BULLY on the job forever. We couldn’t hope for a better way to insure that no one with a brain would ever want to drop a cent or invest in business in Molalla.  After all, plannin’ BULLY might come and wonder where your passport is or if your money is real or if you had a permit for something he never disclosed needed a permit or give you a plannin’ ticket or harass you for a new rule he made up on the spot to burgle your wallet or ……………….?????????

You get the picture! With the current “leadership” in Molalla protecting BULLY BOY there is no chance that anyone from the “outside” will ever want to come  to Deadwood and its “I just made up this there them law” plannin’ cop.

Thanks for shooting yourself in the customer service foot Molalla! I couldn’t have ever made the point better myself that the best thing for anyone to do is to DRIVE AROUND THE BORDERS to avoid the city. Between shake down speed traps and plannin’ BULLY’s morphing of the “rules”, public rights and pleasures are always at risk in Molalla.

I’d guess one group of dog lovers is spreading the word around the Western States to avoid Molalla like the PLAGUE. Fantastic job, plannin’ BULLY! You sure got the “Molalla’s isn’t open or friendly” point across in spades at Clark Park. I’m SO GLAD that you are helping to keep the tourist traffic off the local suicide run roads.

Why not just erect a high razor wire fence around the parks and call it good? Plannin’ BULLY could  insure that HIS CITY is safe from any damn tourists with the gall to have a picnic in a public park.

Did you hear this story TEAM? Bon chance promoting a thing in pathetic Potterville! I could write a book full of these kinds of BULLY BOY HORROR stories, but no one except local people would believe these stories could actually be happening in a city in America in the 21st century.  Who in city government protects this kind of “outreach” abuse? The same story-teller told me that just as the lowly worker bees in Molalla were denied a raise this year the powers that be approved a RAISE FOR BULLY BOY! Nice touch, Molalla.

Keep up the great work! Maybe Molalla can “promote” itself as a sterling example of HOW NOT TO RUN A CITY. You know, import “students” to spend a week here following BULLY BOY around so they can go back and avoid the abuses and pitfalls in their own cities.

New sign on the way into town: “EXPECT FAILURE, BULLY BOY RULES”

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