I win the lottery of predictions! Yesterday, after an inane exchange with “manager” Atkins, I pried out the news that King Clarke is proposing a longer reign for Molalla’s mayor. I hate to say I told you so – but I TOLD YOU SO!

I wish I had the energy to drag myself to Town Hall to hear King Clarke’s excuses about why Molalla needs to be saddled with a 4 year mayor (except I highly doubt whether Clarke would be capable of personally speaking to the issues – I am sure that Atkins, as usual, will be the “mouth” of the city). If Clarke is elected again under charter change, Molalla will be “treated” to at least 6 years of sliding backwards under faith-based, diverse public participation hating, “keep the council quiet and in the dark” King Clarke.

Toxic is toxic and I’ve seen enough bad Molalla “ideas” for a lifetime. I’ll sit back in the woods, save the gas, and see what the citizens on the “other side of the border” see fit to do about their sinking town. My input is simply “STOP WASTING EVERYONE’S MONEY”.

Speaking of sinking, what a funny exchange it took to pry the facts out of Atkins. The first hint of “special” Town Hall came from a citizen who attended the last Council Meeting. There, the Town Hall charter change was announced – but apparently only the date, not the FACTS – the council didn’t even know what was up. One would hope that “leaders” would have debated the merits of any important changes to city law long and hard in public. But hey, it’s Molalla and when dictators like “I don’t have a stake in the future except for my paycheck” Atkins and King “I hate public debate” Clarke run the show you can kiss transparency good-bye,

Yesterday came an coy Atkins email noting a “special” city council meeting. Listed first and as the ONLY attachment was information about a contract to re-roof the library (who cares?). As an aside, an afterthought, the charter changes were noted. That first email made the library re-roof appear to be the centerpiece of the “special” meeting.

I wrote right back, asking where the charter changes were. I noted that if a city manager was bothering to notice a big mailing list about a re-roofing contract maybe it would have been a good idea to include the IMPORTANT part of the message – the charter changes – with an attachment showing what is proposed.

So then the charter changes were finally forwarded to me.  I guess because he was guilt tripped into it, Atkins went ahead with a third email and sent the whole list the charter attachment – except his new message was the meeting would be June 20. So then I  got yet another email – the fourth! – to correct June 20 to June 30.

Gee, Atkins, maybe you are correct after all, maybe you need an assistant – or maybe Molalla just needs to hire someone who is transparent and competent for a change? Why would a “leader” or “manager” fail to attach the important charter change proposal on the first email? My guess is that King Clarke/Atkins would rather the citizens arrive confused and uninformed – after all, the council was confused and uninformed about the charter changes a week ago, why would anything change in the public noticing?

Get ready to continue Molalla’s long sad march backwards under King Clarke/Atkins. Whether it is the lack of SDCs for parks, or the horrible city roads, or the sewer pipe into the Molalla River or the lack of truly diverse citizen involvement here, Molalla has little to look forward to. Six years of a faith-based, “I never interact with the world of ideas outside the Molalla borders” mayor like King Clarke is a cryin’ shame – but you get what you vote for.

Change comes by opening your eyes to the truth, getting facts, learning from history and past practice failures, by demanding reforms that bring Molalla up to “real world” standards (like staff reductions in the Great Recession, employing a certified city planner and charging high scale SDCs), by embracing the need for total transparency and accountability, and by entering into the world of public open debate.

Ask yourself: Do you need six years of King Clarke and his “house stuffing” without SDCs vision? What’s he done to improve YOUR quality of life or to protect YOUR INVESTMENT HERE?

The “archives” of King Clarke’s input to the citizens are EMPTY – he has NEVER HAD THE COURAGE TO WRITE  OP-EDS. Go for it Clarke – tell us how “house stuffing” without SDCs is working to turn Molalla into a ghetto. Tell us about the park land you haven’t acquired, the roads you haven’t fixed, the sidewalks you haven’t built, and all the “planning” failures. Ha! Tell us about the HUGE PLANNING DEFICIT – tell us how having an uneducated in plannin’, local yokel calling himself “plannin’ di-rector” without customer service skills is “working” to kill Molalla’s future. Show us a street tree you’ve planted or some plans to get the sewer pipe out of the river. Tell us if you can even provide a definition of “sustainable”? Tell us about all the great jobs your bankrupt policies haven’t brought to Molalla.

Tell us, King Clarke, if you understand that every place in Oregon except Molalla is freezing pay and reducing staff due to the Great Recession. Say SOMETHING!

King Clarke, remind us of that really “special” letter you sent last spring to the Board of County Commissioners about plannin’ bozo’s legally indefensible population projection. You know, the one where you made a laughing-stock of Molalla by telling the BCC that puny, incompetent Molalla might have to sue the County! That letter is truly a treasure for the ages. No wonder you are apparently loathe to leave the city limits to sit on C4 with real County leaders.

Is the duct tape so stuck you’ve forgotten how to speak? I guess back slappin’ at that there Buckeroo will be your “legacy” because there sure isn’t anything else to celebrate under your “reign”.

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