Horses in cities? A BAD IDEA

Almost every day, as I read newspapers and webposts, I see stories that remind me of  Molalla’s “head up the butt” (thanks, “JT”, for the colorful language!)  plannin’ and the long time refusal of the local plannin’ bozos to accept the testimony of horse owners that should have resulted in changes to the idiotic “plans”.

Equestrian trails in urban Molalla was a big point of contention during the comp plan hearins’. Horse savvy citizens told the plannin’ commission REPEATEDLY there was NO WAY that mixed use horse trails could be safe in an urban setting.

Sadly, on the radio yesterday, I heard the below “horses don’t belong in cities” tragedy as the news broke. Within minutes the webstory below confirmed one death. I don’t have the heart to see what the outcome for the critically injured children was.

Perhaps Molalla’s dumbbell plannin’ dude and his band of greedy good old boys should check and see how it turned out for all those injured (and dead?) people? After all, given the insanity of the proposed urban shared used trails in the “parks plan” they all must be hard at work figuring out how bolting or rearing horses will mix with city traffic, baby strollers, loose dogs, old folks, runners, skateboarders, and bicycle riders on those urban trails?

I guess “we’re so broke we can’t afford a block of new sidewalks”Molalla is ready to buy a really, really big blanket city liability insurance policy for the day when those “mixed” uses occur, so it is protected when that siren, barking dog, screaming child, roaring motorcycle, backfiring car, log truck  or whatever else spooks that first fantasy “urban” horse causes a disaster like this in Molalla?

But hey – urban horse nonsense fits right into a city that bases its identity on RODEO ANIMAL ABUSE festivals, right?

Frankly, I really don’t have a worry that horse friendly mixed use trails could become reality here, because the fantasy parks plan has zero chance of implementation given the state of Molalla’s parks budget and its no SDC history. What I resent most is that such idiocy was put on paper with the “help” of a bunch of “should have known better”, expensive outside consultants paid for with public monies. Maybe those expensive consultants need to read the following so they never again steal public funds to facilitate plannin’ nonsense about mixed use urban horse trails?

P.S. I have a great idea for next “second Friday”: Let’s strap plannin’ bozo Shane “I never did get no plannin’ trainin'”Potter, plannin’ commission “chair from Hell” Dick “I live in a different county” Miller, mayor Mike “my mouth is duct taped shut” Clarke, and manager John “I have no stake in Molalla’s future” Atkins to some horses in the middle of downtown. Then skateboard Johnny can let off a few firecrackers and we’ll see who survives the “ride” through downtown! I’ll bring my ex-racehorse thoroughbred, he’s great at bolting! Anyone else got a “fun” ride for the city “leaders” to inaugurate this “Horse Trails in the City” event? I bet TEAM could collect a lot of money for this one, don’t miss plannin’ Potter on a horse!

Seriously, read on to see the kind of horrific havoc two terrified, bolting horses can cause on crowded urban streets:


One Person Killed, 23 People Hurt in Horse Accident During Bellevue Parade

Originally printed at

BELLEVUE, Iowa — Police confirm a 60-year-old woman has died from her injuries and 23 others were injured after two horses broke loose at a Fourth of July “Heritage Day Parade” in Bellevue and charged down the street for six blocks.

Police in Bellevue say that a 60-year-old woman has died of injuries she sustained in the accident. Her name is not available at this time. Twenty-three people were injured, including at least two children who were in critical condition, police and hospital officials said.

The horses took off after one rubbed its head against the other, removing that horse’s bridle, police said. The horses, with a wagon in tow, galloped for several blocks, running over children and adults who sat and stood along the streets watching the parade in Bellevue. At one point, the wagon flipped, ejecting two people in it, police said.

Sandie Crilly, 46, of Willow Springs, Ill., said she was collecting Tootsie Rolls from the street with her 8-year-old son, 12-year-old niece and 2-year-old granddaughter when the horses ran toward them about halfway through the parade. Someone yelled to get out of the way, she said. “I could see it was two horses,” Crilly said. “I could see they were running at full speed and they were harnessed together and I knew we were going to most certainly get hit, and as soon as it happened, everybody was crying and screaming.”

Crilly, who was visiting her parents in Bellevue, said someone pulled her granddaughter to safety, but her niece was left with a broken left wrist and had her two front teeth knocked out. Everyone else in their group suffered bumps and bruises, she said.

“It was obvious they were out of control, Donna Jaster, a witness, said.

Another witness, Kristen Jaster, said, “There was probably no way of stopping them without great risk to the person jumping in.”

Jeff Junk also watched it all happen. “They were mowing people over. Little kids were getting mowed over. They were probably going 40 miles per hour,” he said. “I’ve never seen nothing like it, and I never want to see it again.”

Five people were critically injured, five others severely injured and 14 suffered minor injuries, police and fire officials said in a statement. The victims were as young as 2 years old and suffered injuries ranging from multiple fractures to collapsed lungs and abrasions, officials said. Life-flight helicopters flew some people to local hospitals.

The parade is a decades-long tradition in the town of about 2,300 people, located 25 miles south of Dubuque on the Iowa-Illinois border.

“The mood is shock and disbelief,” Bellevue Mayor Virgil Murray said. “We’ve had this parade forever. We’ve had horses in the parade forever.”

“You were in shock because you couldn’t believe this was actually happening,” Mary Martino, another witness, said. Martino pulled two-year-old Raina out of harm’s way just in time. “I just grabbed her and whipped her around to the sidewalk,” she said. “Everyone was in panic mode … like oh, my God, the horses are charging.”

Paramedics treated victims in a nearby art gallery, Crilly said, and a triage area was set up near the Mississippi River, where volunteers held up tarps to shield the injured and paramedics from the sun and heat. Others brought the injured ice and water, she said.

“It was madness,” Crilly said. “I mean we were in a triage. The town really came together. It was a huge community effort.”

Murray said residents pitched in, making phone calls and sending text messages to get word out that doctors and nurses were needed.

The injured were sent by ambulance and medical helicopter to hospitals in Dubuque, Maquoketa and Iowa City. Ten patients were taken to Mercy Medical Center-Dubuque, nine of them children, house supervisor Carol Dietzel said.

One child in critical condition was flown to University of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City, and another critically injured child was in surgery at Mercy Medical, she said. Six children were treated and released.

“We’ve never really had any tragedy,” the mayor said. “Usually our biggest nemesis is if it rains. That’s what we’re always worried about.”

Between 3,000 and 4,000 people attend the annual parade, many people coming in from rural areas and nearby towns, he said.

Iowa Gov. Chet Culver released a statement, saying he was thinking and praying for the victims. “I am especially saddened because the accident happened during the events celebrating Independence Day, which is a day that should be filled with pride and joy for all Iowans and Americans,” Culver said.

What was supposed to be a carefree holiday weekend will now be remembered as a terrifying moment in this town’s history.

-The Associated Press contributed to this report

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